Possum contained Simpsons and All Fall Down signals and a Fire (Ohio Players) tease from Trey. Carolina was performed without microphones. During the pause in Guelah, Trey introduced Amy Skelton as “the newest member of the Phish crew” and plugged the new J. Willis Pratt tape that Fish had produced, as well as the Greenpeace table. This show featured the debut of Buffalo Bill, which included a washboard solo from Fish. Before Buffalo Bill, Trey and Page offered an explanation of the Big Ball Jam.

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Fire (Ohio Players) tease in Possum
Debut Years (Average: 1989)

This show was part of the "1992 Fall Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1992-11-21

Review by DollarBill

DollarBill Third night of Fall tour the boys finally settle in and play like they know how. Lots of monitor feedback bothered them all night. The recording wasn't all that. I believe it's an audience. Not as clear but, I'll take what I can get for these older shows.

The whole first set is pretty good all the way through. Nice Landlady while they get the mix settled in. Trey is still kind of missing early on. Jim is good as are the next seven songs! If I have any complaint at all, it's that Maze is TOO pumping and they almost fall off at the end. What a problem to have. Right? Forbin is great, and funny to hear Trey have to repeat himself to make the band get quieter. Mockingbird is the weak link in this set. Very rusty but, it's been a while. Lots of EQ-ing noises going on. Monitors? Possum is great! Nice way to end a great set.

Funny Carolina to start second set and tuning Page's piano. Trey remarks that Page is in the dark ages. The Curtain is also a little rusty but still good. Mike's is good, Hydrogen has it's problems, Weekapaug is good but, has lots more feedback in it. Still with the monitors? In The Horse, Trey finally changed the lyric to; "I'd meet you in between." instead of; "until the in between." Probably for good now. Silent has gotten better. The backing vocals are way better. Timing is still a little off. Pen is good. Guelah featured announcements from Trey for some reason? Good Guelah though. Coil was also nicely done. Page is great as always. Fish's section has funny band intros which they use the megaphone to introduce Page. Good vacuum solo. Nice transition between drummers on the high hat to get into a ripping A-Train. Really good! Llama rocks but, features a Big Ball Jam in the middle. This makes it a little disjointed getting back into Llama. Pretty good set. Just a few rusty parts.

Awesome encores tonight! The very first Buffalo Bill is short and sweet. The megaphone comes out for a second time to do the count off in a super charged BBFCFM!!!

Much better playing tonight. Just a little rusty on some of the rarer tunes.
, attached to 1992-11-21

Review by WeatherReport

WeatherReport I lived in Burlington, VT from 1988 till 2003, and some friends and myself decided we were going to do our first mini "Phish Tour". We had all seen them several times at the Front, and other venues, and decided to go on the road and travel to this show, and the next three shows. It was held in what appeared to be a large indoor basketball court. The place was totally flat, and I'm not sure if there were seats. I remember being on my feet the whole night, and there was a decent amount of room dance. They had some new hanging banners with swirly shapes on them, and also some other stage props I hadn't seen before. My previous show before this one was 7-11-91 at Battery Park. I noticed that their sound system had improved since Battery Park, they were beginning to get a more polished sound. It's Ice, The Horse > SITM, and Buffalo Bill were songs I had not heard before. I remember Trey mentioning something about a upcoming album (Rift), before one of the songs. I really liked the second set of this show, it had more of my favorites than the first. Even though it was a "Curtain" without the "With", it was still cool. I don't remember hearing Take The A Train at any show other than this one, what a treat. Overall it was a pretty fun show to start off the "mini tour". Afterwards, we hung out for a bit, then packed into our vehicles and headed to Ithaca.
, attached to 1992-11-21

Review by Bob_Loblaw

Bob_Loblaw This show to me is on the upper tier of 1992 shows. It is a pretty long one with a ton of songs. And at times it's somewhat stagnant. But the setlist is excellent and there's a lot of gems to be found.

Jim is absolutely gorgeous and leads to a fantastic peak. Mockingbird has a fairly straightforward narration for the era. But they still played it first set! Possum caps the first set with outstanding peaks and playing, it's just one of those songs that shows Trey at his most shredtastic.

Carolina is fairly rough and Curtain is pretty standard. But Mike's is when things really get started. Trey goes completely nuts at the ending of it. I Am Hydrogen is even somewhat noteworthy in that it's perfectly played. Weekapaug is likely the highlight of the show for me. Trey's beautiful hammeron's and a nice quick hose jam, top notch version. The rest of the set is pretty straightforward. Standard HYHU and coil is unusually standard. You also get your phishgrass essentials (uncle pen) and phishjazz essentials (take the A Train). The Llama with a quick Big Ball jam is unique and kind of cool, and of course Trey shreds as always.

Buffalo Bill's debut is quick but still fun. And to end the show maybe one of the more noteworthy BBFCFM with a lot of hilarious talk about Satan.

All in all a pretty good 1992 show coming from someone who isn't a huge fan of this year.
, attached to 1992-11-21

Review by Shadowfox0

Shadowfox0 I certainly see some creatures out there that like the lizards have no idea…absolutely no clue what is going on. We were all like South Park towelie back in 1992. Any show w Trey dialogue is cool to me because he does not always talk on Col Forbin anymore…actually he has not since shoreline 2000 last show before the hiatus. He did not do narration during the new 2023 Gamehendge saga if I recall correctly? The rhombus pulling you from the left into the black hole. I love this silly band. They lost some of that silliness w age which is sad but I miss the insane dialogue like this….the event horizon crappy film but fun to talk about the science. I like through the other side. Then YOU poke through the other side. Gotta love the Glory Hole Great show in a great year ….the year of fast enough for you and glide and dinner and a movie
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