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Review by bigflopmoptop

bigflopmoptop Thought the place was fantastic and I had a wonderful time. A lot of repeats from the Mann, but I don't care. Pretty much every one was played better (and I loved the Mann shows). I've seen Hood more than any other song, and I still and shall continue to smile earhole to earhole every time I am lucky enough to see it. So stop hating the repeats.

AC/DC Bag and 46 Days were short, sweet, "you guys paying attention yet" openers. I love Yarmouth Rd. It's never going to "go anywhere," but again, it's about the song. Not every song is going to have 10 minute jams; typically, reggae and bluegrass songs do not. They're not supposed to. Yarmouth Road is awesome because of the way the chorus melody pops with happiness, resulting from the shift from minor to major. It's a cool piece that gets me moving, then scattering so I can dance while hearing it instead of people talking because they don't know or like the song (had to do the same thing for McGrupp at the Mann -- MCGRUPP for God's sakes!)
This was followed by Devotion, which I thought was funny because it's like Trey saying, if we lost you or pissed you off already, here's another one and go to hell. I like the cut of his jib, and thought that this was a very energetic version with a whale of a solo.
I enjoyed Free, My Sweet One and Back on the Train by dancing and wondering through the crowd from Mike side to Page side, then back, then bathroom ,then beer. All typical, fun, short, very danceable tunes, and then the comedy of the 3 endings to Back on the Train. (And thanks for the hive fives, cheers, smiles, nods and ass slaps I got on my venture dancing with and through the crowd, which is my favorite thing to do at shows).
Halfway to the Moon was great with Page really nailing it. I strongly like this song. Sparkle was a lot of fun again. A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing was as awesome as it was unpredictable. Awesome jam. Glad to see at least some people enjoying the Line, as it is a nice tune with cool band interplay and a nice, short jam. Antelope rocked everyone's socks off from what I could tell, and it was quite super.
PYITE was awesome and a lot of fun; nice extended intro to get everyone moving. Carini was it's usual awesome, dark and sinister self. Ghost was well placed and was just fantastic. They really patiently journeyed through this one and established such awesome dance vibes. Great great stuff.
Wingsuit was kinda mindblowing. I love how they've set this jam up (well explained it a prior review). rock 'n' roll was a nice rocker -- again, short and sweet, which was totally appropriate here after the long Ghost), and then a wonderful, wonderful Hood that traveled from light to dark and back to light, driving and gaining momentum from start to finish.
Tube encore? If anyone says they called this, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU. Totally unexpected and great idea. Joy got all Slavey (dove right into a Slave-like climax, as if to say, we wanted to play Slave but didn't have the time, so here's a mini Slave that just skips the build up and hits the finale immediately), and First Tube (with Trey Jibbooing it up a bit) was the perfect way to end it.

I like the bustouts and rarities, stories, and those truly special moments during 25-minute-long jams that everyone else does; but what I also like is seeing my favorite band having a wonderful time, playing danceable songs with tremendous energy, and rocking my face off with songs I normally may not put at the top of my favorites list. Some nights it really doesn't matter what they play because of how incredibly they play it. I am not bashing the song selection here, just saying that even though your absolute favorite songs aren't being played, do you think that maybe if you shut your mouth and put your cellphone down for a minute, you might actually be paying enough attention to discover something about the Line, or an old song that never really got you before, that makes you a fan of it all of a sudden? Try it -- you might like it.


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