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Verizon Charges @ Coventry?

Posted 2004-10-07 22:42:02 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

If you use Verizon and made calls at Coventry, you may have roaming charges for calls that were routed through Quebec (Canada) even if Vermont is within your call area. For some fans, this has meant as much as $55.00 is excess charges. Be sure to check your current bill, and to contact Verizon for a reversal if you were incorrectly charged in this manner. (And thanks to Jim Kapp for the info!) Shirts are Baaaaaack!

Posted 2004-09-27 12:05:55 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

Nearly a decade after the last <A HREF=""> shirt</A>, we've finally rolled out the new design. Proceeds go to the Mockingbird Foundation, to help cover the costs of this site, which the Foundation adopted as a project last Spring. To order your shirt, visit <A HREF="">The Phish Net Store</A> today - and, thank you! :)

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