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Trey's Next Solo Release OTW

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He put out One Man's Trash through DryGoods, then Shine with Columbia. Now Trey's started his own label, Rubber Jungle, for the October 3rd release of Bar 17, a 13-track effort recorded at The Barn with 40 other musicians, including Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman, the Benevento/Russo Duo, John Medeski, percussionist Cyro Baptista, I-Nine vocalist Carmen Keegan, the Dambuilders' Joan Wasser, Ray Paczkowski, Jennifer Hartswick, and Dave Grippo.Items often mentioned in press thus far are that the title track is nearly nine minutes long, and that "Goodbye Head" is a collaboration with Trey's eldest daugher, Eliza. Trey, who reports having felt "totally unleashed" during the recording, will tour following the release.As one reviewer put it, "Through recordings and releases like these, Phish will continue. They will shape the culture they upheld, revolutionize with the music they created and inspire with the free-spirit that is, even now, shimmering in the air above a million small clubs and bars across the world where college kids are picking up guitars and drum sticks."

Phuo Private Show

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Trey, Mike, and the Duo Played to a small private crowd last night (7/17/06) in Toronto at The Century Room July 17th 2006. They joined the house band (Grooveyard) for a three-song set: Boogie On Reggae Woman, The Ocean (Zepplin), and Sex Machine (James Brown). The latter two were first for the Phuo, though Phish has soundchecked at least the latter one. Video has surfaced on SendSpace. The event was the fourth in a series of guest-list-only private parties for the band, aptly titled Privacy. (The first was at the Madbar in 1999 with Hippie and Halo, and the 3rd being for Oysterhead. All four have featured DJ Sneak.) An organizer reports privately, "We started it for the band, a place to be private, get away from the regulars, hang and meet some new and interesting people and that's just it."

Who's Not on First?

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Trey talked to (northeast Pennsylvania) Times-Leader about both not talking about a reunion and not talking about not a reunion, and concludes: "Some people might not like change. ... I like change, and I think without change, you don’t grow. When I think about Peter Gabriel or Eric Clapton or Bob Dylan or Miles Davis, the people I admired, they constantly changed."

Brooklyn DVD & CD Released

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As widely reported (e.g. on Monsters & Critics, quoted here), Live in Brooklyn - a two-DVD set and three-CD set - will be released 7/11/06 on JEMP Records/Rhino, including "high-definition video quality and 5.1 audio.... Live in Brooklyn was filmed and recorded June 17, 2004 at the Keyspan Park baseball field on Coney Island, the first show after Phish’s emotional May 2004 announcement that their upcoming tour would be their last. The band played two consecutive nights at Keyspan Park. The concert was shot by eight cameras in HD and is presented in maximum quality on two dual-layer DVDs with 5.1 Surround Sound. The two-DVD set features the entire 6/17/04 concert (two sets of music) and bonus material including excerpts from sound check, backstage footage, and three full songs from the 6/18 performance. The three-CD soundtrack - which will be sold separately - is the entire first night on three CDs remixed and mastered from the band’s digital multi-track tapes. ‘Live in Brooklyn’ marks the first DVD release and second CD release by JEMP Records, a new label devoted to releasing what the band members consider the greatest and most important shows of their career.... The DVD is also the first full, uncut concert Phish has released on DVD since Live in Vegas (2000)." The "three-CD set [and the] two-DVD set [are] now available for pre-order at Amazon."

The Next Trey Band?

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In an article about the 7/2/06 saratoga springs show (with Phil Lesh and Friends, and the Benevento/Russo duo w/ Mike and Trey), freelance writer Michael Lisi described the "Get Back" performance as "Anastasio's version" and Benevento, Russo, and Mike as "his band", even after saying Trey "preferred to stay out of the spotlight".Puts Trey's frustrations in perspective to see a journalist make everything "his", even for a project he joined last (the Duo and Mike have done several shows previously without Trey). Or maybe it puts the soundmix in perspective: The webcast from Bonnaroo was very Trey-centric; was the mix @ Saratoga, too?

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