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Review by mavisdavis

mavisdavis I love this show for many reasons but sitting here twenty six years later and reflecting on it is a bit odd in that it certainly doesn't "feel" that long ago but also reminds me that I have been seeing this wonderful band for more than half my life and still love hearing them perform and love to anticipate the next show. I am so very thankful they did not give up and continue to push themselves. This date was a classic, sunny, summer day and we left western Mass. early to meet friends out east in Middleborough. It seemed as though everyone in our group had great "kind" bud except me so I was in good company. We got blazed, busted by a friends mom (it was her house and foreshadowed the Guelah to come later) and headed out to the "packy" to load the coolers with nothing but the finest Michelob cheap students could buy. We were set up in the right hand lot as you enter Great Woods closer to the venue so that worked out nicely. Balloons were being passed and I saw my first casualty of the gas and learned a very good life lesson: don't bogart that balloon my friend! as this kid huffing nearby did the faceplant into rock. It was shocking but he bounced right back up with a little help from his friends and was no worse for the wear. We had pavilion seats and word was the show would sell out. We had seen the growth locally as the band used to play small clubs like Pearl Street and the Umass Student Ballroom so there was a provincial pride that they were playing such a large venue. Inside, it did not feel sold out as the pavilion was easy to maneuver and "upgrade" our seats before show time. Llama openers always kick ass and kept the lot party rolling but Horn was oddly placed and allowed us to continue our search for perfect seats. Nellie Kane was a new one to me but I loved the bluegrass energy and the Divided Sky that followed reinforced my wise decision to buy the ticket and take the ride. When Guelah came next, we all had great laugh at the "through the bedroom door intrude" line since this exact same thing happened to us just a few hours prior. Rift was also newer to me but remains one of my favorite to hear live to this day and this version was tight and well played and stood out to me for the interplay and vocals. Stash was scary in a good way and I was amazed by the diversity of tunes to this point. Mango continued that trend with classic Phish silliness and Bouncin' was a big hit with the swelling crowd. Word must have spread about the ease of seat surfing as we locked down low and centered for the rest of the show and were never hassled to move. The Coil impressed me with the vocals, delivery and that damned outro that hits you in the feels every single time. Wow and only set one. I couldn't recall a concert experience that could compare in it's execution, style and range of emotions. More please and onto the second set. As a movie buff, I was amazed by the 2001 and thought is there anything these guys can't do? I had no idea it was played at nearly every show that summer and assumed a one off. I was a regular listener of the Junta & Lawnboy CD's and did not have many live tapes and when we got the double whammy of Split and Flufffhead, well that was gold to me following the 2001. Maze was also newer but no less impressive than the previous songs in pure execution, speed and technicality. Another of the classics that I still love hearing. Glide was a nice breather tune and lyrically fun. I honestly can't remember when the slide and glides came out but do recall them being used and hilarious. These were a telemarking "exercise" phenomena for a brief time but may have been used during Mike's. I just remember them being fun and was completely sold on the whole show. Sparkle seemed like a bit of a throw away tune but was up tempo and has grown on me with time. Mike's brought back some evil Phish but then they changed on a dime with beautiful Hebrew ballad that I could not name but could recognize. It was a startling contrast and just kept me amazed by the performers and then back to rock and roll with ease and a rollicking Weekapaug. Phew, could it get better or more fun or more weird? Why yes it can, how about a little man in a dress singing Prince with a vacuum? I was sold, this was by far the most fun I'd had at a concert to date and we still weren't done. Daniel ramped up the energy once again and they blew the doors off with a classic rocker to close. Wow, what a time! Is this how every show is? Golgi was a blast singing in a community choir and well, hell, why not a Freebird to close? Sold, absolutely sold. This was my first show and left a clear impression that truly hasn't receded in time. I feel so very fortunate that I chose to attend on this particular summer day and here we are so many years later still waiting anxiously for the next announcement. Thanks Phish for being there!


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