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Review by ADAWGWYO

ADAWGWYO At the time this was my favorite of the four 96 Red Rocks shows. It's kind of embarrassing but after the "your most embarrasing moments" thread in the forum, i feel I need to tell it. It's a funny(and somewhat gross) story about me during this particular Mike's Groove. Well, mainly Mike's>I Am Hydrogen. I was taping so I was in the taper section, and I happened to be tripping pretty hard for this one. In classic 96 fashion this was a long 20 min type II Mike's Song. This Mike's was so evil. It nearly scared me to death :)

I had a head cold, my sinuses were plugged, my ears wouldn't pop and I had 8db mutes(earplugs) in to try and quell the pain from the loud music. Mike's Song starts up and everything is fine, except for this head cold, right? Well they drop into that initial evil jam after the lyrics. The bass is just rumbling off the rocks. Dun dun dun da dun dun da dun dun. The bass at Red Rocks is a beast! Well between the bass, the L, and the lighting I started buggin out. It all started when, for some unknown reason, I thought the snot dripping down my throat from my sinuses was actually blood. I thought my brain was bleeding!!!! Don't know how I started thinking such a thing but it started a chain reaction of anxiety and paranoia that ended up being something I look back at and laugh about. Anyways, In the same span of a few minutes of me thinking my brain is bleeding I start getting these weird nerve sensations running down the backs of my legs. I thought I had shit my pants!!!!

So I'm in the taper section trippin out, and I'm holding my hand up to see if there is any shit on my hand. Kuroda's red lights were not helping the cause. I couldn't tell if I could see brown or not. Woah! I am losing it. I'm in this cramped as hell tapers section. My brain is bleeding, I have shit running down my legs, and I'm afraid all the people in the section are going to smell me. All the while Mike's song is just rumbling along. Fuck!!! I am really panicking here. I keep trying to use the CK5 lights to see shit, or smell anything on my hand. Also I'm wiping the backs of my legs to feel if they are wet and I am still worried about the snot/blood dripping down my throat. Jesus what is happening to me I thought.

Alas, Mike's starts to wind down and the first notes of Hydrogen begin. Finally!! My saving grace. I had never been as happy before, nor since, for I Am Hydrogen to start. Ahhhhh!! It's like the music instantly calmed me down. At the same time CK5 hits the bright white lights. Yayyy!! I can see!! I look at the backs of my legs and there's no poop. I then lick the palm of my hand, or something like that, to see if there is blood on my tongue. Nope! All good. I take my earplugs out and... My ears pop!! My sinus tension releases.

In what seemed like an instant I am completely convinced that I am ok. I do a once over check to make sure all systems are normal. I then spend the rest of I Am Hydrogen completely elated, and so happy to be alive. I am gonna be just fine. Until tomorrow night that is! ;)

And if a man among you got no sin upon his hand
Let him cast a stone at me for pRaying WITH the band.


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