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JesusFreak @unoclay said:
@oh_kee_dono said:
You lost me at Obama. Seriously. I stopped reading. Politics do not belong in a music review.

Pffft...sounds like some trump supporters getting a wee bit defensive.

Seriously, it's one sentence in a whole review. I have a hard time imagining someone other than a trumper being offended by a passing reference to the good years of Obama. And if you're truly a-political...again, its one sentence in an entire review. You're overreacting.

There is no escaping politics. Phish are kind enough (to the cons) to leave most of it off the stage, but it would be a strange form of self-imposed ignorance to forget that the band/vast majority of fans are liberal--and that liberal culture/ideologies/ways of living are currently under daily threat from the right.

We don't have the luxury of wishful escapism (i.e. i just go to a concert to forget about the world, man) any longer. I wish we did. But we don't.
Not one shred of liberal culture is under threat from the right. Not a single shred. Is gay marriage going to be outlawed? Nope. Is abortion suddenly going to become illegal? Nope. Is the federal government going to take away a states right to legalize marijuana? Nope. The first amendment, however, IS under constant daily threat FROM THE LEFT.

And this is why politics should not be brought into a Phishow review. Because look how quickly this thread is devolving now. I would not bring up politics on this site, but I literally cannot help but respond to this buffoonery. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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