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Music: Anastasio

Vocals: Instrumental

Albums: Billy Breathes

Historian: Herschel Gelman

A mysterious track, “Bliss” consists of a lush, 12-string-sounding, arpeggiated build, lasting just a few minutes. Never performed live, fans were at a loss to identify this song.

Phish fans first heard of “Bliss” when Trey sent a tape of the song to fan Kevin Cecil. Kevin was walking a friend home one night in the summer of 1995 when someone shot him in the neck, leaving him a quadriplegic. When Trey found out, he sent him an advance copy of the song, and invited Kevin to be a guest of the band at the December 1995 Hershey Park show. As a result, fans on the Internet knew that there was a new instrumental called “Bliss,” which led to some confusion when a new instrumental appeared on the fall 1995 tour: some early setlists confused “Bliss” with what was actually “Cars Trucks Buses.”

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