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, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by ProfJibboo

ProfJibboo If this show was an average show, than it's more of at testament to how the band has raised the bar for what we consider an average show.

In this fantastic tour, everybody gets an exploratory jam! Roggae and the underrated heavyweight of 3.0 - wolfmans brother - carried the early first set that was a song-heavy before a Stash and Suzy lead us home. The rest was nothing remarkable but flowed well and the set started particularly upbeat and joyful with the sample/Moma/wombat combo.

The second set trifecta of Carini - quite possibly the best carini this summer after it's banner year in 2013 - ghost and steam was the perfect blending of high octane phish and chill phish, type II phish, angry phish and happy phish, old phish and new. The segues alone will keep this trifecta of jammy bliss in the forefront of best segues on your discussion. Sing Monuca shined once the music picked up in energy and provided the perfect breather.

There was only one reason I was sad when it initially looked like it would be a no-cover summer...2001. There are some places late in second sets that you can just feel in your bones that a 2001 is just what the doctor ordered. This 2001 was a classic example of perfect placement,arising out of a off-the-main path Light and sandwiched with a simple splendid Harry.

I see the forum's early response is that this was an average show for the tour. The carini/ghost/steam disagrees from a jam standpoint and llight/2001/Harry disagree. If this show was indeed average, than "average" has a high standard this tour.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by MDosque

MDosque I'll just come out and say that I LOVED this show. I am not a fluffer by any means and actually lean towards probably being a slightly jaded vet. But last night was incredible. Maybe it was my seats (4th row center right pav directly in front of Mike). This was all I could ever ask for in a Phish show and I think it would be greedy to think otherwise. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'm also entitled to think they are out of their minds. Let's break it down.

First Set: I walked in during Sample so that was cool, but is there anything like strolling down into the pavilion while Moma Dance kicks into gear? This was funky as hell and it just seemed like they were locked in. Wombat continued the funk and people were grooving. Number Line is absolutely PERFECT in this slot of the first set. I've always said that I like the song, but it just doesn't fit in the mid second set coming out of a jam. It's a rocking happy first set tune to get some heads bobbin. Roggae, what else can I say that hasn't been floating around in other reviews and posts? It was absolute bliss and it was during this jam that I knew they were on the same page and playing brilliantly. Best song of the set. Again, The Wedge, perfect placement for a classic Phish tune. It doesn't NEED to be type II. It's a cool song, we all love it and they should play it right in this slot every time. Wolfman's killed it and continued the funky Sat night party vibe. For me, if Mike is going to get his "song" to play in the first set, please let it be bluegrass - I'm not a fan of Yarmouth Road or Sugar Shack so I was happy to hear Nellie Kane. Lawn Boy is fun as always, I don't like the Line, but yes, perfect placement. Sure. Stash was evil and distorted and I really liked this jam. Suzy did what it always does and took us to set break on the back of Leo going NUTS on the piano.

Highlight: Roggae (wonderful), all 3 funk tunes

Set 2: I won't break it down in insane detail, but just will say generally that this notion of ripcords and a song needing to be jammed out 20+ minutes is a little misguided. What's the difference between a huge jam on one song or the Carini-Ghost-Steam sequence if each jam is fresh with ideas, diverse, smooth, inspired, and well played. The crowd was in a frenzy - Trey was absolutely crushing it and Fishman was doing his octopus thing. I had the "oh shit, crumpled, curled lip face" the whole time. Amazing stuff. Mango was perfectly placed and classic Phish in just the right spot. Not a huge fan of Monica, but a quick pee and back to my seat to hear some pleasant sounds. Again, if you can't get it up for this Light-2001-Hood run of songs, I don't know if an overdose of viagra could even help you. This is PHISH, our favorite band doing what they do best - playing off each other, creating on the spot, finding a special groove and moving into a new song, whipping the crowd into a manic frenzy, and smiling the whole time. Just great music. Top it off with a Julius and that to me is a Phish show.

All in all, maybe I was just at the perfect mellow buzz, perfect seat, and good mindframe, but this show was great. They were communicating and the setlists flowed incredibly well. Sometimes we all over think it and get greedy - me included, but I was thrilled with the kick ass rock and roll show I saw last night from my favorite band that I have seen countless times before. This all coming from a slightly jaded vet.

, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by solargarlic78

solargarlic78 https://medium.com/the-phish-from-vermont/feel-good-phish-a3aa2f3e3fc3

Feel Good Phish: Review 7/26/14

Phish continued their focus on segues at Merriweather last night. On the one hand, these segues are a testament to their intense musical communication by crafting a fluid, coherent transition from an intense jam to the next song. On the other hand, “amazing segues” necessarily mean jams are being cut short. Last night kept a nice balance. Would have I liked “Carini”, “Ghost”, and “Steam” to go longer? Yes. But, the jams once again so efficiently got to ‘out there’ and very interesting spaces that the segues were rarely overly jarring.

In the First Set you could tell the band was “feeling it” from “Moma Dance” on. The funk number had an extended opening section with Trey playing around with the opening chords and Mike creating breathtaking fills. “Feeling it” means trying to “freshen” songs up, by adding interesting and different riffs and chord voicings in sections that usually sound exactly the same. This backfired pretty horribly in “Wedge” as everything Trey tried to insert was meant to be tasty and fresh, but ended up sounding just flat out wrong and awkward. Well, I guess I prefer the risk taking to a safe version. Following “Moma” with “Wombat” is not the greatest for setlist diversity (this set also included the funky “Wolfman’s”), but early on “Wombat” feels fresh and this funk jam did not disappoint. The highlight of the set for me was an absolutely blissful “Roggae.” I’ve mentioned before how open this jam is (and dependent on band interplay). For my money, Mike is the one to listen to during Roggae — he is at his “Leshy” best filling in the space with melodic runs. This version really built to a Trey-led peak, but a peak that featured Trey at his restrained best (i.e., not “playing too many notes). The “Wolfman’s Brother” also was really restrained and based on full band improv rather than an overextended rock-Trey peak. The funk section lasted a while and got really thick and textured; eventually the rock-peak did come, but it was basically peak and get out. In my view “Roggae” and “Wolfman’s” created a “House Money” set for me — which was good because some might get a little perturbed during the “Nellie Kane” “Lawn Boy” “The Line” run of songs. The “Stash” once again saw “quiet jams” that were so heavily featured in Charlotte. This one really didn’t get ‘out’ of the Stash structure for my liking — that is, it didn’t get weird enough. But, a standard Stash is still great and helped anchor the Roggae and Wolfman’s highlights.

Set 2 opened with “Carini” (for the third time of tour if memory serves). This version once again saw a “mercurial” jamming style where the band effortlessly shuffled quickly between themes and keys. Then at the end, the energy seemed to really build — the tempo increased, and Trey’s playing became more rock-oriented. I felt like the energy might explode into a pretty glorious peak, but Trey found “Ghost” pretty quickly. My MVP of 2014, this version once again was very unique. Rather than the funk->bliss peak formula, or the abstract one chord build of Northerly, this one was just fun and rocking. It eventually led to a chord progression — much like the Northerly “Wedge” — that immediately had everyone asking “what is this????” We are still not sure, but it sounded like the best of ‘80s hair metal. The jam then transitioned into a decidedly weirder and more interesting groove. I would have liked that groove to hang out a bit longer, but the segue into “Steam” was nicely done. “Steam’s” jam is usually in between the choruses (for the best see 7/5/13), but this version was relatively standard until after the final chorus. The band embarked on a “second jam” of sorts that immediately was “out” of the basic structure (the Bill Graham version of last summer did something similar). This was an evil and nasty groove that could have really blasted off into something extraordinary. But, like it or not, Trey found the opening melody of “Mango Song” and it is hard to be upset with that classic early Phish song (even if we got one earlier in tour). This was a very well played version. “Sing Monica” is one of the rarer Fuego tunes and I still rather like it. The set was then at turning point. They would either go into “Theme from the Bottom” and make it another “songy” set, or kick out another jam for us. Jam is what we got with yet another great “Light.” This one was its normal groove-oriented self that flirted with a “Manteca” jam. In a night of many segues, the highlight for me was an incredibly seamless transition int0 “2001". All it took was Trey’s feedback that usually precedes the 2001 melody to signal to all the other band members that 2001 looms — Fish kicked in the drums and we were in it. I’m attending tonight’s show and couldn’t make it last night, so I was pretty upset when they played this weekend’s “Harry Hood” (I pretty much would be happy to get this at every show). I’ve written earlier that I’m not sure I’m on board with normalizing type II Hoods. It is nice as a rare treat, but I love me some type I soaring bliss D major jams. It plays a critical role in Phish shows as the “reflective capper” for a set 2 of more exploratory jams. And, what a glorious type I Hood it was. Really hit the spot. @heyscottyb called this a “Page-led” version — and I’m not sure I’d go that far, as Trey was front in center in the jam — but, Page was undoubtedly a star of this jam. Many have noted Page’s expanding rig of organs and electric keyboards, but this tour I have loved him on piano. He is at his melodic best on the basic instrument. In 3.0, it kind of has felt that “Hood” has been played more restrained — creating an atmospheric crescendo rather than a “peak” more common to 1.0 version. This version really peaked out in a fantastic way — Trey played around with a simple melodic motif in the beginning and eventually was trilling toward glorious builds off simple D major chord arpeggios. Most people seemed enthused with this “Hood” — and reminds everyone how great a straight-ahead version can be to end a night on. They played a disappointing if expected “Julius” encore.

This show doesn’t hold a candle to Randalls 3 (perhaps on par with Randalls 2 — in fact, a very similar setlist!), but was arguably the best show since that Sunday show. And, now we have the penultimate “Sunday Show” we better not miss. And, I’ll be there!
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by douvy

douvy I'll happily, respectfully disagree with others; I thought this was an excellent show.

Quick Recap:

Overall, I was amazed by the incredibly fluid playing of the band throughout set two. They were ripe with ideas, and they flowed brilliantly. Don't knock this set before you listen to it. Some of the most on point playing I've ever seen from the band; the set never lost energy or focus - immaculate conception.


Set one:

After a straight-forward Sample, The Moma Dance and Wombat selections were good calls - it got the band grooving. Roggae is worth hearing, as well as Wolfman's and Stash. You could tell the energy level was high during Suzy, particularly when Page ripped a searing-hot solo. They definitely turned up the volume here, which boded well for what came next.

Set two:

Things got hot right from the start, with a dirty Carini. A truly must-hear version, which saw patient, creative type-two jamming. Ghost picked right up where Carini left off, and was remarkable. More refined, beautiful jamming here. The segue into Steam was a great call. Fishman starts playing this beat in 32nd notes, and from here on his playing was truly undefinable. He held it down for the rest of the set, and his sticks were an extension of his soul.

Steam -> The Mango Song was a buttery, slick out-of-nowhere segue, led by Trey. This version was executed with intensity and perfection. Sing Monica was not special but didn't slouch, and Light picked right back up and more wavy, immaculate flows of energy ensued. 2001 was short and sweet, but great placement here. Harry Hood closed the show properly - great version here.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by pyite1988

pyite1988 For me, this was the second best show I've seen all summer - while Randall's 3 takes the cake entirely of the 6 I've been to, the second set was incredible, bar none. I enjoyed the first set but it felt a bit schizophrenic to me - I thought the placement of The Line was a bit weird and sort of off putting. They closed reasonably strong with a solid Stash and Suzy which brought the energy back a bit after that. I can't say enough about the second set - Carini and Ghost are always a hard rocking combination, and the boys nailed the transition into Ghost smoothly. If was a great show to close my summer tour with, and I'll look forward to couch touring on the bus ride home tonight.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by VTphisherman

VTphisherman This was a VERY GOOD show. Moments of absolute brilliance in both sets.

First set: Intensity and crisp improvisation within the confines of first-set brevity. Sample, Moma, Wombat, Number Line were so good, I was thinking best first set of the tour at that point. Then a clean Wedge, which is only a let down for me because I was at the Chicago show a week before and it mad me miss that one. Wolfman's ended with a great jam. A brief (and needed) intermission with Nellie and Lawn Boy. The set built beautifully from there with a solid Line a good Stash jam and then into Suzy to finish with a bang. Page definitely got the crowd going on that one. I would argue this was top 3 first sets of the tour so far.

Second set started with a Carini jam that was interesting, but never seemed to quite settle on anything. What Carini lacked in organized jamming, Ghost delivered and then some. I have heard from some fans who think Trey's 70s-esque powerchord riffs are getting stale, but I beg to differ - this one was fun and got the crowd going. A highlight of the show to be sure. Trey cut it off during the bring back and shifted to Steam, which was a perfect song choice. Mango is always a hit for me. Sing Monica was well-played, but it is not my favorite. Light was very good, but I have heard so many A+++ versions of it over the past year that I think my bar is too high. Hood was good, but again I have heard so many great versions recently that I am spoiled. Then a familiar Julius encore.

Again, all in all a VERY GOOD show - definitely worth another listen for the first set funk and second set Carini, Ghost, Steam. There is no such thing as a bad show these days, so it really is hard not to give 5/5.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by OneTwoOhMahGawd

OneTwoOhMahGawd Always fun seeing the Phish at the hometown shed. They seem to love Merriweather more and more each year. Show was so smooth and patient. Loved that whole second set and I'm not the biggest 'Sing Monica' fan and I was even impressed with that.

Lot's of fun in the first set too. Think I'm going to be listening to this show quite a bit.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads Aside from the noteworthy -> segues in the second set, this is a throughly middle-of-the-road show, in my opinion. Some of the jam lengths exceed 10 minutes, but there's just not that much to sink one's teeth into in this show. Perhaps Phish knew that they would be doing their Tweezerfest the next night, and were therefore resting upon their prospective laurels. 7/27/14 is certainly worthy of that. Also I feel it incumbent to mention that it just doesn't seem right for Fish to use his scaled-down drum kit to play the intro Hood tom roll on his hi-hat. July 2014 was a curious time in Phishtory, that saw some heights and jammed Fuegos, but was otherwise somewhat transitional before the sustained brilliance of 2015.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by Campster

Campster Riding the wave of creativity of Fall 2013 and before the big peak of Summer '15, the 2014 shows offered a whole lot in the creativity department along with some very nice and precise playing.

My first chance to catch Phish was MPP and I was hitting both nights then hopping down to Portsmouth, VA for another 2.

Sample is a bit weak as an opener.

Moma and Wombat kicked in some fun funk.

Numberline was pretty typical.

Roggae in the cleanup spot was really well done. This was a big and beautiful take. I feel like they have just crushed this tune and at this point I always hope they bring it out. This is a glorious peaking version.

Wedge is a personal favorite (on a breezy summer day in Maryland).

Wolfman's was fun, but I didn't find it to be out of the ordinary.

Nellie, Lawn Boy, and the Line were all thoroughly within the lines.

Stash was a nice bit of darkness in what was otherwise a very very upbeat & happy set. Not a fantastic take, but I liked that they gave us a bit of that tension.

Suzy brought back the good times.

Overall Set I: It was a fun, and super upbeat set. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it felt like a nice way to let the air out in preparation for a big set II 3 more shows to follow. Yea, go snag that Roggae.
Highlights: Roggae!!

On to set II.

I was hoping for a big dark blowout. Carini kicked in and was an inspired choice. This version really moved around. I thought it was a pretty stellar version, covering a ton of ground in a relatively short time (although I think this one clocked in at a respectable length as well!)

Nice little -> into Ghost. Energy was through the roof as this one promised another big jam. I didn't think it was 100% the best segue, but I wasn't really complaining. This one was a real blast too. I remember when they got through the lyrics and Trey hit a note and just let it hang. It was so incredibly open. I love when they just wait a few beats as if to collect their breath before signaling a journey. The name of the game here was fun. This was like a classic rock vamp that built pretty nicely. No truly soaring peak or deep and dirty grooves, but a great upbeat jam.

They broke it down a bit and Trey hit the opening notes to Steam. They really could have had a -> with just a touch more patience. Again, I wasn't complaining. Steam is great to hear, the last one I heard at Hampton was great. This one had an atypical ending jam and Mike was pretty prominent from my recollection. They found an awesome little segue here as the Mango lick emerged! Awesome!

Mango was great, and a big upgrade over some versions I'd seen. Love it, awesome spot after some great jamming.

Monica fit the breather spot, but kept the energy pretty high. It's an ok tune.

Light is another oft jammed song. This one broke out pretty quickly into a nice jam and Page was really shining at the end as he guided the band into 2001.

Really nice ->, Page driven, and this version was a nice cherry on a great set. Give everyone a big ol' dance groove.

Harry Hood was another heavy hitter to finish us off. This was a good version. I don't think I'd put it on par with the one they played the previous year at MPP (that Trey peak!), but this one was also much more memorable than many of the standard Hoods of 3.0.

Julius was a good encore. I was fine to give myself another 8 or so minutes to groove.

Overall Set II: Really good set. Lots of jamming and great songs (Mango and Steam were nice mid set treats). I thought this show was one of those not legendary but so much fun types, where the jamming is there (without having the atom bomb moment) and they play Light->2001 > Hood to close out. It's non-stop smiles in this one.
Highlights: Everything but Monica, but honestly, I'd grab this set 2 and just give it a listen all the way through.
3.5/5 Good times!
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by The_Monk_Bought_Lunch

The_Monk_Bought_Lunch Set 1: very fun set
Set 2: (same as above)*
Encore: Yes there was an encore

*2001...the trip was short

Sorry, your submission is not long enough to be a show review. Why don't you consider posting in our forum instead?

How many characters do I need to use to post a show review? Does it state it anywhere on this page? Thanks.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by donnalee

donnalee Poison's "Nothin' But a Good Time" tease during Ghost.

The entire second set is money. Hood peaked, and peaked, and did it again some more. The way the song is done best at the end :)

I think this show is largely overshadowed by the following night, however it is no slouch. Definitely one to check out if you have the time.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by Ravinus

Ravinus This first night at MPP was fantastic beginning to end. What I can't figure out is why Roggae and Steam aren't "highly recommended" versions. Roggae in particular is on par with some of the better Harry Hoods in terms of melting your face. Perhaps the length is what is holding back any rush to say it's a must hear. But, I personally highly recommend this version. As for Steam, you know it's going to be good, but the 2 or so minute jam that occurred once Steam proper had ended was stupendous. Like I mentioned already, this is definitely a Phish show that you can be listened to from beginning to end and thoroughly enjoyed. Just make sure you crank the volume for Roggae and Steam. That's my .02.
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by feckless_animus

feckless_animus @solargarlic78 writes, about this night's Ghost, "It eventually led to a chord progression — much like the Northerly “Wedge” — that immediately had everyone asking “what is this????” We are still not sure, but it sounded like the best of ‘80s hair metal."

Sounds to me like "Electra Glide" from the first Vida Blue album, no?
, attached to 2014-07-26

Review by TimeFlack

TimeFlack The show was mediocre.

What is worse is the insistence of phish.net to "get people talking" about the show, reviewing the show and advising if you should DL show or not. Really annoying. Opt out insufficient. Just because the world is so narcissistic does not mean our community has to be.

Back to the show. Most average show I have seen in 3.0. Worst of this summer. Really just a phone it in. Tons of technical problems first set, especially the 1st half of 1st set. Love them, would not be there if I did not, but Meh.

3 stars because Phish is never worse than a 3/5!

Ending solo of Wolfman's decent. Second set all way short. Hood good but would like to see it as big as it was 20 years ago.

Almost as if the band wants their fans to know they are sometimes only average.

Tonight will be different, dramatically so.
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