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s1177375 2 things Phish could do to curveball indeed but make up best they can. Dont tell me Phish does not have a porta potty on their tour bus / Jet. . .and I know they can get bottled water enough for like 30 people 4 and the crew . . So w that said, the best they can do is give a refund and make it a true curveball and make the lyrics of MORE REAL! and give back an extra 20 to 100 dollars as an offering to devoted phans that drove so far took off work and gas money to get their all in vain and just pay back the refund like they said but with extra like a church offering . . after all we worship you guys almost like Jesus in church . . .a little bit like mini demi gods and Trey has to know that we are a special breed of LOYAL more so than any band in history yes even more than beatle mania, and current ones like Bruce Springsteen and Insane Clown Posse etc. . .Trey knows and with that in mind the extra money not for me I couldnt make it and am glad know in hindsight i did not buy tickets or a new tent . . .my daddys tent in high gear to Alaska lol
Ok so yeah the refund would be nice but we would pay anything and let them keep the money if they just played ANYWAYS! Like a ginormous SOUNDCHECK a 9 set SOUNDCHECK
Just play for us on Sirius and make it free a FREE webcast for the ones that paid to go NOT ME or the OTHER phans we can just pay as normal maybe perhaps at a CURVEBALL discount of MP3 or FLAC price like 15 a show instead of 25 30 ish
Just SAYING. . .what about the classic saying

555 "GOT (NO) money or my water" U know they really oughta break clean of the scene and just play the music for themselves . . .
as Trey said in 2004 when he talked of the woman who stopped singing opera at the height of her career and dwelling on that in a heroin induced ponder. . .the ONE thing he REGRETS looking back on the scene he wishes to break out of (around that time playing songs like Friday and 2 Versions of Me - very interesting lyrics for a sad song - needs to be back in rotation if u ask me i like that song) the REGRET is what the phans became. . .Las Vegas EVERY night. . .an excuse for drug addicts and whippit giant NO2 aluminum kegs to sell to DMB rich fans and true fans to do acid and weed and i felt more and more like the only sober man in the entire venue and it was less and less a show of life and more and more an excuse to get fucked up .. . Trey is right and the peer pressure even made the band get more and more drug induced climaxing in 2004 with utter shitty playing . . minus 6-19-04 but even that night u could tell they were on drugs like HARD ones not weed or acid but coke and molly and boy. . .
Anyways IF trey still feels the same about caring ONLY about the music and not the party environment than the show must go on and they would play just for themselves FUCK the fans and the STRANGE DEMANDS PILED UP ON ME (Trey) and just YOU YOU TREY ENJOY YOURSELF (My self) and be friends in a garage band 1983 again and feel the Groove Share in the FLOW and surrender to the music just for you guys. . .I would respect that way more than singing the song PARTY TIME for the phans and respect way more honest songs like ASS HANDED and FUCK YOUR FACE for the silly ones like SLOTH and the ANIMAL songs on Halloween 2014 Disney Haunted House and honest SERIOUS ONES like Joy Show of Life and my all time favorite Trey SOLO song GONE . . .please play that again in rotation even if just once more. . .like the song BLISS from Billy Breathes that has yet to be played live ever and Mr Completely needs less gap and Izabella Dont U Wanna GO (the best gospel tune cover ever imho) and Wading in the Velvet is played enough but a great tune as encore and another Trey solo one 2nd favorite is It Makes No Difference Shadow and Gloomy Sky are never played and are great songs Phish could do well i think and my favorite MIKEs new tunes like CLONE are the Aerosmith Cover if Leo (not Pages piano solo Leo)but ACTUAL Leo on stage Sweet Emotion and I just loved Marissa . . .as does Mike the actual lady but it reminds me of my wife doing the dishes and dancing w her rubbing up against her butt as I hum a tune and smell her hair. . .she has a way of scritching . . .looks at me that way (w her big blue eyes) Those lyrics and silly bass are such fun. . .listen to 7-19-17 the Pittsburgh Mr Completely the Marissa and the Caspian is literally WAVES of PURE OCEAN JOY!!! Best ever maybe up there w 1997 Europe and the Magnaball version even better I think . . . but i wasnt at Magna and I WAS AT 7-19 so i am biased I am SURE.
Please guys play while still at the camp site and just take pics of the band and the prepared good times that were planned but never got to happen and it will give it a eerie cool vibe and fits the theme of total total curvevall indeed
No one could plan a 9 set encore for MPP or a 9 set soundcheck however u wanna look at it . . .IT beats Coventry just on the 1st note . . .Walls of the Cave was awful and everything to follow got worse . . .We are GLAD GLAD GLAD we never arrived at the racetrack is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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