Jam Chart for Runaway Jim (69 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1990-03-28 Runaway Jim Granville, OH 7:10 Debut.
1990-10-31 Runaway Jim Colorado Springs, CO 6:22 > a strong "Jim," this super, early version, showcases the song's potential - not as a jamming heavyweight, but how "Jim" was played for the better part of four years" A versatile, fiery, "turn-it-up" number, which also functions to illustrate the band's considerable, and emerging, full-band musicianship.
1990-11-16 Runaway Jim Providence, RI 6:14 Super percussion propels virtually every notable "Jim", and, here, it's fun to follow Fishman. Page, however, provides on-point fills and impressive runs, while Mike, dialed in, compliments Trey's customarily incendiary play.
1990-12-31 Runaway Jim Boston, MA 6:47 > from "Coil", "Jim" offers a nice, stark contrast, illustrating the band's versatility. Mike's line (later picked up by Page) is fun and infectious, before the song's sustained and collective calm explodes into incredibly fast play - even for early Trey.
1991-05-03 Runaway Jim Somerville, MA 6:49 Another example of what makes the band so special. Tight, full-band play, featuring truly dynamic percussion "within" wonderful phrasing and a wild, vivid, yet wholly controlled array of notes from Trey. Cools > "Tela".
1991-10-18 Runaway Jim San Francisco, CA 7:24 The Great American Music Hall provides the stage for one of the greatest examples of an emerging Phish staple, the affectionately labeled: "Runaway Foam". First, Fish is awesome. Second, Trey makes a number of subtle and savvy moves that lay the foundation - or at least functions as illustration - for "Jim's" inevitable groundbreaking potential.
1991-11-23 Runaway Jim Barre, VT 7:35 Right around the 3:40 mark Trey alights upon an incredible groove, which he works through any number of nuanced, melodic changes. Incredibly, Page keeps pace, and the version builds not so much to peak as to crest upon the strength of really strong play before, eventually, Trey goes off.
1991-12-31 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 7:30 Eons before there was life upon a "Soul Planet", there was "Runaway Jim". > from "ALS", this New Year's rocker blends some imaginative aspects of the year's strongest versions, before, as was so often the case, bleeding into crazy, frenzied play from Fish and Trey. A fitting finale for one of 1991's finest songs.
1992-04-19 Runaway Jim Santa Cruz, CA 7:20 > "Cold as Ice", this hot show-closer features playful and melodic Trey, with a pinch of verve, and a whole lot of swagger. Pushing boundaries, the version lays the foundation for future jamming here, there, or anywhere.
1992-04-22 Runaway Jim Eugene, OR 7:02 > "Harpua", a unique version loaded with tension and a particularly beautiful segment when Trey syncs with Mike (around 5:36) before spinning off into orbit.
1992-05-16 Runaway Jim Boston, MA 8:42 Running 8:42, this "Jim" is one of the longest versions to date, and the band capitalizes upon every possible moment. Anchored by typically strong percussion, Trey swings through two separate, yet equally strong runs, his inspired play complimented by great bass and on-point Page.
1992-07-09 Runaway Jim Portland, ME 7:41 Forget "Jim", Trey runs away on this one, his play informing, arguably, the most blistering version to date - and, quite possibly, ever.
1992-11-30 Runaway Jim Pittsburgh, PA 9:29 > from "Buried Alive", this deep, throbbing version sees the band shrugging their youthful exuberance, the musicians coalescing to concentrate upon an excellent, protracted jam which sounds a couple years before its time.
1993-02-03 Runaway Jim Portland, ME 9:06 "Jim" opens this historic show's second set, showcasing Page's new found sound (seriously, check it out). That aside, the version is superb, the band locked in as, within "Jim", they begin to truly toy with tension ratcheted not solely for the purpose of release.
1993-02-07 Runaway Jim Washington, DC 8:18 Really cool version with Trey (5:27) leading the band through extended "DEG"-like play, before (5:52) entering what sounds like "Rift". This, then, into raw and raucous soloing, which brings the version to a customarily strong close.
1993-02-10 Runaway Jim Geneva, NY 8:54 Mike is busy through an extended intro, engaging in a sort of musical banter with Trey, as the two seemingly swap signals. A calm then warms into a cool, really unique jam, featuring notably spacey Trey, who employs sweeping sustain and melodic variation to create a great soundscape before play very, very, slowly builds in intensity. Awesome.
1993-03-17 Runaway Jim Hollywood, CA 8:02 Dazzling, swirling play from Trey as the jam becomes subdued and assumes an almost "Weekapaug" vibe. Fish remains relentless, and he rocks and rolls the band through a wild rise which finds Trey zipping through simply incredible runs.
1993-03-19 Runaway Jim Redlands, CA 9:31 The first version to stretch beyond standard "Jim." Cool little exploratory departure starting at 7:30.
1993-04-25 Runaway Jim Geneseo, NY 8:40 Demented. The jam, like a 95 "Reba", seems like an exercise in speed. Fish's play is remarkable, all technical terms seemingly applicable. Trey works his own sort of wizardry, and the version becomes like a "Stash", rife with tension and release.
1993-05-01 Runaway Jim Upper Darby, PA Awesome opener. Typically great guitar builds seamlessly to a incredibly thick and textured groove (5:00) which the band, circa late 90s, rides like a wave. Trey breaks to solo atop steady percussion before working the version to a smart conclusion.
1993-07-21 Runaway Jim Middletown, NY 9:38 As @SLAVEPHAN notes, the band pushes through an Arabic, minor-key groove, and the version features some distinct hey-jamming, with each musician taking turns changing the musical direction. Play becomes quite tense, and, at times, there seems to be no real resolution on the horizon. One of the finest "short" versions.
1993-08-11 Runaway Jim Grand Rapids, MI 8:50 Jam gets well beyond "Jim" into some interesting exploration. It's August '93, what else would you expect?
1993-08-15 Runaway Jim Louisville, KY 9:46 Another good August '93 "Jim" that expands into some great improvisational jamming.
1993-08-21 Runaway Jim Salt Lake City, UT 10:36 Very improvisational, dissonant and chaotic version.
1993-08-26 Runaway Jim Portland, OR 10:42 Jam breaks into a great upbeat groove, settles into a quiet section, and rebuilds with great tension. Excellent.
1994-04-20 Runaway Jim Lexington, VA 7:39 Another strong, groove-oriented jam, which, primarily because of tape quality, provides a great look at Page’s strong play. Trey, however, locks into a great riff, which Mike then echoes, as Fish, as usual, drives the version's frenetic pace.
1994-04-25 Runaway Jim Knoxville, TN 8:15 Blistering hot "Type I" version with superb playing by Fish and Trey.
1994-05-02 Runaway Jim Birmingham, AL 7:51 Great, growly tone from Trey, the jam building and bettering as Fish propels the intensity. Trey's play becomes truly dynamic, with great rhythmic melodic variation offset by huge, sweeping sustain. And Fish just crushes his cymbals.
1994-05-17 Runaway Jim Santa Barbara, CA 8:17 More great tone with Trey quickly breaking to solo, alternating between rapid-fire play and measured blasts of sustain. Fish picks up the pattern, with the musicians swapping ideas. Trey then really, really, leans into his pedal to shape his sound, with the band breaking to peak before the song's closing refrain. Cool version, and a sign of things to come.
1994-10-15 Runaway Jim Pelham, AL 10:17 Dissonant version departs from "Jim" around 7:00 into weird chanting, howling, and screaming by Trey and Fish.
1994-10-29 Runaway Jim Spartanburg, SC 9:11 -> in from "Simple." Excellent Fish and Trey on this improvisational version.
1994-11-18 Runaway Jim East Lansing, MI 9:05 "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo. Great exploratory version that gets well beyond standard fare.
1994-11-22 Runaway Jim Columbia, MO 6:30 Short but excellent version quickly exits the typical jam in favor of a rocking, blues-infused jam which -> to a crazed "BBFCFM."
1994-12-29 Runaway Jim Providence, RI 9:11 Excellent improvisational "Jim" which includes a "Dueling Banjos" tease from Trey and must-hear -> to "Foam."
1995-06-08 Runaway Jim Salt Lake City, UT 9:21 After some "Third Stone From The Sun" (Hendrix) teases from Trey, this one gets out beyond the norm.
1995-06-16 Runaway Jim Raleigh, NC 30:36 Intense, psychedelic and incredibly improvisational version. Has similarities in the final 10 minutes to the Providence "Bowie." Oddly, seems unheralded among the canon of all-time, must-hear jams. -> to "Free."
1995-07-02 Runaway Jim North Fayston, VT 18:30 Breaks away from "Jim" at about 8:45 into percussion-driven exploration. The jam gets way out there, with some tension and dissonance, before morphing its way (->) into "Makisupa." Not beautiful music, but highly improvisational.
1995-10-14 Runaway Jim Austin, TX 9:05 Quickly gets beyond "Jim" into a driving, percussive and intense jam.
1995-10-27 Runaway Jim Kalamazoo, MI 9:07 The recording, while imperfect, does well to capture Trey's signature (95) tone, and Page's strong play. The band creates an excellent passage of sustained "calm", which they deftly rebuild before Trey trills the version to a strong peak.
1995-11-10 Runaway Jim Atlanta, GA 8:48 Opening almost as many shows as "CDT", it's impossible to decide upon the best "Jim" opener. Here, however, had song not followed "BATT", we would certainly find a version worthy of consideration. Trey's Leslie-soaked tone drips with color like some fever dream, and Fish's play, as ever, is unparalleled. Amazing play from an amazing show.
1995-12-31 Runaway Jim New York, NY 15:53 Fish is phenomenal in this grand, melodic and driving jam that turns '95-style funky before rebuilding to "Jim."
1996-07-23 Runaway Jim Hamburg, Germany 8:49 > "2001", check out the fun, "Euro" clapping running through the intro. Surprisingly, the jam assumes a slightly darker sentiment, which runs counter to "Jim's" usual plucky, upbeat tone. Fish is super, as is Trey, and play almost seems to veer into "CHYMK" before brightening, Trey leading the band into the song's customarily strong conclusion.
1996-08-07 Runaway Jim Morrison, CO 8:21 "Runaway Jim" -> "Gypsy Queen" (Santana) -> "Runaway Jim." The jam also has some good rhythmic exploration beyond the segue to "Gypsy Queen."
1996-08-07 Runaway Jim Morrison, CO 1:07 -> in from "Gypsy Queen" to wrap up this solid "Runaway Jim."
1996-08-14 Runaway Jim Hershey, PA 15:14 Jam gets nicely beyond "Jim," returns, then breaks into some percussive jamming with Trey on the mini kit. Unfinished with > to "YEM."
1996-08-17 Runaway Jim Plattsburgh, NY 12:25 > "The Curtain", the "Clifford Ball's" special, sweet version is executed with great precision, a case study in tone, tempo, and meter. The band an ethereal conduit for (or from) some other dimension, here is nothing but on-point play, the four as one expertly channeling their supremely crafted vision.
1996-11-16 Runaway Jim Omaha, NE 14:38 Breaks into a great groove at 9:15 with some early funk sounds from Page and Trey before -> to "Vibration Of Life."
1997-07-31 Runaway Jim Mountain View, CA 23:16 Multi-faceted improvisational version that includes funk, power jamming, quieter space, punchy, rhythmic funky stuff, and more space with a -> to "When The Circus Comes."
1997-08-06 Runaway Jim Maryland Heights, MO 15:43 Jam settles around 6:50 into some glorious melodic space, rebuilds around 10:00 with some nice blues licks, settles again, then morphs into a serious blues jam with a -> to "My Soul."
1997-08-13 Runaway Jim Burgettstown, PA 9:05 Incredible, straight-forward set-opener. What the jam might lack in terms of inventive improvisation (evinced earlier, and throughout Summer 1997's tour) is more than compensated for by way of tight, full-band play, and absolutely incendiary Trey, who puts on a clinic.
1997-11-29 Runaway Jim Worcester, MA 58:49 Longest single Phish jam to date. Contains many different sections, and has been nicknamed the "Jim Symphony." Contains a thrilling "Weekapaug" jam.
1997-12-05 Runaway Jim Cleveland, OH 14:02 Fantastic, very improvisational jam that is quite different than most including beautiful quieter parts. -> into "My Friend."
1997-12-28 Runaway Jim Landover, MD 14:11 The jam breaks into a nice funky groove around 8:00 and gradually winds down into space with delay effects.
1998-07-02 Runaway Jim Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 12:05 Nice version that gets beyond "Jim" into some great ambient jamming. -> "Prince Caspian."
1998-07-24 Runaway Jim The Woodlands, TX 14:45 Around 8:00, the jam shifts into a really great upbeat and somewhat funky groove that eventually returns to "Jim."
1998-08-11 Runaway Jim Burgettstown, PA 34:47 An epic summertime odyssey of exploration, and among the best "Jims" ever. Loaded with improvisation and near-ambient sound, the opus closes with a "Maria" (West Side Story) tease and a triumphant return to "Jim."
1998-11-04 Runaway Jim Denver, CO 11:32 Unusual, somewhat ineffable version, which features more by way of wide-open spaces than compact, in-your-face jamming. Trey’s 1998 style and tone is clearly on display, and the band does eventually coalesce to enter a bit more by way of a rocking, extended jam (listen for Page's interesting, and varied, contributions) which, in time, > for “Moma Dance”.
1999-07-18 Runaway Jim Volney, NY 24:12 Fantastic, groove-based jamming, and this "Jim" has several good ones. Released on Live Bait Vol. 5.
2000-06-16 Runaway Jim Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan 26:04 Excellent, multi-part "Jim." A serene yet percussive groove emerges first, followed by a transition with delay bombs dropping. Then Trey hits the mini-keyboard for a plunky, unusual jam before space and a -> to a very good "Theme."
2000-07-03 Runaway Jim Camden, NJ 32:33 Incredible journey of improvisation. Very far ranging, the last 10 minutes are thrilling and intense.
2003-12-31 Runaway Jim Miami, FL 22:14 Serious improvisation here with multiple sections, most fairly intense, but also including some quieter ones.
2004-08-14 Runaway Jim Coventry, VT 12:23 Very improvisational, "Type II" version with a -> to a very improvisational, "Type II" "Gotta Jibboo."
2011-08-10 Runaway Jim Stateline, NV 8:45 Breaks beyond "Jim" at about 6:30 into a nice, exploratory groove. > to "Ghost."
2012-08-31 Runaway Jim Commerce City, CO 19:09 A very improvisational version and the first exploratory "Jim" to open Set II since 7/3/00. Most, but not all of the sections have a mildly dark tone which counter-balance the several very upbeat jams elsewhere in this historic show.
2013-08-04 Runaway Jim San Francisco, CA 16:25 Excellent, multi-section "Jim." The jam begins with a dark tone, shifts to some great, percussive rocking midway through, then explores more bleak territory before reaching interplanetary space and > to "Carini."
2018-07-25 Runaway Jim San Francisco, CA 7:58 > from "NICU", this fun, cerebral version, evokes early, compact "Jim's". Colored with 2018's melodic textures and graceful pacing, Page's play is impassioned, while Trey bends notes and shapes notable blasts of sustain, before building the jam to a packed, trill-filled conclusion.
2018-10-20 Runaway Jim Hampton, VA 10:06 A nice, Page and Trey-led mini jam occurs during the first instrumental bridge. In the main jam segment, soothing, straightforward, and relaxed playing rapidly gives way to an inspired crescendo, with great Page and Fish.
2019-06-21 Runaway Jim Charlotte, NC 18:39 A number of recent versions (see: 7/25/18 and 10/20/18) demonstrate the band's renewed interest in one of their finest compositions. Given your preference (the spirited first "half" of early-90's "Runaway Foams," or the crazed, free-form improvisation found within something like Shoreline 1997's II-opening jam), the band delivers an exciting amount of content, befitting triumphant "Funiculi Funicula" teasing. The entire ride is worthy of attention, but, true to 2019's style, Phish squeezes out an incredible amount of interesting improvisation, so remain tuned in to the outro, which doesn't so much fade as hint at a "DDLJ" before > "SaSS."
2019-07-13 Runaway Jim East Troy, WI 11:01 > from "A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing." While not quite reaching the heights of the Charlotte version from earlier in the summer, this version certainly has merit. Atypical jamming for the song starts around 5:30 as Page begins playing some truly spooky sounds. Mike jumps in and together they create what sounds like the backing music to a scary movie. Trey and Fish eventually lead the band back to more familiar jamming and then a nifty segue -> "Undermind."
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