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Review by Cranker77

Cranker77 So from being from the east coast Key Arena was a venue that I was really looking forward to seeing. This venue holds a lot of history inside these walls. This was my Nassau Coliseum of the run. So to show my respect I strapped on my green new balances to pay tribute to the late departed Supersonics that once held court in the building and was ready to show some east coast love.
It seamed like the band was ready to to the same. Coming out of the gates blazing with a well suited cavern to get us warmed up and blood flowing. After catching my breath for a brief second the the home town crowd got what they wanted ,the anticipated "Duh-Dunt ,Duh-Dunt"and they were loving every minute of it. Though it was very short lived like it was all summer. I thought the transition into Rift was ok and well played. Trey seemed like he was having fun w/ Moma. But to it sounded like to me that the rest of the band had trouble getting on the same page with it,and got a little out of sink. After that the boys also payed there respects to the Sonics with The line . After that the set kinda lost its short lived luster for me . Although it was nice to sneak in a Sugar Shack. Only the 17th one played. I didn't get the whole Wolfmans>Sparkle >Gin thing but hey that's been typical of first set song selections these days. But hey not really anything to complain about thus far.
Know the second set on the other hand to me was fucking amazing on all different levels up until a certain point. And if you were there you know what I'm about to express and talk about. To me the DWD was a good selection to open the set with. It gave them a chance to work out the kinks and try to get in sync with each other. Something I thought was leaking in the first set. Golden Age I thought was well played. This is where you can see the fans starting to get back into the show. Then Fuego really started to get the crowed dialed in and you can really see the vibe the band was getting off it. The Light all the way to Sand was pure fucking madness and the crowed was so showing there approval. To me I was really digging that hint of funk-ness that really miss from back in the day that Trey was laying down in that cities.. The light>cities transition really got my blood boiling and the crowd was feeling it as well. I thought how they dropped into 46 days was a perfect fit in keeping that funkiness alive and flowing. This is the sound I came to hear and at this point from what I can see and feel they finally had hit there stride and they knew it and we were ready for them to blow the roof off the building and we where ready for it!!! If you were there you know what I'm talking about. The emotions of the crowd when the finally went into sand was amazing. They were loving every minute of it. This set had everything going for it. Great flow and amazing energy. The 6:48 of sand was just pure perfection. The prelude of 2001 started ringing through the speakers and you can hear the crowd go nuts. The place just got 60 degrees hotter from the intensity of what was know a full fledge dancing party. The Key Arena was about to be set on fire. Everything that I hoped for while I anticipated coming here. And just as fast as the heat rose the air was sucked right out of the building. The sudden abortion of 2001 into the ill fated BDTNL. It was like seeing Kemp getting stuffed at the buzzer for a game winner. And the crowed let them know the disapproval and let down. They officially lost me and left me shaking my head why. After some of the most intense crowed felt music being played they dropped the ball and could finish the money shot. Though the bold as love was a nice attempt to try rebound from what could of been a highly talked about night the damage was done. Then realizing that all was lost there was nothing left to do but leave us w/ a meatstick>character encore shaking our heads even more.
In all in all I left the show some what pleased. I took it for what it was worth. The potential was there. If that 2001 was not aborted that show would be defiantly talked about a lot more. The Key Arena was everything I thought it would be in a venue. As for my statement earlier on the nice tribute they did by playing the line for the Sonics, I take it back I dedicate it to the band cause they really missed the big shot in not hitting that 2001. You went from possible champs to mediocre.


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