Crosseyed and Painless

, comment by aisincl , attached to 2018-07-22
aisincl This is JOTY 2018 so far. Outstanding version, and allowed for the "Still Waiting" undertones and sounds throughout the rest of Set 2.
, comment by cheche , attached to 2017-07-25
cheche Am I wrong or is there a theme or quote of Hendrix's Third Stone from the Sun (which came out 50 years ago in 1967) from around minutes 10-11, especially around minute 11 when the melody concludes?
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2017-07-25
n00b100 I think you can call this one a jam sandwich, if maybe not the same way something like Hood -> Have Mercy -> Hood is - two slow patient builds to mammoth peaks, sandwiching a chilling, thrilling outer space exploration that seems like it was cut and pasted right out of Fukuoka. One of the Big Deals of 7/25/17, a show that is less than a day old and is already in the band's all-time firmament.
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2016-09-04
TweezingSpaceRanger So let's get one thing straight. This is the best Crosseyed and Painless ever played by Phish. The typical jam is much more infectious than usual. Then, at the 13th minute, Trey hits a straight up classic 70's rock riff that sounds just like old school Allman Brothers. After this gorgeous riff is perfectly executed, the jam ascends to HOSE status for the last 5 minutes of the jam. They construct peak after glorious peak until the jam dissolves into an all-world version of Steam. Does it get any better than this???

Of course it does,'s Phish....
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-09-04
n00b100 The Big One from one of the classics of the modern era. Fish switching the beat up 13 minutes in is one of those things that reminds you what a beast Jon Fishman is. Well, that and the Piper from this set, of course.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2016-01-17
n00b100 A surprisingly icy-cold jam for such a warm clime to play it in, but a darned good C&P nevertheless. *Someday* people will give 1/17/16 its due. Someday.
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2014-11-01
n00b100 A neat, low-key version that leads into one of my favorite sequences of all of 2014. 11/1/14 II is one of those sets that I can just toss on and listen to with my feet up.
, comment by ThomasFunkyEdison , attached to 2014-10-17
ThomasFunkyEdison I think this should be a 'highlighted' version of the song...definitely one of my favorite renditions.
, comment by Thisrozeisntfree , attached to 2014-10-17
Thisrozeisntfree I definitely can confirm the " the your pet cat tease" around 7 mins !!!
, comment by winebibbing , attached to 2014-10-17
winebibbing I definitely got a "your pet cat" tease in there at the 7:00 mark; anyone else get that?
, comment by TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2013-07-26
TweezingSpaceRanger It finally made the jam chart! This was my third show. The jam after this crosseyed was all over the place, that said, it was a heavy psychedelic live experience looking out into the gorge beyond the stage. Some special honey helped with that. My favorite part of this version is actually the type 1 jam with some incredibly fiery playing from Trey. The whole type 2 jam was icing on the cake
, comment by n00b100 , attached to 2012-08-19
n00b100 Not the best 3.0 version of C&P (that honor goes to 7/10/13), but a tremendously exciting version nonetheless, as out of the usual scorcher C&P jam things slide into a low-key but still beautiful jam, pushed forward by some neat spooky effects from Page, before dissolving into space (and a Mike bomb for fun). Fish isn't quite done with things, though, and he helps keep things at a low simmer before things build back up to a strong finish. Bonus points for a) this jam leading into one of 3.0's signature sets, and b) the glorious C&P reprise out of Sneakin' Sally.
, comment by SidewayJill , attached to 2003-07-29
SidewayJill Fucking amazing! In love with this crosseyed and painless.
, comment by westbrook , attached to 2003-07-29
westbrook This great jam seems to be somewhat of an outlier when compared to other 2.0 material. It certainly has the upbeat groove jamming commonly found in jams of the era, but it moves well past this into several different segments, more like a jam from 1.0 or 3.0. One of the premier jams of 2.0 in my opinion.
, comment by Pinhead_Larry , attached to 1996-11-02
Pinhead_Larry Intense, lots of layers of sound visa vi Trey looping, and very, well, it's very odd to tell you the truth. There's really not a lot of variation in the jam, yet there's two distinct sections to my ears. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. I like the jam a lot, just because of how weird it is. Some of it sounds like a hearkening back to those Summer '95 exploratory jams, and others sound like a precursor to the Paradiso '97 Carini. They hadn't quite found their new sound yet, but it was well on its way. The "still waiting" call and response from Fish and Trey at the end of the jam complete the eeriness of the whole thing, and is finished in a rather unsettling manner.

This is not like most other Crosseyed's out there, and is a huge contrast to the likes of Big Cypress and Star Lake '03, but if you like the weird and experimental Phish, you'll definitely want to give this one a listen, or better yet, snag the Coral Sky DVD. The jam is a spectacle to listen to and watch as the band members go absolutely nuts on-stage, and Kuroda's lights mimic this. The audience is in complete awe the whole time.

It's jams like this that helped Phish usher in a new era, and the 1996 Fall tour, to me, is the link that makes a clear division in eras. If this particular jam does not do it for you, check out 11/3's Tweezer, or 10/29's Mike's Song. Karl Perazzo was a blessing for the band. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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