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Beauty of a Broken Heart

Music/Lyrics: Page McConnell

Vocals: Page (lead), Trey, Mike (backing)

Albums: Page McConnell

Debut: 2009-03-07

Historian: Grant Calof (That_Guy)

Last Update: 2014-11-13

The hypnotic song "Beauty of a Broken Heart" was written by Phish's Chairman of the Boards after the break-up that thankfully turned out to be the band's second hiatus. Lyrically, "Beauty of a Broken Heart" is one of of the more pensive, revealing (and rocking) tunes from Page's eponymous 2007 solo album. Whether it's exploring the dissolution of his band or other longtime relationships, the song explores notions of immense, sometimes painful transitions. The lyrics seem to reflect Page at his most vulnerable and offers insight into the healing power of music – for those who hear it as well as write it. “BOABH” was also in heavy rotation during Page’s solo performances in 2007 and made a lone appearance during a “Porter Batiste Stoltz featuring Page McConnell” gig at Lupo’s in Providence on 9/25/08.

"Beauty of a Broken Heart" – 8/2/09, Morrison, CO

While the song was penned by Page, the rest of the band adds their own divine and secret ingredients to render it a Phish tune from start to finish. Along with it's thought-provoking lyrics, "Beauty of a Broken Heart" contains an indelible, soaring guitar riff, an instantly hook-y chorus and piano refrains that almost harken back to another time (dare I say, Hoist-era Phish).

Upon their mighty return to the interplanetary, most extraordinary craft (aka the 'Hampton Spaceship'), Phish debuted "Beauty of a Broken Heart" on 3/7/09 and it immediately showed up on 'best new song' lists across the interwebs. “BOABH” was in modest rotation throughout 2009, including versions at Red Rocks on 8/2/09, Merriweather on 8/15/09, and Miami on 12/28/09. After a two-year, 91-show absence it returned to the stage on 6/7/12 Worcester and has remained a rare treat since with one or two performances each year (see 7/27/13 at The Gorge or 7/25/14 Charlotte). 

"Beauty of a Broken Heart" – 6/7/12 Worcester, MA

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