Mike teased If I Only Had a Brain in Fly Famous Mockingbird. Memories was performed without microphones. Possum included Random Note and All Fall Down signals. Bowie included I Walk the Line and Ring of Fire teases. I Walk the Line was also teased in A Train. Faht was dedicated to Jimi Hendrix on his birthday and Trey called Jimi the “greatest electric guitarist ever” during the second set. Faht featured Fish on acoustic guitar. Cavern included Voodoo Child and Purple Haze teases as an obvious tribute to Jimi.

I Walk the Line and Ring of Fire teases in David Bowie, Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and Purple Haze teases in Cavern, I Walk the Line tease in Take the 'A' Train, If I Only Had a Brain tease in Fly Famous Mockingbird
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1992 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Seventh show, Fall Tour, the day after Thanksgiving, another day off makes the boys sound a lot fresher and ready to go. And celebrating Jimi Hendrix's 50th birthday gives Trey another reason to wail away. The usual monitor feedback torments them again for a while. Good recording.

First set comes right out with a Rift that never really locks in, like they can't quite hear each other as the monitors get settled in. Very rough. Into a solid, rocking Wilson. Trey mentions Hendrix's birthday. Divided Sky has some rough spots towards the end but, overall is pretty good and dynamic. This is quickly becoming a Gamehenge set as a really good Forbin's follows up with a great story and a equally tight Mockingbird. Melt is also tight and has a great jam. Cool it down with a light, mellow Lawn Boy. Then bring it right back up with a nice tight Reba. Also a nice jam on the end. Llama rips as usual. Mound is getting really good and is a great Mike call. Memories is surrounded by the usual shushing of the times. Jim is a great closet for a good first set.

After Page and Fish comment about stupid f-ing hats given to them, second set starts of with a tighter Axilla. Much improved although Page is playing piano for his solo instead of organ. Sounds like Fish isn't ready as Trey picks right into a decent Poor Heart. Possum seems to go on forever as Trey wails away. Glide is a little too fast and suffers a bit on Trey's part. It's Ice is better than the last one I heard but, still has rough spots. McGrupp continues the Gamegenge saga into the second set. Pretty good considering it's rareness but, is unfinished as Trey goes right into Walk the Line. I personally don't like this song for them but, it is funny to hear Mike try to sing in all the key signatures and getting as low as he can. Bowie then continues the foolishness with various teases. Not a bad Bowie. The Horse puts Trey out there all alone and this one is rough. Silent, on the other hand, is not that bad. It's getting tighter. Another installment of Faht is dedicated to Hendrix by Fish and includes audience participation. Nicely done. A-Train is pretty sweet jazz as usual. Fish stops to praise Hendrix again. Cavern makes for a rocking closer complete with Jimi teases and a little Trey speech at the end.

Of course, after talking about him all night, they have to play Bold as Love for Jimi. Well done.

Nice show tonight. Lots of Gamehenge and Hendrix shout outs. Much better playing.
, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by Wingtip

Wingtip The Capitol is an incredible venue, and this was my first Phish show. I was really into A Picture of Nectar at the time, and the band had a fun, shaggy energy that I think comes through on this tape. Divided Sky was the clear early highlight, but take notice of the Memories: the band was performing not just a capella, but *unamplified*, which is why you can barely hear them over the cries of "shut the fuck up!" They lined up at the lip of the stage, with their arms around one another, and sang into the beautiful red velvet and gold leaf and bobbing heads filling up the ramshackle old theater. You could actually hear them pretty well from the floor, but the tape doesn't quite pick it up. It was a great introduction to a great band, and I'm thankful I was able to see them at such an intimate venue.
, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito Having listened to all of the preceding shows from this tour to this point, this is my favorite so far. And it’s pretty rare when a first set tops a second set, but that’s what went down at the Capitol Theater on this night. Much of what happened is covered by the other reviews, although I thought the first quarter was quite strong, especially the Divided Sky and Melt. The Divided Sky has more than enough kick to it to distinguish itself from the others I’ve heard on this year, making it the highlight of the set for me and arguably the show. And then the Melt is a force to be reckoned with as it’s a high energy, Type I version that required multiple insta-relistens.

Despite my preference for the first set, the second set does have lots of nice moments, especially the McGrupp and the Bowie. The Bowie, in particular, is another major highlight of the show, with its numerous teases and intensity. This has become my favorite pre-‘93 version. The closing Jimi tributes are a nice touch as well, including the tease-infused Cavern.

Overall, if you’re exploring Fall ‘92 this show is worthy of your time.
, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by spaceanteloped

spaceanteloped Port Chester, NY. Sounds like a great venue to see the guys rock. Rift is a kick-off music opener, but they decide to mellow out the mood with a delicate, early Wilson. That's a must hear. Divided Sky keeps the "all originals" theme intact.

I got on the grass and looked at the black and blue sky. It's extremely damp from the rain all day but Phish is nailing it. Trey wails the guitar in Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mocking Bird.

Can you still have fun?
, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by telascomet

telascomet Set 1 (is awesome)

To begin their two night stand at the Capitol Theater Phish opened with a killer one two punch of Rift>Wilson to get the energy going needless to say the place was rocking. Immediately after Wilson comes Divided sky,they play the song wonderful as always, and the jam in this divided sky has some very nice quiet interplay between band members. The narration in the Colonel Forbin's that follows is very interesting as trey starts speaking to the rhythm of mikes oddly rhythmic playing. Then as always Mockingbird follows and is played very well with no flubs. Fishman then kicks in Split open and melt which has a really sick jam. Its short and packs a punch, definitely give it a listen when you get the chance. The chairman of the boards then steps out to serenade the crowd as only he can during Lawn Boy, then returns to the keys for Reba. This particular version of Reba features some nice work from Page. Then Trey takes the reins and leads the band to a very nice peak. Llama > Mound are both played well and keep the energy high. A little 4 part harmony action in Memories followed by a solid Runaway Jim ends the set and a darn good set Taboot.

Set 2

To maintain the energy of the first set they open up set 2 with some banter about hats and Axilla. Then some Bluegrass poor heart action commences. The band then gets some crowd involvement in Possum. In typical 92' fashion Trey goes all Machine gun on the Possum and its awesome. Phish then express their love for us phans in a classic rendition of Glide. Followed by Its Ice which features a nice jam. Mcgrupp is a very overlooked song if I do say so myself and I wish it was played more nowadays. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters is played well and portrays some intricate interplay between Leo and Big Red in the jam. I walk the line is placed well and brings us to David Bowie. Some of the best pre 93' jamming came in David Bowie and this version is not exempt from that statement. Early in the jam Trey lands on a cool riff and the band builds around it for a little while before threatening to move into a more up beat jam. After about three more minutes of solid jamming Bowie ends. Although it doesn't break from the structure I still recommend giving this Bowie a listen. The Horse> Silent in the Morning serves as a wonderful landing pad. Then donut boy takes a turn on guitar for Faht. Which gives Trey an opportunity to say how Jimi Hendrix was the greatest electric guitar player ever. Take the A train is always fun and guided us to Cavern which closed the set and included some neat Jimi Hendrix teases. As a final tribute to Jimi's Birthday they encored with Bold as Love which would end the show.

This show is very good, and has very high energy throughout, I recommend listening to at least some of it. Overall highlights were the SOAMelt, and the Bowie.

4 out of 5 stars.
, attached to 1992-11-27

Review by beach

beach This is another great Fall '92 show. I really enjoy this two-show run at the Capital Theater. There are much better executed shows, but this show has a great selection of songs, great energy and is just overall very entertaining.

DollarBill gave another good summary, so I'll try to avoid repeating what's already been said and just point out some other details/thoughts.


Again, the execution in this show is a little rough, but when you look at the set list it is understandable. The band busts out a Wilson, which wasn't exactly on the regular rotation in '92. The Divided Sky has a rough start, but band takes their time, gets it together for the most part and kicks out a pretty good jam. The Forbin's, also not a regular, was nice and includes some very funny banter that involves the audience members splitting in two and their shrunken soul person halves making their way onto the stage and into Fishman's brain where they are able to drop into Gamehenge.


An improved from the last-played Axilla opens the set. There's a nice strong Possum in the third slot. The McGrupp is really good considering how often it gets played. This version is unfinished as the reprise of the intro section is not played at the end, but is cut off and the band plays I Walk the Line. Bowie is solid and teases McGrupp, I Walk the Line and Ring of Fire.
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