Ghost included Spooky and On Your Way Down teases. YEM included a Jeopardy! theme tease and did not have a vocal jam. Chalk Dust included Rocky Mountain Way teases.
Spooky and On Your Way Down teases in Ghost, Theme from Jeopardy! tease in You Enjoy Myself, Rocky Mountain Way tease in Chalk Dust Torture
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "1997 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by The_Good_Doctor

The_Good_Doctor This was my first show. I will never forget walking into Lakewood and hearing Trey's opening walkdown of 'Julius', which was the first Phish song I ever heard (i.e. first album = "Hoist").

There was so much stirring at this show - the punchy energy of the band tempered by weeks in Europe and Mike with his new 'attack on the bass'. They had many cards tucked up their collective sleeve to say the least. And I was a noob walking the delicate balance - trying to figure out what was going and still stay in the flow.

'Ghost' is the hallmark - absolutely neck and neck with 11/17/97 - and then there is the Julius opener (extra mustard) and don't forget the 'YEM' jam which raises the bizarro factor of this show a few notches (and the 'Rocky Mtn Way'?).

A few weeks before, my best friend from high school was killed in a tragic accident - I had a ticket for him and I gave it away in the parking lot to gal with a finger in the air. Looking back, the epic ethereal Ghost that happened this night at Lakewood was (and remains) a cathartic event. Give it a listen - Godspeed.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam Review of GHOST jam

2:22 Break into outro of song
3:00 Lift off, Mike slapping, Page on Clav, Trey with dirty tone
4:10 Trey on Wah, page to synth. Mike drives the jam, alternating three deep notes with accompanying slaps. Page lays the synth over the jam as Fishman is his usual backbeat.
5:35 Trey backs off wah effect a bit, Page goes back to clav.
6:10 Fishman goes to ride cymbal, switches back to hi-hat when Trey comes in with melody…>
6:25 Trey starts to jam a melody. At this point Mike has shifted his tempo but still throws in the empathetic slap.
7:21 Page comes back in with the synth, alternating with the clav. Trey finds a nice slow riff and the band builds on it.
8:08 Trey starts to two note rhythm and Mike picks up the slapping.
8:40 Trey starts jamming melody, Page has nice lick here on the grand piano. He plays some nice fills with different keyboards in this segment.
8:56 Fishman switches to hi hat. Jam builds a nice rhythm.
9:30 Trey focuses back on a melody. Page plays some nice lines on the grand piano over him. Trey sticks to a nice melody, going up an octave and laying some nice licks over it.
11:04 Fishman starts to play the bell of his ride cymbal. Trey starts a nice two note vamp, rhythm gets cranked up a notch.
11:36 Trey cranks up the effects, gets some wah and sets himself up…
11:50 Band is locked in. Trey vamps, Page plays a nice riff over Trey, Gordo goes ablaze on the beat. Fishman throws in the splash on fills before switching over to the blocks.
12:00 Fish to wood block. Yes Please.
12:22 Trey inverts his chords, 7th out funked style. At the same time Page pulls the synth out and plays some lines that just bring the fucking house down. When it explodes at 12:38 you can feel the energy through your speakers. Fishman does some nice things with his fills and beats in this segment.
13:25 Page goes to the grand piano and synth simultaneously.
13:41 Now Page goes to the organ and synth.
13:56 Trey comes off his chords vamp and switches to some a two note vamp with effect. Fishman goes to the ride cymbal and back again.
14:25 Fishman finds his way back to the wood block. Mike is doing some showing off here.
15:00 Trey flexes the wah a bit and Page once again starts to drive the jam with his lines on the grand piano, alternating them with the organ.
15:40 Page jumps an octave on the organ with the same riff. Band synchs together for a nice run at 15:50 where the band syncs.
16:24 Band brings the energy up though Trey is preferring to vamp on a few notes or chords than follow Page or Mike. As a result band kind of lulls here for some measures but they’re setting themselves up.
17:10 Trey unleashes with Fishman. The two play off each other here extremely well. Band cranks it up a few notches with great energy.
18:00 Fishman plays his snare on the 2 and 4, all while Trey builds up the melody with Page and Mike. It’s hose time.
18:40 Mega peak.
18:56 Still trying to push it. Fishman goes into that mode where he just plays so many fills that there isn’t even a beat. 19:06 Page plays a nice line on the high octave of the grand.
19:40 Band brings it down a notch. Mike plays a nice line and Fishman follows suit,
19:54 Mike and Fishman just take over, totally changing the jam.
20:00 Crowd yelling now, trying to rinse off a bit from the hosing, nice mellow groove has arrived.
20:30 Fishman mellowing out on the ride cymbal, Page, Trey and Mike just playing slow funky lines over each other.
21:00 They being this slow walkdown jam. Page on the clav, Trey with a nice funky very ’97 tone. Fishman has some great fills in this segment on the toms.
21:40 Crowd is soaking it up.
22:ish Trey playing lines high up on his guitar, nice noodly spacey but melodic lines.
22:25 Fishman puts some rimshots in his beat. Page and Trey are really playing well of each other with Gordon tastefully walking down the bassline.
23:30 Band continues walkdown jam.
23:50 Trey starts to overlay some feedback over the walkdown. Establishes a crunchier tone
24:15 Trey fully enters with a crunchier rock and roll tone and Page immediately answers, switching over to the grand piano.
25:00 Trey plays “around” the walk down for a bit, seemed like things were gonna get interesting for a bit there but they are playing it safe from here.
25:38 Trey goes into full feedback mode, everyone follows suit.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by FlaxBandit

FlaxBandit The greatest Ghost ever played. Crazy YEM>Rocky Mountain Way. As cleanly played a show as you will ever hear.

Everyone already knows all that. The hidden gem in this show is the Split Open and Melt. Another of those jams that I like to say "turned inside out". This jam is dark and brooding and there is that magical moment where the music just turns inside out into this amazing lament for about a minute then back into the song. It isn't a huge long segment, but it is one of those perfect moments of improv where the universe aligns and is revealed to us through music. No one ever remembers this one because the Ghost from this show is so big, but I'd throw in this as a must hear for any lover of dark jams or of SOAMs. Not the greatest version ever just one of those perfect moments of music.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by User_3390_

User_3390_ Just had to comment that this Ghost of totally off the hook, best I ever saw live (maybe best ever...who really knows)....Bytheway I miss the older version beginning to Ghost.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by nopotatoes

nopotatoes This was my 3rd show and a last minute ticket purchase due to overseas travel prior to the show. Managed to score a nice pavilion ticket a couple of days before the show (which seemed to much more difficult in 98 and 99.) There was still a feeling that you were in on the secret that was finally out by summer 98. Everyone near me kept talking about the show the night before in Raleigh and the huge thunderstorm and the massive 2nd set. Also heard about the craziness of the 1st night in Va Beach and was hopeful for a strong show. This show did NOT disappoint.

There were so many highlights to the show, but to me none stand out higher than the Ghost. The funky intro, the fact that so few people knew what it was (myself included) until the words were sung, and then the jam. I'll always think of it like a train slowly building steam and chugging along. For years I've had Trey's guitar leads from this version of this song constantly playing in my head. The theme that he solidifies around the 9:30 mark and repeats a few times is gold. The music that built around that riff and then expanded from it was amazing...the perfect musical launch pad. The pacing of everything in that song was perfect and I don't know if it will ever be topped. At 26+ minutes long, it was the gravy of the show and contains a few nice peaks and valleys and then more climbs back up the mountain with a final dissolution into Sample. PYITE set the table perfectly for this version of Ghost and for my ears it's still the gold standard. It's still the thing that I can look back at that convinced me to make it to every show I could possibly attend from that point forward. (Side note - the version of this song that can be downloaded through The Leaked Soundboard Project website is pretty amazing even though KP seems to downplay's a much better sound than I had ever heard before and now he's got the whole show - though I haven't heard that yet.)

Other highlights for me...the Julius opener is really nice and drawn out in a way that I've rarely heard elsewhere. Very loose with a nice build before they drop the volume down and then bring it back to a nice final peak and then close...a version that will always stand out for me as one of the best (but is there ever a bad version?) The YEM was also quite unique, as others have mentioned.

Very strong show. Very difficult to understate how good this Ghost is. Very cool to hear the voices of the guys "Yeah!" a few times during the build up of the 18th minute of Ghost. They were feeling it and loving it. Everyone was.

There are many times when I wonder if the band ever listens to stuff like this and remembers how funky they could be. I still enjoy the new stuff, but I still love the way they allowed this whole show to breathe.

Other random note during setbreak. The PA system was playing Primus' - Wynona's Big Brown Beaver and some kid was onstage with Trey's original Languedoc strumming along. He wasn't plugged in but seemed to be having a good time...may have been a family member of someone. I was jealous.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Come for the Ghost, stay for the Ghost. This is a fantastic early show on the Summer Tour, and it's really all about that Ghost. This is hands down the most locked-in, funkiest, grooviest Ghost of the entire summer tour. I used to think the Denver 97 Ghost was top dog, but after several listens to this version, I'd have to say that the Lakewood Ghost nudges it out as best ever, at least in my book. The porno-funk just rages so hard and never relents. There are other great jams sprinkled throughout this show, but it really just boils down to how awesome that Ghost is. Listen to it... NOW!
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by zsmith0307

zsmith0307 Phish really started on fire this tour... I can't think of another tour that started stronger than 7/21->7/22->7/23. And this show is the best of the three.

First set highlights are the Julius and SOAM, although this set is slightly weaker than 7/22.

However, as everyone knows, the Ghost hear is must-listen. Funk at its finest. I also like this YEM more than others, the jam is clearly infectious and fun. In fact, I would say it's the best of tour, to my ears anyway. Every fan should really have both 7/22 and 7/23 in their collections.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by art_vandelay

art_vandelay the boys ended the 1st set on a high note with a nice SOAM & a ripping "possum". during setbreak, i was filing out of the seating area & was surrounded by a relatively quiet group of folks.....i softly muttered "so, how 'bout that 'possum'?", and suddenly the group exploded in unison "hell, yeah!!!!" OK, so i DIDN'T imagine it after

the second set is beyond description. this version of "ghost" is essential listening for any self-respecting fan, period. they don't make 'em like this any more! they could've tanked the rest of the set & i still would've gotten my money's worth because of that "ghost"....but the fun was only beginning. the YEM played on this night is my favorite ever, if for no other reason than the "mule"-esque jam tacked onto it never fails to leave me in stitches. and this version of "chalkdust" is also unlike any other, alternating between quiet whispering during the verses (both lyrically AND musically) & slobberknocker guitar work during the instrumental parts. it wasn't the longest version of "chalkdust", but it definitely hammered its point home with authority. overall, one of my favorite sets to listen to.....
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by jasonglover77

jasonglover77 Best Ghost !!!
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by A_Mighty_Sterr

A_Mighty_Sterr This is my first post ever on .NET but I have been an avid reader here for many a year... anyway, I’ll keep this short... or as short as I can. I have used to be able to run before I found out that I had hip dysplasia and couldn’t run anymore... but this “Ghost”... this “Ghost”. I’d start with “Julius” on my run to get warmed up and then I’d go to “SOAM” where the manic energy would keep me going, but the finale would be with “Ghost”. That’s where the steep hills would be... and I had it timed where each of the musical peaks would hit as I was in the middle of a steep incline toward a literal peak... the rush of the bands final two peaks could get me through some of the toughest spots of my routes... anyway, I don’t even know how I initially found this “Ghost”. I think it was back in around ‘10 and I think I just searched “Best Ghost” the google. I picked through beyond the usual suspects that I already knew and loved, found this one, and downloaded it probably on archive. Since then it (and this entire show) has been in the top of my top favorite shows.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads This is an above-average show, in my opinion, even for 1.0. In the context of 1997, particularly that Fall, maybe its shine pales a bit. But you get an all-time classic jam in Ghost. You Enjoy Myself has a fun deviation (though I don't really get the Rocky Mountain Way thing, especially since Trey doesn't bust out a Talk Box.) In the first set, Julius is highly noteworthy. The Type-I'ers to follow are all really pleasant. It's funny to hear a Water in the Sky wherein the crowd doesn't erupt with glee at the "Filter out the Everglades" lyrics, as it has since Big Cypress. Limb by Limb was good, but I don't remember much about it. However,
"Limb by Limb, Split Open and Melt, Billy Breathes, Possum" is quite the stack of tunes to close a first set. The catalogue was still pretty pure at this point--perhaps with the exception of "Dogs Stole Valuable Playing Time in the Setlist." I wish I'd been there.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by ElihuRoot

ElihuRoot Pepe le pew!!!
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by Cheard

Cheard Wow; My first show turned 15 years old! I think most would agree this was a good way to start.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by CornFromAJar

CornFromAJar Vividly remember the SOAMule-like jam. Gotta relisten to this one. My phirst show. :)
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by TheEmu

TheEmu I would add that this is an unusual and fantastic Julius to open the show, a real highlight for the first set.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by Larry_Hood

Larry_Hood Emerging from Europe after unlocking the secrets of funk, Phish definitely flexed their new found muscle during Ghost. By this point Ghost had begun to emerge as a newly refined jam vehicle, with this performance elevating it to the status that it would continue to hold throughout the year. In typical Phish form the band follows up one of the best jams of the year with a YEM that features a good ole Russian folk jam!?! Its difficult to keep from cracking a smile when listening to this YEM. After bringing down the roof with Ghost, Phish brought back some old nerd-rock antics with this comical and lighthearted jam.

This another good early Summer '97 show with a Ghost for the ages and a silly, if not charming YEM. Get those two at least
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: Julius: Smoking, absolutely red hot. The way they take it way down low, and the fiery jam is seriously unreal. If you ever wonder if 1997 is overhyped or they aren’t that tight, you need to listen to this. Each member is so in tune with their mates – it is just wonderful to listen to. Incredible musicianship, and all off the cuff and improvised. Spectacular. All timer Julius.

Dirt: Timing seems a bit off leading up to the lyrics.

NICU: Standard. >

Dogs Stole Things: Standard. >

Ginseng Sullivan: Standard.

Water in the Sky: Standard.

Limb By Limb: Strong version with a nice peak but don’t think I would seek this one out necessarily.

Split Open and Melt: Super funky jam out of the gate. This gets down and dirty. Definitely a face melter. Lots of craziness towards the end.

Billy Breathes: Well-placed for sure. Beautiful solo.

Possum: Textbook on how to create tension and release. Face melting rager. Highly recommended! Rocking hard into set break. When lights came up I can only imagine what the crowd looked like!

SET 2: Punch You in the Eye: Standard. In the intro it sounds like Trey is saying Joe Horn a few times or something like that?

Ghost: The first segment of this jam is so clean and raging, I love it. Around the 12 minute mark it shifts into a fast paced funk jam featuring some crazy sounds from Page. 18 and a half Fishman just screaming as Trey burns Lakewood to the ground, absolutely incendiary! The chill jam at the end is truly great. The effects at the very end (Frankenstein esque) work perfectly to transition into >

Sample in a Jar: Standard.

You Enjoy Myself: Absolutely nuts with all the klezmer stuff and yelling/screaming – pure chaos! Goofy stuff like this was commonplace in European winter and summer tours ->

Rocky Mountain Way Jam: Fun stuff right here. >

Chalk Dust Torture: Standard, it smokes.

ENCORE: Frankenstein – Standard.

Replay Value: Julius, Split Open and Melt, Possum, Ghost, You Enjoy Myself

Summary: Another monster show. That Ghost is very special, an all timer and many consider it the best version they have ever played. This shows is most definitely a barnburner. : Phish. Net has it at 4.542/5 (260 ratings) – I have no qualms with that – top notch stuff.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by dr_strangelove

dr_strangelove Stellar show that caps the stellar opening weekend for Phish's return from Europe. Must hear material laced throughout. Incredible show. Highlights:

1) Julius: After hearing Julius follow the same mold time after time, what a delight this version is! This Type I jam goes from full-on rage mode down to cool, bluesy mode and stays fun the whole time. Mike is particularly excellent in this version, with Page and Trey setting a nice backdrop for his bass riffing. The energy ramps back up for the final coda, foreshadowing the arrival of many more unexpected delights.

2) SOAMelt: Drops straight into some lite porno funk which is awesome. Didn't know you could f*** to this song. Eventually, the jam begins a meandering journey to the more familiar tension-building dynamics. The journey is worth the effort, because the band finally locks in and raises some spine-tingling moments of anticipation.

3) Possum: Hey kids, ever heard the phrase "rage tits"? No? Define it in a sentence, you say? Hmmm.... the 1997-07-23 Possum is rage tits.

4) Ghost: tl;dr: Gravy funk that bubbles over into the the theme song for a baby elephant dying in a mud pit... OK, the jam starts with slinky clav, Mike's snap crackle and pop basslines; the makings of smooth gravy funk. Trey cranks the burner, causing the gravy to bubble from smooth to hyper-groove. The jam persists in this realm for a while (like 12+ minutes?) and its all grade-A bacon fat mixed with flour. Danceable flowing mini-grooves galore. At ~17:30, Trey goes in for the kill, attacking on a theme he had been flirting with. The peak is so good, Fishman literally starts screaming over the funk. After about 2:00 mins of this amazing peak, the jam down-shifts into a slow, plodding funk, with a melancholic feel. Like a baby elephant stuck in a mud pit, Mike's bass notes marking the slogging, plodding steps while Trey and Page are the swirling savannah birds offering pitiful cries of woe. This weird, amazing jam grows in intensity until the plodding becomes thrashing and it ends with an orgasm of weird Page synth effects before Trey's guitar emerges above the din with a great transition to Sample in a Jar.

5) YEM: tl;dr: very well-played YEM becomes a demented bar mitzvah dance party.... OK, so the YEM proper is well-played and follows the funky pattern we've all come to expect. And then suddenly it's just not that anymore!? Fishman starts playing a simple 4/4 woodblock beat and this is where the jeopardy tease comes in. And jeopardy naturally leads to a Nagila Hava-esque bar mitzvah dance party? Mike takes an astounding lead (which is part of the reason this jam is resembles SOAMule), and suddenly the band starts reciting the "wash ufizzi drive me to Firenzi" refrain over this Klezmer beat. The refrains grow to ridiculous insanity, the beat speeding up, audience clapping along, before ending with a cacophony of noise that is punctured by fractured hits. And now the band is... what in the hell is going on?!? The band is playing...

6) Rocky Mountain Way: ROCKY MOUNTAIN WAY!! GTFO!! The journey getting to this song was amazing and the energy carries over into this awesome cover tune.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by ElihuRoot

ElihuRoot Pepe le pew!!
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by JMart

JMart somebody hit the nail on the head earlier, but i like to hear myself talk, so here we go.
this show got released because of the ghost, but my favorite jam of the night is definitely the melt. sometimes this song sounds like a bunch of hot garbage that doesn't make any sense musically. this is not that time.
at the start of the jam, trey flips on the wah and we get treated to a few minutes of snuff film porno funk. around 6:47 he abandons the wah and ramps up the distortion, followed by some sort of delay loop, which leads on a mind-bending three-minute aside that is one of the more ominous passages in phish music. the emotion this passage evokes could be called dread, and would morph into outright dread, were the listener not fairly convinced that trey summoned this emotion on purpose AND that he was most certainly enjoying the shit out of it.
what psychonaut is satisfied with *thinking* he took too much, when the real pro *knows* he took too much. welcome to 97 phish.
, attached to 1997-07-23

Review by TheFuckinBook_Man

TheFuckinBook_Man Man it was nice, the memories of this show. The kickin' it with the dude in the group who was an old friend but i hadn't seen in years- us finding hash, which wasn't ever around our hometown, the sound of an approaching nebula that gratefully didn't take us away but instead let us talk to each other after the show and ask ourselves if next time we would go to space. Musta happened during Ghost.
A bundle of other great versions of songs like the LxL, Melt, YEM Way, and my second Billy Breathes at my 2nd show!
The feeling of being at this show (on some hash, no hallucinogens) with its music was more otherworldly to me than the music and me at my first show 11/6/96 while on L. Now we know why! This show has better music. See ya in Huntsville
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