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Review by coreychung1

coreychung1 12/31/18: A fitting cap to the run & Fall 18
Set 1: Highlights of the set include: Steam>Chalkdust and the Antelope. Honorable mention for the vocally harmonized section of Ass handed (lol classy, guys). First half of the set was good, very start the night off funky. Lawn boy comes up and might I mention what a nice shirt Page had on. The steam was good not great but had good direction then into chalkdust the crowd just went wild. I felt this one was especially energetic (behind stage looking out at the band/floor for this one) and they even tossed in a little second jam after finishing the CDT (is this becoming a trend? I like it). What's the Use silences the building (in a good way) and then trey sings us to sleep with waste (see Coco monkey meme). Did I mention that I really like the Kasvot songs? (See previous reviews) both stray dog and Play by Play I had a lot of fun with, and I think they fit great in the sets. Cap it off with a well executed antelope, no problem.

Set 2: Here is where the meat of the show really lies. Highlights of the set include: DwD, a confused look from Mike during Farmhouse, Seven Below and the Hood. All are worth a relisten, and even the twist was good but there was no time for more. I was utterly surprised with the Farmhouse call after a great disease (with good direction, which you can't say for all of em). But after that -7 the band tells me to shut up and keep quiet as they get really creative and deep on this track. The Hood I thought was really good (almost going to plinko land) then went into Passing Through. I’m torn on this, I like the tune (and the attempt to segue in and out) but I think it might've been better if they played them separately. They did end up coming back with a good finish to the Hood, but I’m not super sold on this one. Hard to say, either way, the band was flexing their muscles with this one. Shiny gem of the set is definitely the -7 IMO with the DwD at a close second.

Set 3: Highlights of the set include: Mercury & SANTOS. Some really sweet licks from trey and Mike throughout the Mercury and it was just awesome to see the guys having so much fun with SANTOS. I think I was smiling this whole set. I loved the gag, the lights were great, streamers everywhere. Just super fun (and honestly that mercury jam will hold up). Watching mike and Trey fly through the air just having a blast. Watching mike air walk, the goofy balloon dancers. Space smells pretty damn good. The simple got ripcorded but one of my friends wisely said “SIA demands it” and it's pretty much on par for the course. It’ll take a lot more than that to make me salty right now. SIA>LxL>R&R>Suzy were all great fun choices. The only two bad ripcords we really got all weekend was the farmhouse the and SIA, so count your wins! Also we got to witness another couple accounts of the fabled Bob Weaver!

After you play me Lizards, you can play whatever you want. Cliche or not, that was a rocking Zero. I’ll keep this one brief because I wrote some lengthy ones prior, but all in all I just thought this was a great cap to 2018. And what a strong run. Fall tour has been so fun and energetic after the cancellation (thank you all for being amazing). Even the “bad” shows were still awesome and have songs that have “replay value”. Eternal joy and never ending splendor. Keep adding more chapters to the book, pham.


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