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Fishman to Give Green Speech

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David Whiteside, Black Warrior Riverkeeper, will present An Evening For Pure Water, Clean Politics and Comedy Too, featuring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Waterkeeper Alliance President; Hudson Riverkeeper attorney) and an environmental speech by Jon Fishman. The event will be MCed ("emceed") by comedian Robert Klein, and will be Sunday, April 3, 7pm showtime, at 26 University Place, UVM, Burlington, VT. Tickets are $15 general admission (to the event only) and $40 for premium seating to the event plus admission to a reception before the event. Tickets available via the Flynn Theatre Box Office, online at, or by calling 802.86.FLYNN. All profits benefit David Whiteside’s Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a Lake Champlaign Waterkeeper Alliance member.

Trey @ Tibet House

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Trey played with Choclate Genius, Marc Annthony Thompson's three-song set - a little bluesy but mellow number with a Trey solo solo, and the third with a more phishy spacey high note solo. All three had the Scorchio Quartet. Then Trey stayed on stage for three acoustic numbers all with quartet and a piano accompaniment. First piece was more orchestrated, with Trey singing faintly (I have no clue what he was singing about, very faint and high pitched). Quartet and paino were fully involved along some regular acoustic playing, more composed song (which Philip Glass mentioned the pianist had a hand in). Trey had two acoustic guitars next to him and at the beginning of this song he switched guitars i.e. unplugged it and plugged in the new one and began again while everybody was still playing. Second song was more of a "bouncey" phish song, the guitar work on the acoustic was more pronounced, sounded like it could be a jamming song, with the chorus "Love is Freedom, we know that Love is Freedom" I believe I got that right, he finished repeating it a lot. But it was definitely more of a phish type song with some jamming chords. Third was Flock of Words, with Nellie Mckay (who already performed that evening) on backing and a flutist, along with quartet and piano. Trey had to restart it because he had the wrong guitar and had to reswitch. So he got nervous and started talking while unplugging and replugging. Said he was making a big showbiz error by restarting a song (and playing with the wrong guitar) also said he was happy to be called again to play the benefit, crowd got louder yelled we love you, he said we love you too and Flock of Words proceeded without a hitch. Well done, nice with the full ensemble. Then for the finale People have the Power with Patti Smith, as usual, Trey was at a mic in the middle of Ray Davies and Lou Reed (have to say that was cool), then Trey put his one arm around one of the monks that came to the mic, that as cool to, bringing him more to the front and finally Trey was talking a lot to Lou as well. [Thanks to Kaz for the report!].

Trey Performs in Atlanta

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Trey performed two sets at a recording studio in Roswell (north of Atlanta) to an audience of several hundred. backed by a five piece band including two keyboardists, Ray Paczkowski and Les Hall (Howie Day). He played two sets, each a bit over an hour, of upbeat material said to be akin to "1991 PHish" The first set ended with four solo acoustic songs, including "18 Steps" (which was also played as electric during the second set) and an emotional version of "Strange Design". Other new tunes included "Gloomy Skies," "Goodbye Head" and "Air Said To Me." [Paraphrased from news on]

Trey to Play Tsunami Benefit

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Trey - as well as MMW keyboardist John Medeski, mandolin virtuoso Sam Bush and Vorcza keyboardist Ray Paczkowski - will appear as a guest with moe. on February 10 at New York's Roseland Ballroom in a concert to benefit Tsunami Relief. All proceeds from this event will be matched by Dave Matthews Band and will go to the Bama Works Village Recovery Fund. "The scope & breadth of this disaster are beyond comprehension," says moe. guitarist Al Schnier. "As musicians on the other side of the world, we can't help feeling a bit helpless. Our hope is to contribute in some small way to help reestablish the communities damaged in the wake of these recent storms."   In the wake of one of the most devastating natural disasters in modern history, the Dave Matthews Band created the Bama Works Village Recovery Fund to identify an affected village on the east coast of Sri Lanka, partnering with them on a long-term basis to rebuild their community.   The event is also endorsed by HeadCount, which reports it "will continue to support important causes and charity events featuring HeadCount artists" and that it "strongly encourages you to attend this very special event" - as do we!

Trey on Austin City Limits

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Austin City Limits celebrates its 30th season on television this year with an appearance by Trey Anastasio and his nine piece band on January 15, 2005. The program features an hour of material culled from their performance at the ACL Festival this past September. For air times, please check your local PBS listings or visit the Austin City Limits website.

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