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wtwrva "an attempt at the new band Phish Tribe Sector Nine. This section of the jam felt different to anything Phish has ever done."

Yep! Boyz were blowing my mind right there, just ripping the face right off w/ sounds I ain't never heard them do.......very exciting! Many of Trey's moves so predictable, but had no idea where he was going, driving us onto precipice of heights never fathomed! Oh yeah!

Best phish shows I ever seen, and been doing phish since Junta tour, where I bought double cassette tape from Page at merch table.

Mofo dmt vap cartridge I got in lot for $30 was missing little brass conductor pin, so didn't get to try it out even though I had butta spot on floor halfway 'tween soundboard and stage w/ all the mini tarpest, all three nights, had to make friends after getting barked at for standing on white between the mini tarps, before the anals retints consolidated the tarps and closed the gaps .......jeez!.....those peeps! least they aren't drunks! I was in same area all three nights, had to lay the law down about ZERO draft beers in my dance zone, finally made peace when they realized I wasn't going no where.

Saw GD cover band at local planetarium in PDX cradling working pen and functional cartridge......and BOY HOWDY! Gotta love new tech! I would strt timer on iphone when I took a deep pull and time peaks........looks like I got about 15 really deep pulls from pen, I used the lap function to segregate the different time intervals. Really like fact that visuals are so powerful, potent, fells so good, and doesn't last forever, or make one clinch jaw. So powerful.

THIS IS WM.! IF YOU SEE ME STANDING ON WHITE FLOOR...... DON'T EVEN THINK i AM GOING TO MOVE, NOT GONNA HAPPEN SO YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT COMPLETE YOUR COVERAGE, 'CAUSE AM HEAR NOW! I stayed on floor for two nights w/ no break, danced so hard I sweated it all out, cause I could only produce a half pint after show. Clean living!

Kinda made me sick to my stomach realizing there was only ONE ROAD OPEN to get everyone out of venue, which I thought was very costly for phans, someone at Dicks/phish should have contacted RTD and had a few city buses set up on dedicated road to get phans going downtown to the airport line stop a mile from Dicks? Mofo UBER was charging $60 to go a few miles, I ended up walking and finally got picked up and lifted for $10 to station, but, really, 5 or six buses could have whisked phans away to rail, and Union Station before line stopped running? Seems like I spent all weekend transiting between downtown Denver and Commerce city. I'll know better next year!

Gotta add: So thankful I have been training on bicycle for year, no way I could have done this run out of shape. Even w/ prefect transit conditions phish still demands every once joy we can muster, drives us to our best places. I am in NO WAY as in the excellent condition the band enjoys, I KNOW the boyz wanted to, and could have, gone all night. The Gramp band were in great shape, phans were in top condition, phish phns definitely ready for apocalypse.

P.S. I was at Coventry, so imagine my joy walking out of Dick's on Sunday, looking for my rut sack I had to stashed in bushes near distant soccer field, couldn't store t airport, not pissed because I had to walk a mile to retrieve gear, praying some wook hadn't accidentally taken a deuce, or blew grits on my stuff.

;) I didn't get to try the dmt vap until following week, let me tell you, SO MOFO DECADANT! Next time I see phish it will be phish playing to me while I cradle that dmt vap pen! OMFG!!!!!! the doses I acquired from head on tour were very powerful, outstanding visuals the first night anyway.........definitely needed to change up headies to cycle through the range of receptors, get resistant to doses visuals stepped on........etc.

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