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Music/Lyrics: Waters/Gilmour/Wright

Vocals: Trey

Original Artist: Pink Floyd

Original Album: Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

Debut: 1995-10-25

Historian: Mark Toscano

"Breathe," indeed. That's precisely what the fans at the 11/2/98 show had trouble doing when they heard Phish unload into this song, for they had just knocked the wind out of every fan in attendance at the half-sold ‘E’ Centre. Though a “Breathy” jam had made a single appearance three years before in the middle of a “Mike’s Song,” the post-Halloween Utah version has only a tiny bit more import – it opened the surprise performance of the entire Dark Side of the Moon album!

The half-full venue was thoroughly blown away when they heard the opening sound effects and voice bites of “Speak To Me,” but it took the first few minutes of “Breathe” (and perhaps “On the Run”) to fully clue them in about what was going to be happening over the course of the second set. The crowd eventually caught their breath… sometime the following morning. 

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