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, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by The_Good_Doctor

The_Good_Doctor I attended this show and just re-listened to it for the first time... 14 years later! Amid the other reviews, the take home is that this show isn't necessarily a stand out Summer 2000 performance. BUT there is worthwhile material here, which the current rating doesn't reflect. Part of the problem *I think* is that the AUD for this show is oddly sterile in terms of crowd noise. It's like you can hear three people yelling and the are all jacka$$es from the worst Panic show you've ever been too. Honestly I recall the vibe being upbeat, positive, and the crowd noisy and engaged.

In 3.0 it is hard to get perspective on 'rating' shows from yester.0, but if a 'Split' and 'What's the Use?' like these turned up in a show these days it would receive rave reviews. The 'WTU?' is a stand alone clocking in at 10+ minutes and goes from a cacophony -> to a hush -> to the stratosphere. If you are a fan of 'WTU?' then I don't have to say anything else.

At the time, and upon re-listen, I don't have any clue what the complaints are about 'Meat' are. The was an echo of the album delivery that was pretty entertaining alongside the CK5 extravaganza (I thought at the time). Again, the lack of crowd noise in the AUD seems to suggest no one in the crowd gave a damn but I don't remember it happening that way at all. But say hey - that is half the fun. To each their own!
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by JMart

JMart This is the single worst phish show be ever attended. I'm from NC, so it's not like I didn't know what the police presence was going to be like, but, yeesh, it was like Va beach in the lot.
And the music matched. Thoroughly uninspired playing the entire time. The whole show. When they played what's the use, I'm sure it was not meant in irony. At the end of slave, trey could barely get his guitar off fast enough. He made the most perfunctory bow and then stormed off stage.
In addressing my never-ending complaints about how phish has fallen off over the years, my buddy always says "you never relisten to the bad ones." He's right. This show is absolute dogshit. At this stage in their careers, they needed a break in the worst way, and it showed. Skip it.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by CoyoteCalling

CoyoteCalling My first show ever, 14th anniversay today. It seems well regarded this was probably the low show of the summer but being my first it obviously rocked me. Going back and relistening it obvious not the finest hour. Glad it was my first, no expectations or disappointment.

Ticket price $25, bought it at ticket master in a grocery store, yes kids we didn't but tickets on the internet back then. We went to record stores and grocery stores or even the venue.

Little did I know at the time it would be almost 3 years until I would see this band again.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by mterry

mterry My first show. I remember the MEAT wouldn't ever stop. I can remember half the pavilion just taking a seat. I had tried to get to the December show in NC a few months before, but being turned down by my mom. The joys of being 16.....I begged this girl to go with me to the show. In hindsight, it would have been better to go solo. But going to a phish show while in highchool? Awesome!

This show was over 13 years ago, and yes, and the time was a flop. However, upon listening, this show is packed full of goodness

SOAM - Does it get any better than this? 18 minutes of an amazing rollercoaster of minor to major back to minor key changes. From 5:14 on this is a beast. It's patient. It's driven. It's what a SOAM needs to be. This was easily the highlight of the show. But, there are some more gems...

Jibboo > FEFY - Listening to it now, reminds me of the Ghost > FEFY pairing in Asheville. A Jibboo to start the second set, full of loops and energy coming from Trey followed by a 8+ minute FEFY that is pure beauty. I'd love to see more of this song in rotation these days and believe it to be a good mid set two song that could replace Wading....

Scent - Ok. This one is an odd one. Page keeps it classy as always. Trey at 4:45 to 8:25. Weird, weird stuff. But nevertheless, a clean Scent.

And then WTU - It's been nice to see this song get some attention these days. It was awesome catching it in Portsmouth and CLT I believe. However, this one is a gem.

Over-all, the show by today's standards would garnish a higher rating. For '00, nope. But if you haven't given this show a shot just grab a copy from the spreadsheet and if you like get the SHN version.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by GreenerBlues

GreenerBlues I'm glad I'm not the only one. There where some highlights (PYITE, SOAM) but overall dissapointed in this peformance. I didn't WANT to say this was a bad show, but I did. I think what did it for me was "Meat," as Cheard said before me it went on and on. I don't even think the "Maze" that followed was enough to redeem it at that point.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by Carl34

Carl34 I had 2nd row center tix for this show so anticipation was high. Big time let down considering the shows that followed but even the worst Phish show is a heck of a lot better than anything else on the planet...Summer 2000 definitely holds its own (check out the next 2 nights in Holmdel) tonight just fell a little short.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by PhanArt

PhanArt i went to this show. in retrospect, just not a great show. encore was a big ? to everyone around me. i liked the first set, melt and jibboo are the only highlights i can think of

but ive always wanted to hear this soundcheck for the "rolling along" tune that has since never been played again.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by Blackeydsloth

Blackeydsloth I'm sorry but Nobody gives this show credited. You know I thought after leaving well that was ok I guess. I haven't listened to this show other than maybe once or twice since. Wasn't to impressed but now after going through and listening actually just the past couple of days everybody and there mother is completely wrong about this show.

Yeah there are a few ups and downs but it is not bad at all. Take the opening NICU always great opener. Sample you know its Sample, The Punch was great intro was a bit different than others I've seen or even heard. Other than the sick ass Split Open And Melt rest of set was not bad, not a great 1st set but decent definitly listenable And some decent playing.

Second set was just great as all hell!!! Gotta Jiboo>FEFY>Scent Really That was very good and well played well except for the Trey flub of starting the lyrics to billy breathes and catches himself. Meat was awesome. The Maze also just awesome. And What's the use? > Slave man get out Great Great Great!!!!!

Everybody is not perfect all the time people do make mistakes and there were some made at this show but all in all a good show.

I have to get back to this Maze again peace out
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by Cheard

Cheard I was late to this show due to traffic. Police presence was thick. Meat was really long, and the ending to Slave was sloppy. I always love What's the Use? They played like they were about to go on Sabbatical. Wait...
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by Abyssal_Plain

Abyssal_Plain This was my first show. May have not been the best but to a noob like myself it was magic.

The copy I have isn’t very good quality but still makes me spin almost nineteen years later. NICU, Horn, and SOaM were especially tasty. Maze solidified my love for the boys and remains one of my favorites.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by Moorephishphan9

Moorephishphan9 This was my first show. I know this show has gotten some poor reviews but overall i enjoyed it. The Melt and What's the Use? are the highlights. It hooked me, still going strong 18 years later! Appreciate the fact that I can still go to shows today and listen to the absolute Joy that they continue to bring!
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by 23piper

23piper A few good moments and a great crowd in a fantastic city for traveling heads. That said, this was definitely a letdown of a show and not a good way for me to start my longest summer tour with my new "girlfriend" who was lukewarm to Phish to begin with. We married two years later but her interest in Phish plummeted after this show and it's been a solo interest ever since. There are a lot of different ways this night could have turned out - this was the worst of the possibilities in many ways.
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, SUNDAY 06/25/2000
Raleigh, NC
Soundcheck: My Sweet One, Cars Trucks Buses, Uncle Pen (x2), "Rolling Along"

SET 1: NICU: Standard. >

Sample in a Jar: Standard.

The Old Home Place: Standard.

Punch You in the Eye: Standard.

Water in the Sky: Standard. Huge cheer for Everglades line.

Funky Bitch: Standard.

Horn: Standard.

Heavy Things: Standard.

Dirt: Standard.

Split Open and Melt: Wow! Easy all timer and highly recommended. This one has a delicately crafted bout of major mode jamming. Eventually, they gracefully guide themselves back to the familiar grounds of the song's core. The return to the original theme is executed with a sense of seamless precision, creating a satisfying narrative arc that leaves a lasting impression. This artful exploration and subsequent return home underscore the band's mastery of their craft, making this rendition of "SOAM" a truly memorable and transcendent musical experience. This jam was sorely needed as the rest of the set was about as bland as could be.

SET 2: Gotta Jibboo: The summer of set two Jibboo openers, lol. Standard version. Ending is a tad sloppy. >

Fast Enough for You: The beginning of this is a train wreck. They can’t remember how to start it basically. >

Scent of a Mule: Weirder than usual.

Meat: Yikes, the set is basically lost at this point. Brutal.

Maze: Great Maze! Has all those elements that are associated with this era come shining through. Lot’s of raw Trey power with that reverse reverb stuff prominently displayed in this one. Killer Maze would recommend!

What's the Use? -- Great version, soaring and powerful. >

Slave to the Traffic Light: The evil, intense part of the composed section is especially riveting in this one. Trey rides the second peak especially hard. This one features the strangest Trey rip chord of all time. The jam is going along just fine and then in the late ten’s Trey out of absolutely nowhere decides to end this one to the great confusion of his band mates. What follows is an exceptionally long break until they came back out for the encore. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall for that and see who got yelled at. Total train wreck.


Uncle Pen: 210 times played and just 7 times has it been played in the E slot. This was the last time it has been seen in the E slot. This one is sloppy.

Bold As Love: Love, love, love this in the E slot.

Summary: Really strange show coming off those two super-hot shows in Atlanta. I concur with the very low rating of 2.927/5 (>50 ratings).

Replay Value: Split Open and Melt, Maze, What's the Use?

Ratings are currently offline.
Overall: 2.927/5 (>50 ratings)
Split Open and Melt, What's the Use?
, attached to 2000-06-25

Review by PhinePhineMusic

PhinePhineMusic This was just uploaded to YouTube via a serviceable pav camcorder and I’m in the thick of it. I didn’t check in here because I didn’t remember the set list, but had to come see the reviews because it felt soooo sleepy to me. Not surprised to see these reviews. This thing snoozes. Uninspired, meandering, mid tempo mush. Hopefully the cinematographer was around a few days later for the PNC shows, which I still hold out hope for video of.
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