Harpua included a Happy Birthday tease from Trey and featured all of the band's fathers voicing the part of Jimmy's father. For the third Father's Day in a row, Brother was performed and featured all of the band's children on stage and subsequent introductions. The theme to Leave it to Beaver was teased by Mike prior to DWD. This show marked the Phish debut of Thunder Road, which was dedicated by Trey to Clarence Clemons (who had passed away a day earlier). Near the end of Sand, there was a lengthy pause before the band finished the song.
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This show was part of the "2011 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2011-06-19

Review by hanilol

hanilol All around nice venue. I give the band, venue and harmless phriendly &Kind ppl a 10...HOWEVER AND BUT the fans in the front rows claiming they need 4 people's worth of room to "Dance" (when there is plenty of room else where) a big phat 0. If being that close is too close for comfort to desire that much "ROOM" of "RESPECT" then go else where because a venue with no seats up front is there for those that are able to groove and also for those that know how to be mellow and courteous to every head and body around them. SADLY: There were at least 4 full out arguments nearly brawls that were unnecessary. @Antelope Greg...now that I know who you are...all I can say is, it is pathetic how mangy to other phans you are, and all the characters you had a round you that enjoy being possessive maniacs about your 4X4 foot damn space but invade everyone else's but being disgusting with prideful and cold KARMA.
, attached to 2011-06-19

Review by ajcmixer

ajcmixer Yeah, all that and at certain points, more. Thanks to my peep for securing 2nd row pavilion seats for us, excellent vantage directly in line with Trey, he had to see me doing my pogo stick inpersonation, LOL!

Beautiful mini-amphitheater, mini pit, mini pavilion and mini lawn, GREAT sound all around from those in the know. Father's Day was greeted with Harpua and all the fathers gathered on stage. Unfortunately, I don't think they all quite understood their cues, LOL!

Brother featured all the band's kids in a bathtub set up in the front of the stage ad along with the dads appearance, it made for some very warm and fuzzy moments.

It got better as it went deeper into the show. Back on the Train, personal fave, can never go wrong there. Funky Bitch, Paige wailing on the Hammond, Trey following up with some tasty leads upon leads, uh huh! Timber made me want to fall after raging to this version. The Wedge is even more of a personal fave and I danced even harder to it, the band helping that along with their spirited and on-point playing, everybody bought their "A" game with Trey literally, lol, leading the way. Really unfair to follow it up with The Moma Dance, it didn't give this rager any time to gather his breath. Not a complaint, it's a good problem to have...:-wink/smile.

Thunder Road was, honestly, clunky but it was the thought that counted. RIP Clarence.

Tube, Alaska, BOWIE, waves of energy in some way, shape or form. a pretty killer 1st set.

Crosseyed and Painless was great but I spent myself out@Merriweather's, it's all good. The Walls of the Cave played for the poster's 31st birthday totally acknowledged by Trey in the 1st set was absolutely K-I-L-L-E-R! A must have.

Slave, Fluffhead, slayed.

Sand. Ended. Then the guys talked to each other. And then basically played a Sand reprise. Totally mind-blowing.

I've been waiting for Sally, finally. Thank you, Phish.

Light, excellent then...

BDTNL, honestly not was I, with the emphasis on I, was expecting but it was what it was and well-played regardless.

But the Suzy was over-the-top, it was the best played that I've witnessed, Paige ripped it a new one.

Julius, of course, bought the house down.

Great show though not necessarily my favorite. Didn't matter, the playing was pretty much flawless from start to finish. Happy belated Dad's Day to those and it was a great tour overall, 10 shows, very blessed, great and generally stress-free venues, great and inspired playing by the band and closing it out in both a grand yet intimate style. Some of us were lucky enough to be there. If not, the memorex is there and, yeah, some shows were better than others but there is no better overall bang for the concert dollar than these guys today. And this show is one of the better examples of the brilliance that is Phish nowadays. The Walls of the Cave will always be one of my personal all-time highs, 'nuff said.

Those going to Watkins Glen or points west, have fun. It should be fun...:-wink/smile.

, attached to 2011-06-19

Review by bouncin7

bouncin7 I just listened to set II from this show with headphones on: SAND is five stars complete with "stop - start - stop - start" jamming towards the end. Walls Of The Cave is tight tight tight, as if they meticulously practiced it just that morning?? The transitions are so tight, it's as if their four minds are one. Impressive! Overall, second set 6/19/11 is above average, but Sand and Walls are grade A perfect Phish making this second set a must have. The light is growing brighter 2011 - 2012! Yay!
, attached to 2011-06-19

Review by funkydanceparty

funkydanceparty Phish loves Virginia and they proved it again with Trey saying 'This is the perfect place for this' before setting into a 12 minute Harpua. Continuing tradition with Brother, as was one of the earliest Back on the Train in recent phistory. Funky Bitch, Timber, Wedge, and Moma was a groove session that was someone cut off by the touching, yet set halting Thunder Road.. would have been better if the encore was Thunder Road > Julius. Tube also sounded a little forced, but the set came around nicely with a finally sweet Alaska and mysterious David Bowie.

Set 2 had a good Crosseyed but Phish has been over-saturating us with that one recently.. Walls of the Cave was nice especially for the lady celebrating her 31st birthday who asked for it. Short but sweet Slave, great Fluffhead, a SUPER funky Sand which was stopped and as ajcmixer said, given its own Reprise of sorts. wow.. the whole venue went nuts. Short Sally, but great vocal jam on that one.. Light is worth a listen but we were painfully forced another Backwards.. only 2 days after our last! Few flubbs in Julius but it was an appropriate encore for the south.

See you at 9

, attached to 2011-06-19

Review by jrbeason

jrbeason Writing this from my phone on the way out of the lot. Sick show, lots of energy aside from a throw in of alaska after the boss' sax tribute who passed last night, but it was a nice breather. Had the folks and kids come out for a harpua/brother opener...sick. Trey was on fire all night. Check out the Sand for sure, gordo and page destroyed it. Tribute to springsteins sax player was nice and played well. Light to bdnl left me wanting more but hey whatever. Solid show all around. 1st set was fun as shit, not a lot of type ii throughout the night. But sand light my world up. Check it out and have fu n at superball!
, attached to 2011-06-19

Review by dpwilljr

dpwilljr I was in the pit during the 1st set on Page's side dancing with everyone else without incident. When you've been to tons of shows, whether it's GD or Phish, you learn the fine art of dancing in tight spaces and moving through crowds without bumping.
There were cool people everywhere I went. As I moved back to walk up to the aisle for more room, a couple of people actually helped me and patted me on the back as I went past.
This was the closest to a west coast crowd you can get. Everyone was totally chill with big grins !
This is officially my favorite east-coast venue now. It's right on the water, very small and there is TONS of dancing room. This was the perfect show.
The Harpua was abbreviated but who cares !! It was too much fun.
Back on the Train and Timber were the other two 1st set highlights for me.
I've only seen three C&P and this one was power-packed !
I was hoping Trey would've allowed the jam to continue because it had full potential to hit the stratosphere.
There was a girl with her Mom on Mike's side in the pit with a sign that read '31 minute Walls of the Cave for my 31st birthday'
That might have prompted the bust out. I truly love this song.
The second set for me was all about the Sand. Arguably the best jam of the night. Sneakin' Sally was short but dripped with tight funk.
The Suzy completely blew the roof off.
I'm not even going to try and compare this to the other show I saw this tour (Pine Knob) they were both spectacular.

Can't wait for Hollywood Bowl.
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