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imdano @dongusbologna said:
Can the word "entitled" be banned from this site?

Being pissed that you've paid for something for years and then it's just taken away from you, while you're still being charged the same amount (and actually more) does not make you entitled. It makes you a reasonable person who expects to not be taken advantage of.

I've seen new tolls be added to highways to pay for 1 specific project, and then when that project was complete, the tolls remained. So the very reason for the tolls' existence was fulfilled, yet everyone still has to pay a toll there every time they drive through. Does being pissed about that make you entitled? Should drivers just be happy that in 2017, they're still able to drive on a road at all?

Phish aren't your friends. They're a business. If they're taking away downloads, ticket prices should go down. This sucks, and you're not "entitled" or "whiny" if you think that.
Well put. So many people here blindly praise everything and anything that Phish does now, even though their move to Red Light Management has increased the policies/actions/etc. that are clearly financially motivated., rather than by the uncompromising and unique artistic integrity of the 90s. I actually receive emails now from Dry Goods alerting me to sales on Phish beach towels; I'm pretty sure that were the band, circa '97, aware of things like that, they'd shit themselves with shame. But don't bother criticizing Phish or their business decisions even in the slightest way now; some 3.0 wonk will surely get on your case about being whiny and entitled blah blah. Apparently being a conscientious consumer is offensive to some (likely the less thoughtful among us). is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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