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Stream The New Album, "Fuego," On NPR

Posted 2014-06-16 12:19:00 by Icculus - 111 comments - Link:

Phish released a stream of their new album, "Fuego," via National Public Radio. You can listen herePlease consider ordering the album from the band via Phish Dry Goods, and also supporting LivePhish Downloads this summer. is operated entirely by volunteers as a project of The Mockingbird Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to raising funds for music education for children. A portion of the proceeds from LivePhish Downloads supports the Foundation, so please support LivePhish.


HotPale Reply
HotPale Halfway through Wombat phish turns into TAB...I think!
Score: 0
funkalunk Reply
funkalunk On the first listen it seems really good! Can't wait for my vinyl to come in.
Score: 0
lincolnfrog Reply
So far, I am enjoying the production on this record immensely.

Wombat was amazing until they decided to fade it out 2:30 in instead of letting it ride ;)
Score: 2
phunguy Reply
phunguy I like Sing Monica more than I thought, album sounds fantastic.
Score: 2
tek9rifleskills Reply
I think I'm going to wait until the cd arrives in a week, make it more official that way. The comments here though are making the waiting even harder!!!
Score: 0
SoularT Reply
Great Album!!! Damn!
Score: 0

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