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Music/Lyrics: Perry, Rhodes, Tallarico

Vocals: Fish

Original Artist: Aerosmith

Original Album: Get a Grip (1993)

Debut: 1995-09-29

Historian: Chris Bertolet (bertoletdown)

What is it about Southern California that brings out l’amour in Jon Fishman? SoCal natives have been graced with some of the oddest and most sex-drenched performances that Henrietta, Fish’s vaguely disturbing alter-Id, has ever crafted. Exhibit A: he asked the musical question, “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?” in Santa Monica on 12/10/94. Exhibit B: he exposed his naughty bits to the front rows during his lascivious debut of “Sexual Healing” in Ventura on 7/20/98, leading some to wonder whether he was trying to get laid or arrested. Exhibit C: At Hollywood’s picturesque Greek Theatre on 9/29/95, the muumuu’d one took center stage with a sheet of lyrics to deliver “Cryin,” Aerosmith’s paean to fractured romance. Between verses, he gazed wistfully into the tall pines beyond and promptly lost his place. Undaunted, Henrietta accompanied his subsequent mumblings with interpretive movements of his pelvis that suggested either passionate longing, or explosive gas.

Unfortunately (or, perhaps, thankfully), Phish has yet to reprise “Cryin.”

Aerosmith, "Cryin'"

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