Jam Chart for Cities (24 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1984-12-01 Cities Burlington, VT 6:15 Debut at Nectar's in Burlington, VT.
1988-08-05 Cities Telluride, CO 4:44 "Dave's Energy Guide" ("DEG") is played towards the end of the song before a brief return to "Cities." "DEG" would be played within "Cities" again on 8/22/88, 9/8/88, 9/13/88, and 3/1/89 in a similar manner.
1988-08-05 Cities Telluride, CO 0:37 -> in from "DEG." Returns to "Cities" briefly to conclude.
1997-07-01 Cities Amsterdam, Netherlands 9:33 A super slow tempo, groovy straightforward "Cities" -> to an incredible "Jam."
1997-07-30 Cities Ventura, CA 5:21 Fantastic -> in from "David Bowie" and -> back to "David Bowie."
1997-08-10 Cities Noblesville, IN 23:00 Amazing jam that begins in heavy funk mode and transitions to a more quiet vibe before shifting into high gear with some serious rock and roll. The jam then breaks into some beautiful, peaceful and textured playing ("HOSE") before rebuilding into a powerful groove. -> into "GTBT." Must-hear.
1997-08-16 Cities Limestone, ME 13:30 Another SUPER SLOW, funky version from '97. Segues out of "Halley's Comet." The tempo picks up at about 8:40, and the funk comes on even thicker. Gets more rocking and bluesy before -> to "Llama."
1997-11-26 Cities Hartford, CT 8:00 Segues out of "2001." Nice mellow groove tacked onto the outro. -> to "Ya Mar."
1997-12-28 Cities Landover, MD 8:21 Mike and Page add a lot to the richly funky jam that becomes very repetitious, with Trey playing in a staccato manner.
1998-04-05 Cities Providence, RI 10:36 -> in from "Gin." Initially funky, the jam gets a little more rocking before some Mike-led quiet space and a > to "Sparkle."
1998-07-06 Cities Prague, Czech Republic 7:18 Great -> into "Cities" from a roaring "Ghost." Starts VERY uptempo, but there's a cool, smooth tempo downshift mid-first verse. Cool little guitar solo at the end taboot.
1998-07-31 Cities Columbus, OH 15:17 Outstanding, R&B-esque, and quite melodic jam emerges from "Cities" proper that gets more and more rocking before cycling down. This is what the "HOSE" is all about.
1998-12-31 Cities New York, NY 8:31 Segues out of "Tweezer." Good funky version that gets eerie and spacey at the end before transitioning to "Velvet Sea."
2000-06-14 Cities Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 8:54 Very serene and mellow version from a highly regarded show.
2000-09-24 Cities Minneapolis, MN 19:05 The jam gets way beyond "Cities" into some very deep, quiet, and contemplative space. Regains some energy in the final four minutes and is must-hear for fans of groove-based jams.
2010-08-06 Cities Berkeley, CA 11:04 Some incredible playing by Mike and Page in this extended version that gets into a spell-binding, enchanting groove. A fantastic version that transitions (oddly and arguably abruptly) to "Moma Dance."
2010-10-29 Cities Atlantic City, NJ 8:49 All four team up in the well-played, extended jam that gets somewhat spacey at the very end.
2011-05-28 Cities Bethel, NY 8:58 Nice little extended outro with a good Trey-led peak.
2011-12-28 Cities New York, NY 10:09 The jam soars beyond "Cities" into some rhythmic, exploratory, and gorgeous territory, but seems to fizzle out prematurely.
2014-12-31 Cities Miami, FL 10:35 -> from "Theme", this "Cities" jam starts with some nice staccato work from Trey, passes through a Manteca-like section, and settles into the 3.0 Type II bliss zone.
2015-08-12 Cities Philadelphia, PA 10:35 Trey's Echoplex leads the second straight solid "Cities" to some extended between-verses jamming, before the whole band picks up where he left off and explores a pulsing, minor mode space before the 'plex is left behind for a more straight-ahead jam that eventually fades out.
2015-08-22 Cities Watkins Glen, NY 9:17 Another strong and typically funky "Cities" enters "Mind Left Body Jam"-esque territory before segueing in-key to a strong > Light.
2016-01-16 Cities Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico 13:18 After a stretch of perfunctory versions, "Cities" has now gone four for its last four. A laid back tropical vibe yields to a stormy, foreboding jam, before the sun peeks through the clouds and the -> Light grows brighter.
2016-07-08 Cities Mansfield, MA 13:47 Early technical issues, a Brian Brown introduction, and a guitar switch do nothing to deter the band from taking "Cities" on a journey across the globe. Some strong but typical jamming leads to more instruments switching and the jam evolves / devolves into highly percussive near free-form jazz.
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