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Review by RobesPierre

RobesPierre definitely better than night one... but still struggling to make something happen.

set I.

-first tube and stealing time were a great way to start, standard versions, but very solid.
-camel walk was really slow. and trey messed up the middle section pretty bad. not a good version at all.
-heavy things was a let down for me, but jibbo was very nice with a nice little first set jam.
-wilson>-7>kdf these really got the crowd going and trey was definitely feeling it. -7 below had a great jam for a second until it tapered off to nothing and kdf started, which is always nice first set.
-axilla seemed slow, but rocked as usual...
-melt was great... probably one of the more interesting melts of 3.0 this song has come a long way since 2009. very cool type II jam for a bit.
-suzy was great, page was all over that, as usual.

set II.

-i was surprised by tweezer, i thought they would wait a little longer after bethel,,, but i think they may of wanted to keep the tweezepplin myth alive.
-i loved no quarter, as did everyone, well played, great cover, loved it.
-carini>piper>twist>ghost were all well played but im really getting sick of the half assed awkward transitions. i need to relisten... the jam out of twist was really going somewhere than it falls apart and trey starts ghost.
-the transition into bdtnl made me cringe. we're in this great ghost jam funking it out and trey just randomly kills it and starts playing bdtnl. i felt like the rest of the band was like "wtf?"
-bdtnl did rage like crazy though. the crowd ate it up and trey played really really well. definitely a highlight of the show.

as soon as they ended i knew it was going to be show of life>tweeprise. i love show of life. as far as phish "songs" as in singer songwriter-esque songs it is there best. trey and the dude really achieved something great. i did notice that fish never went to the open highhat as the song built up (which is normally one of my favorite parts) but that was ok. solid version... and what can i say about tweeprise... nothing.

overall i think this show was way better than night 1. but other than a few highlights that ill relisten to (no quarter, melt, bdtnl) this show is not going to be in heavy rotation on my ipod. it feels like the usual 3.0 problems. not enough give and take, too much trey noodling instead of developing something interesting.

btw... did anyone else notice they played 5 songs from farmhouse? it was like summer of 2000 all over again.


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