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Can't You Hear Me Knocking

Music/Lyrics: Jagger/Richards

Vocals: Mike, Trey

Original Artist: The Rolling Stones

Original Album: Sticky Fingers (1971)

Debut: 1984-11-03

Historian: Craig DeLucia; Mockingbird Staff

Plenty of fans have heard this song jammed at a Phish show and never even realized it. Pop in your copy of Slip, Stitch, and Pass and listen to the little jam that closes “Weekapaug Groove” and then start digging through your shows to find other versions!

Phish played long, jammed-out versions of “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” at some of their earliest shows (11/3/84 and 5/3/85) but then the song fell out of the live repertroire. Starting in 1994 the band brought back the ending jam, usually as a tag ending to “Weekapaug” (see 10/21/9411/4/94, and the wonderful 7/22/97). Other appearances include the closing of the “Down with Disease” reprise on 11/27/96, “Stash” on 4/13/94, and the debut of “46 Days” on 1/2/03. Trey also played “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” with Dave Matthews and Friends on 1/16/04.

Fans hoping to hear Phish play a complete version of "Can’t You Hear Me Knocking" might have had their hopes up when Sticky Fingers was among the 99 albums under consideration for the Halloween set at Festival 8. Alas, it was a near miss, as the band chose to cover Exile on Main St instead. 

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ericwyman Staff Reply
ericwyman Teased 4/29/93. First during the end of Weekapaug and again in the following HYHU intro.
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theothr1 Reply
theothr1 grittiest, filthiest, druggiest guitar riff and song intro of ALL TIME...hahaha, i remember, long ago, hearing bits and pieces of it but never the whole way thru... then, the first time i did hear CYHMK in it's entirety, i stopped dead in my tracks when it transitions from the 'song' to the jam as, up to that point, i had been under the impression that the instrumental portion of the song was not only a different song entirely but, i was also 100% certain, that it was Santana....ohhhhh, how WRONG i was!!!
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