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Review by 2202003_4lyfe

2202003_4lyfe My first show. Rift was missed. Heard a bit of it but my buddy was tripping for his first time at phish he bailed quickly, his hand was going to explode i decided he would be fine. He was kind of a huge asshole so it was fitting in retrospect. Rift was mainly missed due to the horrible management at the venue. There was a herd of people waiting to get in. It was choatic. I met a kazoo playing dude named Matt whom i work at dominos with years later and became brief roller hockey buddies. Matt was also an ass.

No Ck for this show but its wasn't noticed i liked it.I was treated well by the ladies that evening. Plenty of grass. Chillums and js i remember feeling like it was planned or something it was so surreal. My cooler friends were in the nose bleeds second row far away. But a searing Rock and Roll which remain one of my favorite songs I've ever heard them play. This song had it all. Trey was wailing away the crowd was really into it. Page and the boys had me in awe right away. But i was in for a lot more. Guyute was my favorite song at the time. Hearing it as my second second song or third depending on perspective blew my mind i almost started tearing up but all these beautiful girls were around me. Just smoking and dancing i was having a hard time focusing i mean in a good way. Plus i hadnt grooved before. So i kinda learned how to dance with them. Which in retrospect was really unique. Driver ! you know this show is special. Its highly highly underrated to me. Not because its the first for me but there really is a chance this is one of the best shows they ever played. Its my number one out of twenty and if you look at “my shows” thats saying a lot. Driver just melted me. Vocally Trey nailed it. The band really absorb into my soul at this point. I have always been mystified by consciousness and how life goes by. So this song really brought me home. Waves kinda freaked me out i couldnt figure out what song it was , i was pretty baked by then. But listening to it as im writing this i can remember being like what is this lol. Simple. Now 18 mins of phish just nailing a trademark song just setting it into orbit for 18 min was amazing for a first timer i really got into the lights. I starting noticing the sync. The band had me in their grips. I still was dancing in the aisle not in my seat. I was gordo side about 25 rows from stage left. Gotta Jibber was perfect. Almost 40 minutes of jamming in a row. I was amped. Set break.

Found my buddies at set break. They were wondering were ass hat was. He was somewhere outside i said. They thought i should of gone with him. I said , “and miss this? hell no!” They went back to their seats. I went to my seat finally. There was a hot chick there. I Alone. I was a scared little boy then. Never got past second base. She fed me popcorn sprite and one bats. We danced. I didnt talk though i was scared to speak. Tweezer had me up and dancing l. This tweezer is up there in the top ten tweezers easily. Easily. It goes into a pyite. Which explodes into Fast Enough For You. If i had a time machine man. God i should of at least been pen pals lol. Seven Below from this show was paramount. I haven't heard it sense that day. I know most phish phans want this song back into the rotation asap. Its an amazing melody. It was played perfectly just like this whole show. Its flawless. Pebbles at a first show is amazing. But another 40 mins of jamming had me just lost in where time was. But the encore reminded me of how time had slipped by i need to speak to her. I thanked he for everything. She was really easy on the eyes. She handed me the rest of the popcorn and asked what id like to see for encore. I don't remember what i said or what we did next but i ask that question before every show. Some of my buddies ask before me when I'm fortunate enough to see them. The Encore was awesome beyond my one song expectation at the time. Golgi. Was perfect. Its a classic encore. Maybe the most classic Phish encore ever. Some left some stayed. The crowed was very happy with golgi. Anything but me is a rare song. I mean rare in 3.0. Which to me takes a 9.4 show to a 10. Tweezer Reprise cements this show as my


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