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Phish Sighting in Porn Catalog

Posted 2008-03-14 19:41:00 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

The Winter 2008 catalog (no. 423) for includes this description, on page 54, for Snatch Patch (2007, 120 min, discounted from $19.99 to $9.99): "The only place you can get two hours of hairy snatch for this cheap is tailgaiting at a Phish show, but then you'll end up on a bad trip that ends in Crabcrotch U.S.A. Save yourself the trouble and get your muff fix from us!"

Dude of Life has Small Child

Posted 2008-02-06 19:43:45 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

New York Press' Becca Tucker tracked down Phish lyricist Steve Pollak, now a schoolteacher and suburban dad, and interviewed him alongside his three-year-old daughter Jamie (not to be confused with Jim) and five-year-old son Jesse. Good stuff, and some surprises - from him now being "the responsible one" to his continued plans to conquer the rock world (or at least his "mid-life crisis"). .. And, by the way, it is "just a matter of time"... dammit!

New Mimi Fishman Foundation Auction

Posted 2008-02-04 04:22:15 by Lemuria - 0 comments - Link:

The Mimi Fishman Foundation has just launched another auction, which concludes February 21 and includes rare and signed memorabilia donated by Phish, Oysterhead, moe., Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident), and artist Scramble Campbell among others. To view and/or bid on the auction, as well as read about the charities the auction supports, please visit the Mimi Fishman Foundation at

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