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Access Me

Music/Lyrics: Gordon

Vocals: Mike

Albums: Undermind

Debut: 2004-06-26

Historian: Elayne Best (jugglerswithfire)

While sparingly played with Phish, "Access Me" provides a quintessential glimpse of Mike. The lyrics of this song tell the story of one trying to identify a way to get closer to their love interest. The pursuer appears desperate to do whatever it takes to please the object of his desire, including going to the extreme of conforming to their "thoughts on the way that I should be". The song is somewhat reminiscent of something from the 80's that you may see in a movie such as The Breakfast Club, starring Mike's bell instead of Molly Ringwald. Phish has played the song on three occasions, squeezing one version in prior to their 2004 breakup on 6/26/04 and accessing the song twice since, on 12/29/09 in Miami and then on 10/26/10 in Manchester, NH.

Phish, "Access Me" – 10/26/10, Manchester, NH

Another noteworthy version of this song was on 11/11/05 at the Utica Memorial Auditorium when Mike joined Trey for an acoustic mini-set and performed "Access Me" as the opener. This version alas did not star Mike's bell, but there was high energy in the room that evening as fans were delighted to see three of the four members of Phish play together on stage again. 

Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon, "Access Me" – 11/11/05, Utica, NY

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makisupaman Reply
makisupaman This one holds great personal significance. Saw the debut at Alpine 2004 during what was the first weekend of Phish for me and my girlfriend of two months, and from then on the song stayed with us and acquired more and more meaning for us as a couple as time passed. Give or take eight years later, Alpine 2012, shortly after hearing it again, I asked the same girl to share the rest of her life with me. Our lives together had come full circle in an overwhelmingly beautiful way. Thanks Phish, and Mike, for continuing to share your artistry with us.

I just want access to the inside of your heart
Access to your thoughts on the way that I should be
So I could start to change and maybe you could access me
Access me

^^strongest version yet, as @phearless rightly states
Score: 1
quade82 Reply
Trey's vibrato, wahh'd effect on the chords are so cool at MPP and he seems to be able to do the harmonies better than in Alpine. Great little diddy. One of my favorites for sure. They sound checked it at Alpine before that Sunday night while my friend and I were playing a round of golf. So I got to hear this live twice in the same day. I was pumped.

I respectfully disagree. I think the 2011 MPP version is the best one out there.
Score: 0
quade82 Reply
I respectfully disagree. I think the 2011 MPP version is the best one out there.
Score: 0
phearless Reply
phearless The version from Alpine 2012 is by far the best version of this song.
Score: 0
kellaferr24 Reply
kellaferr24 i love this song and it makes it even better that its a mike song <3
Score: 0
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