Bill Bailey featured Page’s dad, Dr. Jack McConnell, on vocals and tap shoes. Antelope's Marco Esquandolas lyric was changed to "Mike-O." Disease was unfinished.
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "2010 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by milesoleo

milesoleo # Punch You In The Eye - tightly played, great energy, no flubs, crowd was into it and extremely rowdy. It was a big party in Charleston BOTH nights! Band was fired up, Mike had his muscle-t on :)
# Possum - super high energy possum with a excellent build and solo from trey, shredded harder than any other in recent memory.
# Bathtub Gin - GIN, went well with the noticeably drunk crowd, great solo and build by the band, you can hear mike trying to take it out there, which he was able to do on 10/19. everyone was loving this version and it holds up well on tape
# Bill Bailey - Hilarious, heart warming, all smiles, good stuff.
# Boogie - Perfect way to get everyone dancing again, mike's bass realigned my spine, thanks mike.
# Destiny Unbound - love the song even with the treybotch, he forgot the chords a bit, but I love the words, story and vibe of this song, excellent placement in the set.
# Backwards Down The Number Line - came with a friend I've known sine I was 8 and we've been seeing shows together since '98 we loved it, trey summoned jerry and then gave him a guitar lesson - sick soloing by red.
# Bouncing Around The Room - love this tune, perfect placement
# Stash - a couple ruff spots but the jam went deep and I got lost in it, I liked it, great 3.0 stash jam.
# Joy - dig this tune, odd placement but I did this tune, I'm man enough to admit it. haha
# Buffalo Bill - loved it, odd placement, but who cares, cool song
# Dog Faced Boy into antelope was one of several highlights for me. beautifully done!
# Run Like n Antelope - great antelope with an insane screaming peak by the band, listen to that full band whale at the peak... fuck!
# Down With Disease - great jam off the theme and then nice tight improv after, one of my favorite DWD's of 3.0
# Prince Caspian - not my favorite, but live it is fun, super raging solo by trey into...
# Twist - laser note full band improv around the theme, always love twist
# Roses Are Free - loved it, place was going off >
# My Friend, My Friend - wow, out of nowhere! perfectly fit with the peak of roses, a set highlight for me
# My Problem Right There - great new song, actually like it more listening to it on tape than at the show, cool new tune.
# Tube - like boogie in the 1st set, got everyone back on board the groove train, too short though ;)
# Mike's Song - HOT mikes with bacon and cheese, covered and smothered Charleston style! Raging Mikes...
# The Horse - at the show I needed the breather
# Silent In The Morning - great lights during this, nicely played.
# Mexican Cousin - wasn't a fan until tonight, went perfectly with this particular crowd, damn melody is still stuck in my head.
# Weekapaug - typical & great energized version, nothing too crazy
# Suzy Greenberg - nice moog solo by page then full band jam along with page on the piano, not as crazy as the greek3 suzy but they are really nailing this song, nice spot in the setlist
# Slave - Wow! beautiful version and placement, just a wonderful beautiful moment during this raging show
# Character Zero - Not sure if there is another version out there where trey slays it like this, perfect encore for this show. Listen to this solo!!

Party of a show from start to finish, crowd was drunk and raging and so was the band. It all worked in person, fun as hell show, 28 songs, like a big 14,000 person house party with phish as the house band. Next night went deeper in places but I personally like this show more. Just great energy and super energized/focused playing. Possibly a "had to be there show" Who knows & who cares, reminded me of one of my first shows, 12/6/94. Thanks boys!!
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by mgouker

mgouker Greetings! Two things to keep in mind is that my judgment is biased in two respects: 1. the immediacy of the event (now and excellent front center position) and 2. These were my first shows since Saratoga 04.

This show started off with a typically blistering PYITE and Possum. Gin showed up early in the set and was the first opportunity to get into some heavy jamming. I think this was well played and bravely executed. Next segment featured Page's dad on vocals and tap dancing. This was a real treat. Great job Dr Jack! After this, was a short Boogie On Reggae Woman (featuring a loud obscene bass from Mike), a rare (for me I think my first) Destiny Unbound, a well-played Backwards Down the Number Line (with no real jam, just hot playing), Bouncing, a Stash that had a minor flub when Trey played the wrong turnaround (which the band totally redeemed by jamming it deep and dark, though they didn't go quite far enough I think), a typical Joy, my first Buffalo Bill (very short), Dog Faced Boy (also rare, but this one follows me), and then a RAGING Antelope. Grade 4 stars on the first set.

Second set started nice with a good Disease with a nice ambient feel at the end (probably closest we got to really "stepping out"). Trey started playing the chords quietly over the end of the jam, the band followed, and we were in a good version of Caspian. Twist followed and I think it was one of the highlights of the second set (along with Slave and the end of Disease). Twist's jam was intense and interesting. Roses Are Free followed and was played for maybe 5 minutes and followed by MFMF where I witnessed Trey use the mic stand as his slide again. When MFMF finished, Trey played a new cute song called "My Problem Right There". I liked it as an anthem of post-Whitehall Phish. The last 30 minutes or so was lots of shorter songs including a surprisingly short Mike's and Weekapaug (together I doubt if they added to 15 minutes). Suzy featured Page going strong and Weekapaug was sick with Mike's bass lines. Slave to the Traffic Light was typically good. The Character Zero encore was perfunctory. It was almost midnight and they had to clear off or pay an outrageous amount of insurance.

I'll give a grade of 3 for the second set, which had potential to be a lot more. In any case though a very satisfying show.

Thanks PHISH!
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by kflinn1

kflinn1 Looking at Friday night’s Charleston show on paper, it’s difficult to ascertain why it isn’t an Instant Classic (and who knows, maybe it will be the next 2.28.03). How can a show with such consistent heavy hitters as “Bathtub Gin”, “Stash”, “Run Like an Antelope”, “Down with Disease”, “Mike’s Groove” and “Slave to the Traffic Light” not be high in the running for Best Ever status?

Don’t get me wrong—tonight was good, and at times, great. The first set’s “Gin” (which might be the strongest Phish 3.0 version I’ve seen) and “Antelope” both exuded remarkable energy and execution; the first four songs of the second set: “Disease > Prince Caspian > Twist” and “Roses are Free” combined for an extremely strong opening to the second frame. All were well played and extremely well received by a boisterous South Carolina crowd.

The knock on last night’s show—and the knock against a number of 3.0 songs and shows—was the lack of jamming and the seeming reluctance to open the floodgates of Phish’s improvisational potential. Instead of the “Let’s see how many songs we can play” mentality, I’d like to see the band members re-hone their group interplay skills, transforming the mantra to “Let’s see how many songs we can play well.” Why bother playing “Tube” if it’s going to be truncated to three-and-a-half minutes? And yes, “Weekapaug Groove” should bookend “Mike’s Song”, but a five-minute “Weekapaug” so they can squeeze in played-out jokes like “Mexican Cousin”?

Short can be OK, though, as evidenced by the mid-first set “Backwards Down the Number Line”. Reeling the song in from some of the second-set workouts it received last summer, this “Number Line” was smooth and sturdy from start to finish, clocking in near eight minutes and showcasing tight, focused playing. It was perfect.

At multiple points throughout the second set, however, it was clear that Trey’s patience seems to have dissipated from tenuous to non-existent. I understand and wholeheartedly applaud his enthusiasm—it’s great to see him hopping around and grinning wildly—but when he starts a song before the previous song has even finished, it feels forced and the dissonance grates. This eagerness showed most glaringly when he launched into the “Character Zero” encore before Mike had even strapped his bass on. What’s the rush?

I know I’m complaining a lot here (and I do have some legitimate gripes), but overall Friday’s show was better than many; while the highlights were indeed high, the lowlights weren’t really that bad—I’d still rather witness Phish run through a castrated “Tube” than hear most other bands play just about anything. I’ll take the safe, easy peaks of “Possum”, “Suzy Greenberg” and “Slave” over the best Nickelback show any day of the week. Phish still moves me, and when the band stops moving me, it’s when I’ll retire from seeing shows (which isn't happening anytime soon).

Not to belabor the point, but I feel that the beginning of the second set serves as excellent evidence of what happens when Phish—Trey, really—eases off the throttle. A healthy “Disease” ended with a beautiful, harmonious wash of ambience before leading into “Caspian”. At the point in “Caspian” where the song dips into quiet before the coda kicks in, Trey led the band smoothly into “Twist”, which featured marvelous groupthink interaction.

And so my 60th show is in the books. While it was definitely worth the trip, I’m hoping for a little more patience—and a “Harpua”—tomorrow night. Too much to ask?
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by westbrook

westbrook I just want to comment on the blistering BDTNL from this show. It's short and sweet. The lick Trey hits at 5:30 is awesome. Definitely one of my favorite versions.
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by LawnBoy0925

LawnBoy0925 Crowd energy was amazing on this evening in chuck town... Very cool show, although many heavy jams seemed to be cut a little short. but still a rockin show.

Did anyone notice the intro to antelope when trey asks: "you don't have any naked dudes around these parts do ya? We dont want any naked dudes up here!" Found that hilarious.
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by runawayjimmy

runawayjimmy all I can say is what a boogietastic bass mike had going on on boogie on, and the slow style of destiny was a little reminiscent of some reggae. my first suzy ever, great song, although I like it when they set it up with the o kee pa ceremony alot more. great, long, and satisfying first set!
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by Commander_Riker

Commander_Riker I wasn't at this one. I have been listening and love the overall energy.
Definitely a better touring act than last year.
Awsome Gin.
BUT: after hearing 5 different (i think) renditions of Destiny, they just can't get it right. (I was at Jones Beach this summer).
It's hilarious. Nothing compares to Nassau 2003 Destiny. That one is actually better than most for 91. IMHO.
They should stop trying it. Leave the classics where they are.
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by Frankster

Frankster Makisupa20 you have officially lost your mind kid. There was no Guyute! Great show though as was Saturday. The energy both nights was in the stratosphere as was the music.
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by makisupa20

makisupa20 Why is nobody officially talking about the unfinished Guyute in the 2nd set before My Friend, My Friend? I heard chatter about it the next day amongst fans but there are no postings about it anywhere. Am I losing my mind?
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by ThatPhan

ThatPhan To be plain and simple, this show started off great and ended that way as well. PYITE, was a very welcomed opener. Possom fit very well afterwards, keeping the energy building, a very solid Gin followed. After Dr. McConnell came out to do Bill Baily, is where the set went from already good, to literaly legendary. A very funky Boogie On, with Mike giving a brief bass throwdown with his sick effect hes been blowing up lately. After 70 some shows, I was more than thrilled to get my first Destiny Unbound, nice quick and high energy. Keeping with the faster paced, move through the song in lightning pace, came BDTNL, unlike the 2 or 3 from the summer that just took off with the jam(Blossom, and JB versions) this one was fairly straight to the point, but just super high energy at this point. With the band feeding off the crowed as much as the crowed feeding off the band. When this happens you know your, in the moment, in the mix. A Bouncing that the crowed actually welcomed, followed by a pretty normal stash. I was excited to hear Joy live, seeing how I hadent caught it yes, and it was a really nice cleanly played, and beautiful version as well. Throw in a short Buffalo Bill, and Dog Faced Boy, then a screaming to end the set Antelope, and this makes for one of the best, if not the best 1st set ive ever been a part of. Simply because the energy that was in the band and the crowed. Just an amazing set of great throwdown music.

After lingering for a few seconds, Mike hit the lines for Disease, and this one was right on, a very nice jam at the end, even hitting a little ambience feel at the end, the segue into Caspain was really nice and smooth. Twist would be next with some exeptional work from Trey on this one. Roses are Free would be next, well played, and keeping the energy high. My Friend was pretty cool, included trey using his mic stand for a slide at one point.

From Mikes on was great, I just thought the flow was lost a little at times. A little indeciviness I think, nonetheless, it was cool they threw a Mexican Cousin in the middle. The Slave to end the set was beautifully played and had some nice interplay between Trey and Page.

For a show with so much energy, I suppose Character Zero was fitting for the encore. All in all no complaints for this show. 1st set alone was worth the price of admission for me. I would say this was the highest energy level show I have ever been a part of, and proud to have been a part of it. Top notch show here, a must hear!!
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by phishnin

phishnin These two nights will definitely be talked about for years. I usually get Aud. FLACS for shows, but not these two. They were worth every penny of the $60 a night, and the Live Phish mp3s sound great. They were two perfect nights of Phish, and I want to listen to them LOUD AND CLEAR.

Also, I hope Chris Kuroda gets 20% Gross every show.
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by Altheatoldme

Altheatoldme Jaw-Dropping setlist. Mike killed it on "Boogie on", I heard my first live "Bouncing Around the Room" since I've been trying to make it out to every show I could, during this 2010 run. We got to meet Page's pops, "Mexican Cousin", "Weekapaug", "Suzy Greenberg" and an insaannnneee "Character Zero" encore were the highlights of this nights show. This show was a reward to fans for making it out to the first night, true Phish Phans had their faces destroyed the following day ;)
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by gutdo

gutdo Just Fantastic! The guys were on fire. This was the best I have heard them in years. Just look at the setlist!
, attached to 2010-10-15

Review by Cheard

Cheard Ten years ago, on a similar drive to North Charleston Coliseum from Charlotte to see Widespread Panic, my friend and I were hit by a reckless tanker truck driver and spun into the median on I-77. We jettisoned the car and still made it to the show! Fortunately, no reprise of that event occurred in 2010.
This show was personally entertaining to me. Among the 28 songs played, ten were firsts for me (13 shows attended, one cinema simulcast). Nice!
Notice how many songs in the first set start with "B:"
Bathtub, Bill Bailey, Backwards, Bouncing, Buffalo Bill, Boy, Dog Faced. I suppose you could say they brought out their "B" material.
In my last three shows, I have witnessed a third of the performances of "Mexican Cousin" to date.
Check out "My Problem Right There" if you have not yet heard this new song. Quite droll.
Overall, I truly enjoyed this Fall Tour show, my first since 1997. 13th year of seeing Phish and 13 shows. 13 doesn't seem too unlucky right now.
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