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Music/Lyrics: J.J.Cale

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: J.J. Cale

Original Album: Troubadour (1976)

Debut: 1993-08-06

Historian: Craig DeLucia

Stick this classic rock song in the file containing musical treats that Phish has briefly dangled in front of their fans. Like “After Midnight,” “Cocaine” was written by J.J. Cale but made popular by Eric Clapton. During a rocking “You Enjoy Myself” on 8/6/93, the band launched into a verse and chorus of the Clapton version. The ensuing “YEM” reprised “Cocaine” in the vocal jam before launching into “Halley’s Comet.” "Cocaine" also made a more humorous appearance at the start of the 11/22/96 encore, when Trey thanked the city of Spokane for their hospitality, leading to a couple of chords and the line, "If you want to get down, down on the ground, Spokane."

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