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Blue Bayou

Music/Lyrics: Roy Orbison

Vocals: Instrumental

Original Artist: Roy Orbison

Original Album: Single (1963)

Debut: 1992-07-16

Last Update: 2015-06-04

Phish has performed this Roy Orbison classic on two occasions, on 7/16/92 and 12/29/92. The 7/16/92 version is a fun one: after jamming the theme earlier in the show during "David Bowie" and teasing it during "Weekapaug," the band teased and fiddled with it extensively and repeatedly at the beginning of the encore  as they solicit suggestions for a song. 12/29/92 is also a kick, as it is briefly teased at the end of “Mike’s Song” before being played as an instrumental. Mike himself kicks in with a “Weekapaug” bass solo quoting "Blue Bayou" yet again. 

Teases of the song can also be found during “Contact” on both 5/28/89 Ian’s Farm and 4/24/94 in Charlotte, NC. Phish sound-checked the song on 7/10/99, but it has yet to make another appearance during a Phish show. Mike Gordon has, however, performed the song outside of Phish: with Jamie Masefield and Doug Perkins on 1/14/00 at the Starksboro Village Meeting House in Vermont, and on three occasions (5/30, 5/31 and 6/1/03) with his Grappa Boom ensemble.

Roy Orbison, “Blue Bayou”

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