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Link Tuesday, 07/13/1999
Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA

Set 1: NICU, CurtainThe Curtain > Halley'sHalley's Comet -> RosesRoses Are Free -> NO2[1], Lawn Boy, Reba[2] > Carini > Funky Bitch

Set 2: Wolfman'sWolfman's Brother > Piper, Bug > MistMountains in the Mist, AntelopeRun Like an Antelope > Possum[3]

Encore: Tuesday's Gone[4]

[1] For the first known time, NO2 included the instrumental ending originally included on The White Tape.
[2] No whistling.
[3] Scott Murawski on guitar.
[4] Phish debut; Scott Murawski on guitar.

· Meatstick tease in Run Like an Antelope
· Lazy tease in Possum

Noteworthy Jams: Halley's Comet (highly recommended), Reba, Wolfman's Brother

Average Song Gap: 32.53

Performers: Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski (Guest)

Notes: NO2 was played for the first time since July 16, 1994 (356 shows) and, for the first known time, included the instrumental ending originally included on The White Tape. Reba did not have the whistling ending. Antelope included Meatstick teases and Trey acknowledging his friends Dave and Luann Abrahams, who were in the crowd. Possum and the Phish debut of Tuesday’s Gone featured Scott Murawski on guitar. Possum contained a Lazy (Deep Purple) tease.

Song Distribution:
3 Farmhouse
3 Lawn Boy
2 The White Tape
1 Hoist
1 The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday

Songs by Debut Year:

This show was part of the "1999 Summer U.S. Tour."

andrewrose , attached to 1999-07-13 Permalink
andrewrose This is a terrific overall show smack in the middle of a particularly strong tour. Indeed it's hard to go wrong with July 99. By this point the band had already dropped some monster jams, (7/10 Chalkdust, the hot Ghost->Slave combo on 7/4, a fierce Mike's on 7/9, to name a few), were working Siket Disc material into their sets, and having fun getting people to do the Meatstick leading up to Oswego. After a fun show the night before that kicked off with the electric debut of Boston's Foreplay/Longtime (a nod to both Boston area and the return to Great Woods), they pulled off an even stronger offering on this night with plenty of highlights.

You almost get two openers with the NICU, and then the Curtain which in those days typically meant that a good time was ahead. Then the Halley's is out-of-the-gate spectacular. Concise focused exploratory jamming that goes a lot of places in just under 15 minutes. The kind of ambient, textured but dancey grooves the band was laying down these days was the perfect canvas for Trey at the time. He was full of fresh ideas, hitting all the notes. A great segue into Roses are Free (the first since Nov '98) that dissolved into an out of left field N20 bustout is prime first set material. The Reba might be the best of the year, too. So laid back. And atypical at moments, especially in the early goings around 8:45. Again, Trey with the notes, with Page doing his best Brent Mydland impression underneath.

Set two doesn't reach as many high points, with the laid back vibe maybe getting pushed a bit too far at times, though the 20 minutes Wolfman's is certainly worth checking out if you're feeling patient.

Definitely hear the Halley's and Reba!
Score: 3
ColForbin Staff , attached to 1999-07-13 Permalink
ColForbin [I was looking back on some 1999 shows I attended but didn't remember much from, so I decided to give them a download and re-listen to figure out if they were any good.]

NICU is always a fun opener that gets everyone in a dancing mood, and this version is no exception. Slightly extended little jam at the end, right when you would think the song would end, might be a tease of some sort. The Curtain was a relative rarity at this point, making only a couple appearances per year, so I remember being pretty psyched to hear this one. The segue into Halley's fairly standard for Curtains without the "With" section, probably more of a ">" than a "->". Things get interesting in the Halley's. The band takes the vocals of the final verse down to a whisper and then immediately launches into a somewhat dark (minor key perhaps?) grooving jam. Trey throws in some delay loops while Page vamps away on the piano. I'm gonna go ahead and call this Type II, for sure. Definitely worth hearing. The segue into Roses is well done, seems to be Fishman leading the way by changing up the drum beat. Roses is fun, devolves into a slow blues jam which then ends up in NO2 land. The White Tape NO2 ending was a huge surprise, which if you haven't heard it is a cool little guitar melody from Trey. The entire Halley's to NO2 sequence is really great stuff for a first set. Lawn Boy starts right up with Page walking around doing the crooner thing if I remember correctly from the show. Reba jam is pretty standard for the era, but still great, goes to some cool places. No whistling, just a stop/start right into a rocking Carini. Funky Bitch closes out a really great first set.

A loping Wolfman's kicks off the 2nd set which immediately launches into a funky jam. The jam starts to get a little spacey 9 minutes in, but still has a Wolfman's feel in the rhythm section. Mike starts to hit his pedal bell and then drops some bass bombs while Trey does some light picking. At about the 16 minute mark, the jam really heads into dark type II territory, and then into a Hood-esque chill jam. Great way to kick off the set. The jam kinda fades out and a very quiet Piper starts up. This builds to a typical but fun Piper climax. Interesting placement for Bug, I've always felt it more of a 1st set or encore song, but still cool. Mountains in the Mist is an ok ballad, but not the highlight of the set. The energy level ticked back up again with a rocking Antelope. Possum with Scott Murawski was excellent, awesome bluesy guitar solo from him, with a more traditional Possum solo from Trey, then some great interplay between them. Would be cooler if Scott was higher in the mix, but still a great Possum. The Tuesday's Gone encore was an amazing bustout, featuring some more great guitar playing from Scott. And of course, playing this late at night on a Tuesday was cool.

Highlights: The Halley's->Roses->NO2, Wolfman's, Possum and Tuesday's Gone.
Score: 2
oongowa , attached to 1999-07-13 Permalink
oongowa Justin, our friend Gupper and I did the Great Woods shows on through Oswego this tour. There was TONS of hype leading up to these shows since they hadnít played there since 95 and it seemed like they always played some hot shit at this venue. This was also the venue where they last performed Gamehenge in its entirety. The night before was pretty crazy with the Foreplay/Long Time openerÖIím not sure if Iíve been in a more excited crowd in my life. We stayed at a nearby state campground for the two nights and they didnít seem too happy about having a bunch of Phish kids staying there. Besides the 100 other rules of the campground, there was NO alcohol allowed in the park. It didnít matter if you were 101 years old, no alcohol allowed. Justin and I, of course, snuck a bunch in (they were searching every car). I think I remember us purposely hiding a 12 pack not really well towards the back of the trunk so that if they found it they would think that they got all our beer but little would the know that we had another case very well hidden up towards the front of the trunk. They found neither. We had a nice fire, met some dude that was walking around and played us pretty much ANY song we requested on Justinís guitar (Divided Sky, Blackbird) and also got busted drinking by the park police. For some reason they were nice enough to tell us to call it quits and didnít really harass us anymore. What a pain in the ass though to sit around a fire and NOT be able to drink a beer. Not rightÖAT ALL. I remember the lot a little bitÖlots of pavement, hot. At the time I was really into KVHW. Itís not a drug, it was a band. Fucking great band. They were playing at the Wetlands the first night Phish was playing at the PNC center and I really wanted to skip the Phish show and see KVHW. Justin and Gupper werenít as thrilled with the idea. Not sure if I would have even done it today knowing what an awesome show 7/15 was but damn Iím pissed I never got to see KVHW.

Anyway, onto the show. Halleyís is fun but Treyís alarm clock bugs me now more than it ever has so itís hard to block it but it was great and the -> into Roses is perfect. Iím sure Justin and I were just about pissing ourselves at that point since we were both HUGE Roses fans, and Ween fans for that matter. Folks say this Reba is really goodÖI donít know, maybe. Carini is what Carini was back then and I always enjoy a Funky Bitch in the first set. The Wolfmans is where the fun starts and gives you nice mix of funk and a touch of ambient/space that was popular around this time. Itís great to listen to and definitely the highlight of the show. You know what? I like Bug. I donít know why but I do. I feel like I should hate it because it always shows up at the WORST times but for some reason I get into. The line ďnothing I see can be taken from meĒ speaks to me for some reason. OK, another confession, Iím totally gay for Mountains in the Mist and I think the end of a second set is the PERFECT spot for it. Fuck you. I love the song. I want it deep inside me. Fuck you. Antelope was greatÖlove the Meatstick teases. I had yet to hear Meatstick at this point but Gupper saw it at Merriweather a few nights earlier so we were clued in when it opened up the second set at PNC. I doubt any of use picked up the teases on this night. Normally, Possum to close a set would be a letdown AS ALWAYS, but tonight it featured Scott Murawski on guitar so itís was acceptable. I actually knew who was Scott was since I saw Max Creek a few times in Buffalo previously! (thanks Jimmy T! ďMAX CREEKĒ) In case you didnít know, Scott plays guitar in Mikeís band now. Donít know why they choose to play Tuesdayís Gone but it was great and again, the crowd goes wild.

Glad I got to listen to this one again and I need to go back and listen to night one as well. I donít remember being totally blown away by either show but they were both a lot of fun. All thatís what itís all about guys! FUN!!!!!


Jibboo Crew
Score: 2
Penn42 , attached to 1999-07-13 Permalink
Penn42 Only the Halley's -> Roses -> NO2 and Wolfman's have stayed in rotation since I listened to this show a little over a year ago. I remember the show as a whole was enjoyable. The atypical Reba is somewhat interesting, maybe verging on a little boring, and the Antelope rages really hard. However, the only parts of this show that really matter are the ones I mentioned previously: Halley's -> Roses -> NO2 and Wolfman's Brother.

The jam out of Halley's is really melodic and the segue into Roses is silky smooth. Yum! There is a little minute-long ambient jam after Roses that morphs into NO2 and there is yet another short ambient jam after NO2 as well. This is a really nice sequence that everybody should hear. This next jam is one of my favorite funk jams of all time. This Wolfman's is... well, let me put it this way: if you are running low on the funk, take a pit stop here to fill up. This bad boy just grooves along for about 14 minutes before we get another few minutes of ambient stuff. The whole thing is very minimalistic and groovy. Definitely a must hear.

TL;DR: listen to Halley's -> Roses -> NO2 and the Wolfman's.
Score: 1
desmondthefamilyberzerker , attached to 1999-07-13 Permalink
desmondthefamilyberzerker I've never been annoyed at a crowd more than during this Reba jam. Nice, quiet, pulsating groove with Trey and Page going to work on cathartic, serene melodies and the audience just wouldn't stop clapping. It was frustrating and while I might be wrong I believe the abrupt, dark, left turn the jam took into Carini was the bands way of saying they didn't much care for the clapping either.

Anywhoo... This first set is as good as it gets. Sharp playing, high energy, great set list choices and a Halley's jam that was absolutely fantastic. The band goes back and forth between dark and triumphant more than once during this Halley's and then creates a wild sound scape before seguing into Roses. The Roses while is without any extended jam is a high energy version and has a fantastic No2 tacked onto it.

By the time we got through a ripping Funky Bitch to close set one I thought we had a chance at calling this one the show of the tour. But then something disappointing happened. Wolfman's-> Piper really didn't go anywhere. A bit too ambient for my tastes and I don't think I was alone in that opinion as by the time Piper wound down the energy that had been brimming out of the Good Woods in the first set was all but gone.

Then to follow that with what were at the time two new songs in Bug and MITM ( and slow ones)was a risk that didn't pay off. Solid Antelope and a Possum with Scott Murawski and Trey trading licks helped salvage the set somewhat, but I remember leaving the venue on this night opining on what might have been.

I think the band might have gotten a bit too spun at set break.

If you seek this one out, it's for the first set.
Score: 0

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