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Murat Released

Posted 2007-06-12 19:46:00 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

The 8/13/93 show from the Murat Theatre (Indianapolis, IN) has been released via LivePhish, "the whole show in full, crisp, beautifully re-mastered soundboard audio." The show - which features epic versions of Bathtub Gin, Mike's Song, and Ya Mar - is available via download or on CD with filler from the soundcheck. This release also starts a new LivePhish service whereby shows ordered online will also be "delivered to your doorstep ... in an innovative and earth friendly folding digi-pak with sticker labels." The last three archive releases (11/14/95, 12/1/95, and 12/29/97) are also available via this service, "with bonus tracks where space permits.quot; The release is also being hailed with a limited edition (n=1,000), brand new, mid-size (13"x19") Pollack poster for the show.

All Phishing a Hoax

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The band Phish announced today that the worldwide fear of computer-related crime has been unfounded, as every single instance of apparent frauds known as "phishing" have simply been part of an elaborate marketing ploy on behalf of the band. Bassist Mike Gordon reportedly bought some film with two of the credit cards, "just to make it seem legit", but no charges were filed in those instances, since the apparent victims were Danny Bonaduce and Michael Bolton.The hoax was reportedly brought to a halt in order to mend relationships between th band's management and several national banks, whose financial assistance will be needed in order to mount the reunion tour planned for Summer of 2008. Turnout for that tour is expected to require the construction of new, super-sized stadiums nationwide, as well as on-site...uh...something about...wookies... oh, forget it. Happy April Fool's Day.

Fishman arrested, Page next

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Drummer Jon Fishman was arrested outside Whitehall, NY, this morning on his way home from a Dead show in Jones Beach, where he was taking pictures of his wife having an argument backstage. Arresting officer Richard O'Donnell-Chappelle observed Fishman riding his white 2005 Segway in the opposing lane. He then discovered that Fishman's ASCAP license had been revoked when he failed to respond to a August 1993 ticket for recording with J. Willis Pratt.After Fishman passed several sobriety tests described as "not gentle" with sensitive areas of the rock star's body", police searched the vehicle and discovered nine-year-old art photos of 60 pharmacists in a battle with members of the Hell's Angels. Fishman admitted to driving while under the influence of hash browns, which have since been identified as Tasty Cakes, and reportedly told O'Donnell-Chappelle, "You know what, I've got a problem and I've got to take care of it. Do you have any Immodium?" Keyboardist Page McConnell, the only member of the band not yet arrested, will spend the summer in a studio composing and recording several unusual crimes to be produced and prosecuted this fall. Following decades with Phish, several years with Vida Blue, and short stints with the Allman Brothers Band, James Gang, and Al Qaeda, this will be McConnell's first solo criminal effort. Showcase exhibitions of the work are planned for several cities in the Northeast, followed by an immediate apology to fans and a quiet getaway to the Carribbean.

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