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Review by ghey4trey

ghey4trey best i've heard the boys play in a bit, save a few parts of the show. this was my 112th show and i have to say i was pretty pumped about the 2nd set sans the tweezer. the 1st set was about std to what i expect from PHiSH right now, save that the setlist was a bit nicer than usual. the 2nd set was where the heat was tho... it may seem like im overcritical, but im just avid about my PH.

kill devil falls: adequate opener, but trey really opened up well here and made for an enjoyable version of a song i dont particularly care for.

guelah: nearly perfect. nice second song choice. good vibes goin on for the start of the show.

curtain w/: always love seeing a curtain with or without. this was a solid version, only a little hesitation in treys riffs at the end. seemed like 1st set he couldnt quite string thoughts together like the trey we all know and love. it was good though so dont misinterpret what im saying.

mango: was excited bc i hadnt seen this in a while, but trey was having problems with the riff during the chorus. couldnt really tell why, it seemed like it may have been a technical issue, bc as someone said above Brian spent extra time w/ treys rig during setbreak. other than this flaw, the mango sounded nice.

sand: love me some sand. this one didnt stand up to the camden sand from last year, but was pretty good. out of the lyrics, the boys dropped dynamically and started feeling their way towards the build in a smooth way. fish had some nice polyrhythmic feels while trey and page danced around each other. the jam didnt quite reach potential and it seems that it was just cut short of what it could have reached.

limb x limb: still some good song selection going.. pretty solid limb. nothin bad, nothin great.

sally: best part of the 1st set for sure. funky and fun. crowd really dove in and seemed to be groovin pretty well. the vocal jam was fun here. solid all around.

uncle pen: pretty tight version. boys seemed to be having fun.

pebbles: was super pumped for when i heard the opening notes to this, as i hadnt seen it since v 2.0. have to say that it wasnt all it could have been. a little mess up here and there vocally and the jam was ok but not great. maybe a little more polishing before bringing this back out.

cavern: standard, mike played really well in this version. trey seemed to forget a lil bit of lyrics but laughed and shrugged it off. crowd seemed pretty pumped by the end of the tune.

bowie: set closer. pretty well done orchestrated parts. jam was pretty nice. had some solid "dancing" around each other and building of tension with them making the "releases" pretty well. all in all a solid bowie.

set 2
crosseyed: 1st set was good, but the heat came with this set. best set of the year imo. with the opening of this i really dug in and got psyched for what was to come. this version was super tight. had a solid jam and extended to space only to sneakily be brought back by trey who came out ready to shred 2nd set btw. the sneak back in was kind of reminiscent of the dwd from 03 nye imo. tight version all around. seemed like the boys were ready to shred.

dirt: a step back from the riproaring opener and a pretty nice version. all members took a solo which was a treat, but this may have thrown trey off a bit, bc he missed his cue into the high portion of the solo. although he recovered from his mistake gracefully and made it fit.

fluff: love me some 3.0 fluffhead. totally tight version and prolly my favorite version in 3.0. fluff through all the travels was super tight. the arrival was solid and treys solo was sick. he had some triads going in the their that sounded super tight. all in all a classic sounding version of fluff.

2001: funky/tight version here w/ some fun little bits added in. trey was adding in cool echoing notes in the intro.

tweezer: always love a tweezer, but this one had some rough patches and was quickly aborted for a segue into show of life

show of life: absolutely love this song. this version was perfect. my personal highlight of the show. cant wait to see the dude make an appearance for this tune.

yem: tight version. all versions in 3.0 have been solid as far as i've heard. page used a real tight setting during the 1st chorus break and then went to the organ for a tight solo. during the trampoline jumping trey added an extra 180 degrees to his jump and seemed pretty impressed with himself haha as was i and the rest of the ppl who noticed. treys solo started really laid back and sounded pretty sweet. mike dropped some notes to match the clapping auditorium for a few claps. trey finished up his solo with some nice fluidity and good phrasing. drums and bass was as hot as it was in boston last year and seems to be getting stronger all the time. the vocal jam lent a treat to the acute ear.. of course im referring to the guy forget quotes. if you havent heard the piper->guy forget->circus from 10/1/00 i suggest you make that a priority.. at the beginning of the vocal jam you can hear fish saying "gee forzshey" (however you wanna spell the way he says it) and through the jam it picks up and he drops the whole line "never met a man i could not forget except for guy forget. nice little treat to cap off the set.

i been around: nice little treat here. like this tune as well. well played and fun.

mighty quinn: crowd loved this. have to say i couldnt complain either. new song and a song here that dates back to 87, only to be followed by tweeprise? im game. overall a pretty tight version.

tweeprise: as always this capped off the tweezer night with an exclamation point.


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