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Fishman to Perform with Everyone Orchestra

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The 3rd Annual Pangaea Project Benefit Concerts will be April 14 & 15 at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR. This year's Everyone Orchestra will feature Matt Butler, Jon Fishman (Phish), Jamie Masefield (Jazz Mandolin Project), Reggie Watts (Maktub, Soulive), Kai Eckhardt (Garaj Mahal), Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident), Scott Law, Asher Fulero, Tony Furtado, Tye North, members of March Fourth Marching Band, the Axe Dide dance company, and more.

Mike and Marjorie

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Mike Gordon and mother Marjorie Minkin will hold an art opening tonight in Burlington of an exhibit titled Another Side of In. The exhibit, of their acrylic electronic sculptures, will run March 10 - April 30, 2006 at The Firehouse Gallery, 135 Church St, Burlington.Update: The event included a dancer (shown at right) from NYC performing wordless interaction with the sculptures, which produce musical sounds from Mike's album-based tape loops, which vary according to a person's proximity to and movement in front of each sculpture.

TAB (not Trey) to Play Atlanta in April

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Trey and some incarnation of his backing bands* will perform two nights at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA, 4-26&27-06. Tickets go on sale to the public at 10AM via Ticketmaster today (3/2/06), and through a real-time presale from 3/2 @ 5pm to 3/10 @ noon (all times EST) at* Prior to 70 Volt Parade, management insisted on billing his acts as simply Trey Anastasio and not Trey Anastasio Band, despite fans' talk about TAB. Current management (who helped build the Dave Matthews Band) used Trey Anastasio Band - either a faux pax, or a relenting to vernacular or strategy, or an attempt to sneak by a name change - on the official site for about 30 hours (ending sometime midday on 3/3) during which discussion ensued on PhantasyTour and other places. The act is now, and again, billed as simply Trey Anastasio - and, so, we don't know who will perform with him or if they have a name.

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