Jam Chart for Runaway Jim (41 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-03-28 Runaway Jim Granville, OH 7:10 Debut.
1991-10-31 Runaway Jim Colorado Springs, CO 8:06 Trey launches the instrumental section a whole step down from the norm, in C Major rather than D Major. As the VII chord wants desperately to resolve back to tonic, there is blissful release as the jam returns home to D Major.
1993-03-19 Runaway Jim Redlands, CA 9:31 The first version to stretch beyond standard "Jim." Cool little exploratory departure starting at 7:30.
1993-08-11 Runaway Jim Grand Rapids, MI 8:50 Jam gets well beyond "Jim" into some interesting exploration. It's August '93, what else would you expect?
1993-08-15 Runaway Jim Louisville, KY 9:46 Another good August '93 "Jim" that expands into some great improvisational jamming.
1993-08-21 Runaway Jim Salt Lake City, UT 10:36 Very improvisational, dissonant and chaotic version.
1993-08-26 Runaway Jim Portland, OR 10:42 Jam breaks into a great upbeat groove, settles into a quiet section, and rebuilds with great tension. Excellent.
1994-04-25 Runaway Jim Knoxville, TN 8:15 Blistering hot "Type I" version with superb playing by Fish and Trey.
1994-10-15 Runaway Jim Pelham, AL 10:17 Dissonant version departs from "Jim" around 7:00 into weird chanting, howling, and screaming by Trey and Fish.
1994-10-29 Runaway Jim Spartanburg, SC 9:11 -> in from "Simple." Excellent Fish and Trey on this improvisational version.
1994-11-18 Runaway Jim East Lansing, MI 9:05 "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo. Great exploratory version that gets well beyond standard fare.
1994-11-22 Runaway Jim Columbia, MO 6:30 Short but excellent version quickly exits the typical jam in favor of a rocking, blues-infused jam which -> to a crazed "BBFCFM."
1994-12-29 Runaway Jim Providence, RI 9:11 Excellent improvisational "Jim" which includes a "Dueling Banjos" tease from Trey and must-hear -> to "Foam."
1995-06-08 Runaway Jim Salt Lake City, UT 9:21 After some "Third Stone From The Sun" (Hendrix) teases from Trey, this one gets out beyond the norm.
1995-06-16 Runaway Jim Raleigh, NC 30:36 Intense, psychedelic and incredibly improvisational version. Has similarities in the final 10 minutes to the Providence "Bowie." Oddly, seems unheralded among the canon of all-time, must-hear jams. -> to "Free."
1995-07-02 Runaway Jim North Fayston, VT 18:30 Breaks away from "Jim" at about 8:45 into percussion-driven exploration. The jam gets way out there, with some tension and dissonance, before morphing its way (->) into "Makisupa." Not beautiful music, but highly improvisational.
1995-10-14 Runaway Jim Austin, TX 9:05 Quickly gets beyond "Jim" into a driving, percussive and intense jam.
1995-12-31 Runaway Jim New York, NY 15:53 Fish is phenomenal in this grand, melodic and driving jam that turns '95-style funky before rebuilding to "Jim."
1996-08-07 Runaway Jim Morrison, CO 8:21 "Runaway Jim" -> "Gypsy Queen" (Santana) -> "Runaway Jim." The jam also has some good rhythmic exploration beyond the segue to "Gypsy Queen."
1996-08-07 Runaway Jim Morrison, CO 1:07 -> in from "Gypsy Queen" to wrap up this solid "Runaway Jim."
1996-08-14 Runaway Jim Hershey, PA 15:14 Jam gets nicely beyond "Jim," returns, then breaks into some percussive jamming with Trey on the mini kit. Unfinished with > to "YEM."
1996-11-16 Runaway Jim Omaha, NE 14:38 Breaks into a great groove at 9:15 with some early funk sounds from Page and Trey before -> to "Vibration Of Life."
1997-07-22 Runaway Jim Raleigh, NC 10:05 Good improvisational version with some "CYHMK"-like jamming, good bluesy stylings, and a great -> to "My Soul."
1997-07-31 Runaway Jim Mountain View, CA 23:16 Multi-faceted improvisational version that includes funk, power jamming, quieter space, punchy, rhythmic funky stuff, and more space with a -> to "When The Circus Comes."
1997-08-06 Runaway Jim Maryland Heights, MO 15:43 Jam settles around 6:50 into some glorious melodic space, rebuilds around 10:00 with some nice blues licks, settles again, then morphs into a serious blues jam with a -> to "My Soul."
1997-11-29 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 58:49 Longest single Phish jam to date. Contains many different sections, and has been nicknamed the "Jim Symphony." Contains a thrilling "Weekapaug" jam.
1997-12-05 Runaway Jim Cleveland, OH 14:02 Fantastic, very improvisational jam that is quite different than most including beautiful quieter parts. -> into "My Friend."
1997-12-28 Runaway Jim Landover, MD 14:11 The jam breaks into a nice funky groove around 8:00 and gradually winds down into space with delay effects.
1998-07-02 Runaway Jim Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 12:05 Nice version that gets beyond "Jim" into some great ambient jamming. -> "Prince Caspian."
1998-07-24 Runaway Jim The Woodlands, TX 14:45 Around 8:00, the jam shifts into a really great upbeat and somewhat funky groove that eventually returns to "Jim."
1998-08-11 Runaway Jim Burgettstown, PA 34:47 An epic summertime odyssey of exploration, and among the best "Jims" ever. Loaded with improvisation and near-ambient sound, the opus closes with a "Maria" (West Side Story) tease and a triumphant return to "Jim."
1999-07-18 Runaway Jim Volney, NY 24:12 Fantastic, groove-based jamming, and this "Jim" has several good ones. Released on Live Bait Vol. 5.
2000-06-16 Runaway Jim Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan 26:04 Excellent, multi-part "Jim." A serene yet percussive groove emerges first, followed by a transition with delay bombs dropping. Then Trey hits the mini-keyboard for a plunky, unusual jam before space and a -> to a very good "Theme."
2000-07-03 Runaway Jim Camden, NJ 32:33 Incredible journey of improvisation. Very far ranging, the last 10 minutes are thrilling and intense.
2000-07-11 Runaway Jim Noblesville, IN 9:58 A pensive, mellow groove develops that picks up energy and -> to a jam on "Moby Dick." The entire "Moby Dick"-themed set is fun and must-hear material.
2002-12-31 Runaway Jim New York, NY 11:43 Despite some flubs in the composed section and balloon popping noise in the background, the jam is a really good one, mellow, a bit funky, and it gets increasingly exploratory as it progresses. Unfinished with -> to "Time Loves A Hero."
2003-12-31 Runaway Jim Miami, FL 22:14 Serious improvisation here with multiple sections, most fairly intense, but also including some quieter ones.
2004-08-14 Runaway Jim Coventry, VT 12:23 Very improvisational, "Type II" version with a -> to a very improvisational, "Type II" "Gotta Jibboo."
2011-08-10 Runaway Jim Stateline, NV 8:45 Breaks beyond "Jim" at about 6:30 into a nice, exploratory groove. > to "Ghost."
2012-08-31 Runaway Jim Commerce City, CO 19:09 A very improvisational version and the first exploratory "Jim" to open Set II since 7/3/00. Most, but not all of the sections have a mildly dark tone which counter-balance the several very upbeat jams elsewhere in this historic show.
2013-08-04 Runaway Jim San Francisco, CA 16:25 Excellent, multi-section "Jim." The jam begins with a dark tone, shifts to some great, percussive rocking midway through, then explores more bleak territory before reaching interplanetary space and > to "Carini."
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