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McLovins for Mockingbird, Flow @ Phanart

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The Flow and McLovins will perform February 7th for the Phanart Publishing Party. The book kickoff will be webcast on from 7pm - 2am EST - don't miss it!The McLovins are also holding an auction to support the Mockingbird Foundation, and have released a video on YouTube about supporting music education. An autographed test panel for the first-run of their t-shirts, by Steve Klinger, is auctioned on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the Mockingbird Foundation. The 15"x17" panel is framed, is autographed with Jeff's, Jason's & Jake's original signatures, and includes haiku by the band as well as the dye test fingerprints.

Summer Tour, Clifford Ball DVD

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Phish has announced (at least the first part of) a summer tour - June 4 to 21, including Jones Beach, Great Woods, Deer Creek, and Alpine Valley - with a fancy video splash of skywriting.They're also releasing a seven-dvd (!) boxed set documenting the Clifford Ball, the first of seven two-day festivals the band staged (followed by the Great Went, Lemonwheel, Camp Oswego, IT, Big Cypress, and Coventry). Pre-orders now get extra goodies, including a chance to win tickets to the Hampton reunion

Phish updates to your "In" box

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Nearly 19,000 Phish fans are already subscribed to the Phish-news mailing list, to which we send key news updates about the band. As for past tours over the last decade, we'll aim to get the setlist send out as soon as we have it for the upcoming reunion (and beyond-reunion) shows. We'll also be sending out tour information, as it gets announced. (Yes, we've heard the rumors too - everything from Bonnaroo in June and Red Rocks in July, to Big Cypress for New Year's and Europe next year - but at least half of that is so early as to be unknowable, and none of it has been announced officially.) There is, of course, an official list through, which provides tour information as well as release/marketing info; the phish-news mailing list from (a project of the Mockingbird Foundation) gets the tour info second but sometimes arrives earlier, doesn't include the marketing/release info, and includes setlists (available a bit later on and If you're attending a show (Phish or sideproject, public or private, reunion or beyond), please email us the setlist (song by song, if you like, and we'll update it to as it comes in. As always, isn't always first - but, eventually, we're the most comprehensive and accurate

New Phish Documentary Planned

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An unofficial, fan-based project plans to produce a documentary about Phish fans this Spring, focusing on those who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, and on the role that Phish's 1984-2004 span had on their lives, then and beyond. Aiming to go "beyond the stereotypical perception of Phish fans", the (working) title is Maybe So, Maybe Not. See also, the Facebook group and blog post by Pauly

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