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Back Porch Boogie Blues

Vocals: Instrumental

Original Artist: Max Creek

Original Album: Max Creek (1977)

Debut: 1986-05-17

Historian: Craig DeLucia

In The Phish Book, Mike tells how, in the early days, he “tricked” the band into playing a Max Creek bluegrass tune by making everyone think it was his own composition. That song was “Back Porch Boogie Blues,” an instrumental that appears unlabeled (or noted as “Jam”) on many early tapes. All known versions by Phish were performed between 5/17/86 and 10/31/87,  and many of these shows circulate fairly widely (though it may have also been performed on 12/1/84 and 4/6/85). Mike has also performed the song when appearing as a guest with Max Creek; seek out, for example, 11/25/00 and 1/24/03.

Phish, "Back Porch Boogie Blues" – 5/20/87, Shelburne, VT

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