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I think you're underselling the Disease-> Halley's-> Twist. Lots of excellent unique jamming and tight maneuvers.
Let's leave aside the relative quality of that sequence for a moment; I happened to think it was good... not great and not something I'll be turning back to often if at all, but certainly good. Even very good.

That said, what it definitely was not, especially relative to this tour, was unique, or tight. I happen to love the current jamming style to which they most often turn.
It has a flow and balance and warmth to it, with major key hose at the ready and liberally deployed. I've been thinking how it is more, for lack of a better term coming to mind immediately, "feminine," very "Hood" jam like, a point that I offer as an unqualified positive. They turn to it... often! The power hour from Shoreline, Dallas CDT, Atl2 Tweezer, all over everything from Blossom's spectacular second set.

Where you'd look for "unique" jamming in this tour would IMO be to something like the Nashville Weekapaug. That's dark space that doesn't get nearly the attention of what I view as the same general target range that last night's Disease and Twist occupy.

Anyway, I don't often like to comment here because I bloviate sufficiently in the recaps themselves and like to leave this space to everyone else, but that comment struck me as not aligned with what actually took place.

Well first of all it wasn't a sentence. I apologize for the lack of care in cobbling together those qualifiers. Sometimes you only have a minute and want to throw in your quick two cents for those who might be skimming the details wondering what to check out. You're right about the Disease jam. It's lovely towards the end but certainly familiar territory. (I don't know how I feel about calling it feminine but that another matter..) I was alluding to the Halley's jam and the rather interesting funky stuff (and was probably also unconsciously thinking of some of the spacier work in Light too, even though it wasn't alluded to; Page had a great show I thought). 'Tight' in this case was qualifying 'maneuver,' in reference to the pretty skillful land in Twist, which I think is second only to the Chalk Dust-> Tweezer this tour in terms of segues.

Does that make more sense now? I'll try and keep the unstructured adjective farts for Twitter and stick to the bloviation here I guess...
both of you are talented writers - i've read your posts for a while (i've only recently 'found' the time to post) - and this is a wildly amusing back and forth. moreover, i respect both of your opinions re: the band.

concerning this lady-like hood. well, 'hood' is a noun. so we take the noun-class system in which the division of noun classes forms an agreement system with another aspect of the language, such as adjectives, articles (we'll leave out verbs, since you're discussing modifiers.) since every noun inherently carries one value of the grammatical category - or gender - we arrive at the values present in a given language - say, for this thread, two.

like gatO - he cat


gatA - she cat

maybe we'll start seeing hoodO - he Hoods


hoodA - she Hoods

it'd be more interesting - to me - than discussing Type-II (which emerged.... when did that designation emerge anyways?)

both of you keep writing, please - were it not for your back and forth, i'd not have been in a hurry to check out the aforementioned run of tunes.

you both give valid reasons as to why i should take the time (no offense DWD, i'm just a bit weary of you).

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