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Cool Jerk

Music/Lyrics: Donald Storball

Vocals: Phish

Original Artist: The Capitols

Original Album: Dance the Cool Jerk (1966)

Debut: 2004-08-15

Historian: Mockingbird Staff

The last set of the "last Phish show" on 8/15/04 on the mud-soaked fields of Coventry, VT was so infused with melodrama that the band decided to blow off some steam with a fun up-beat tribute to a beloved crew member. Set to the heavy-driving rhythms of "Cool Jerk" by The Capitols, Phish paid tribute to monitor mixer Mark "Bruno" Bradley. Led by Page pounding the baby grand, a mini-drum solo by Fishman and a some start-stop jamming, Trey then paid a rambling but heart-felt tribute to the man behind the monitor board and substituted "Bru-no!" for the repeating signature "Cool Jerk!" After Bruno himself came out on stage a "Bruno Dance"/vocal jam ensued, followed by another tribute to production manager Hadden Hipsley and tour accountant Richard Glasgow with "Dickie Scotland."

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