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Murat Released

Posted 2007-06-12 19:46:00 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

The 8/13/93 show from the Murat Theatre (Indianapolis, IN) has been released via LivePhish, "the whole show in full, crisp, beautifully re-mastered soundboard audio." The show - which features epic versions of Bathtub Gin, Mike's Song, and Ya Mar - is available via download or on CD with filler from the soundcheck. This release also starts a new LivePhish service whereby shows ordered online will also be "delivered to your doorstep ... in an innovative and earth friendly folding digi-pak with sticker labels." The last three archive releases (11/14/95, 12/1/95, and 12/29/97) are also available via this service, "with bonus tracks where space permits.quot; The release is also being hailed with a limited edition (n=1,000), brand new, mid-size (13"x19") Pollack poster for the show.

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