This show marked the beginning of Phish's Baker's Dozen run at Madison Square Garden and consisted of a Coconut donut theme. Coconut donuts were given to fans arriving at the venue and the show featured the Phish debuts of Shake Your Coconuts and Coconut. The lyrics of Shake Your Coconuts were changed to reference the Baker's Dozen. Reba did not have whistling. Walls of the Cave contained a Streets of Cairo tease by Trey. Mike teased Thread in Tweezer.

Jam Chart Versions
Streets of Cairo tease, Streets of Cairo tease in Walls of the Cave, Thread tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 2000)

This show was part of the "2017 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by Campster

Campster With one day of rest between me and the opening weekend of the Dozen the first show stands out as both a fine run opener and a clear indicator of how the band seems to be approaching the run. All that to say, set I jamming, anything goes song selection, set II jamming, donut theme, and great encores! (basically awesome top tier Phish)

Set I opened with Shake Your Coconuts. I didn't know the tune, but it was a fun and energetic start and set the tone with regards to the theme.

Martian Monster works almost anywhere and it did so in the second spot. Good version with plenty of fun.

Timber Ho! is similarly always welcome and this version is sublime. It's not too long but makes and immediate detour to the upbeat major direction and is really quite stunning. Fantastic first jam of the run.

555 was ordinary. Pigtail was afterward and similarly pretty normal. I did think it had a better than usual solo from Trey, but I can't say that definitively.

Halfway to the Moon completed a bit of an odd run of songs, but this version also had a better than usual solo from Trey in my opinion. Surprisingly strong.

Reba was very welcome with it's coconut reference. The composed section was not perfect but also not terrible. The jam was great and the finale peaked several times. Very strong and emotional playing. One of the best I've heard.

Moonage Daydream carried my favorite guitar solo of the night. Boy did this thing slay. Trey was an absolute monster. Unbelievable. Almost wish he played with that ferociousness more ;)

WOTC was a great choice and closed a very strong opening frame out in style. Fits this spot like a glove.

Set II opened with a Tweezer that took a nice long road to a blissful peak. a very Groovy bliss jam basically carries this 16 minute version all the way home, with a sublime full band peak accompanied by some glorious Trey trilling.

Seven Below emerged and was another fine jam and probably my favorite of the night. Definitely grab that opening 30 minutes!!

Billy breathes and Sparkle was an odd but fun pairing.

Everything's Right was new to me. Bad song. GREAT jam. This one was awesome (after the song part). Probably the second best jam of the night!

Slave emerged from the jam nicely and was very sweet, albeit a bit short to me. Still beautiful and a nice conclusion.

Suzy was a really energetic choice and worked very well. Page was absolutely on fire!

Coconut was a riot. Great job.

Encore of Mango to GTBT was pure inspiration. Both were excellent and GTBT was a clinic from Trey.

Overall an amazing opening show. Great jamming all around in Timber, Reba, Moonage and WOTC; Tweezer -7 Below and Everything's right were all very choice. Great show top to bottom.
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by dublindeuce

dublindeuce So a little personal backstory before I get into my review of this show. Feel free to skip ahead of this next paragraph if you don't care about my personal attachment to this show and why it means a lot to me.

My first Phish show was 12/31/15, which was an absolutely fantastic show. However, at the time I only knew a handful of Phish songs and was incredibly stoned. As a result, I have very few memories from that night. I remember getting Possum, Wilson, and Wolfman's Brother at that first show and being excited because I actually knew those songs, but that's about all I remember from that night. Fast forward a couple months into the early months of 2016, and since that New Year's 2015>2016 show I had transformed into a huge Phish fan. My favorite song when I first started really listening to Phish a lot on my own was Tweezer, and it's still my favorite Phish song now. When Phish announced the New Years run going into 2017, I knew I had to attend a couple of those shows. My second and third Phish shows were 12/28/16 and 12/29/16 respectively, and while those were also great shows, I was dissappointed that the Tweezer I was hunting for kept eluding me. This brings us to Friday, July 21st, 2017. Today was the first night of the Baker's Dozen, and my fourth show. Now let's get to reviewing the show.

---(Review starts here)----

After a pretty hot first five nights of tour, Phish finally rolls into the Big Apple to start their highly anticipated Baker's Dozen. Each night of the Baker's Dozen has a different Donut flavor as a theme for the show, and it appears that Phish will play a couple songs each night to suit the flavor Donut of that night.

So Phish starts the first night of Baker's Dozen with the debut of Junior Senior's Shake Your Coconuts, a rocking and high energy song to get the Donuts rolling and the fans dancing.

Martian Monster came next, which is always fun and a little trippy.

Timber Ho! is a good addition to any setlist, but this version was way too short. The boys have probably been dying to play Timber since the "Chimple" 6 days prior, which was filled with Timber teases. They finally decided to jam on Timber proper, but the song only lasted seven or eight minutes. They should've jammed it out more to follow up the "Chimple".from 7/15.

Strong versions of 555 and Pigtail came next. At this point I was a little underwhelmed with how the set was panning out so far. Well executed versions of each song, but shortish jams and not much to write home about.

The Halfway to the Moon that came next got things much jammier. Page and Trey particularly shone in this excellent version. I much preferred this version to the one I got on 12/28/16.

And now finally, after a full calendar year and 31 Phish shows, our little lady friend REBA was dusted off and taken for spin. This wasn't my first Reba; I got one at my first show, but for reasons mentioned prior, I have no memory of that Reba taking place. But boy was this a good Reba. Trey nailed the complicated composed sections, and during the bliss jam towards the end of the song I truly felt like I was going to start crying from joy.

Moonage Daydream, a song debuted last Halloween, was given a kickass reading. Trey sounded fantastic with the grungy riffing.

A nice Walls of the Cave ended a good first set, with Reba and Moonage Daydream being jams of the set.

Now during setbreak my friends and I were debating what would open the second set. The two most likely candidates we came up with were Tweezer and Mike's Song; two typically second set songs that can be used as monster jamming vehicles. These songs also had both not yet been played during summer tour.

When the opening notes to TWEEZER kicked in after a 40 minute setbreak, I screamed as loudly as I ever have in my life. Finally after more than a year and a half of waiting to get my favorite Phish song, it was finally happening. I headbanged my head so hard during the first 10 seconds of the song that I think I may have concussed myself. Whoops. This Tweezer had some great tension build ups and releases, and the band quickly left the composed section of the song behind for a bliss jam that had me enthralled. 16 minutes of glorious bliss jamming ensued, and I was digging every second of it.

The band cools down the jam and moves into Seven Below. Seven Below felt extremely mellow, groovy, and funky. The composed parts of the song were once again quickly executed and the band jumped right into improvisational mode. This Seven Below jam was quite excellent, and almost itself reached the blissful peaks that the Tweezer did prior to it. This Tweezer > Seven Below should really be listened to together as one jam. All 30 minutes or so of it are incredible.

Billy Breathes and Sparkle were interesting, yet enjoyable picks to round out the first half of the second set.

Everything's Right is a new TAB song that was debuted by Phish on the first night of this tour, 7/14/17 in Chicago. I remember livestreaming that show and being impressed by the jam potential on that version, but the version from tonight just blew the cover off of the debut. This was another glorious and happy jam that the band took farther and farther out there. Mike especially was strong in this version, and I felt he moved the jam along perfectly with his playing.

When they went into the joyous classic Slave to the Traffic Light, I thought that this would end the set for sure. But nope, the band treated us to an energetic Suzy Greenberg with a little extra mustard. I was even more sure the set would end after Suzy. I couldn't believe it when the band walked to the front of the stage to perform an acapella song. "Coconut" by Harry Nillson was a hilarious and goofy way to end the set, all keeping within the theme of Coconut for this night's show.

For the encore, the rare "Mango Song" was played for the first time in over a year, and I was so happy to get this song. Just earlier today before the show I was telling a friend about how I really wanted to hear a Mango song, and like magic, I got it. I thought that Tweeprise would for sure close the show, but instead of doing the expected, Phish surprised everyone with a rocking version of Good Times Bad Times. It was great seeing Trey get so into these Zeppelin licks. It proves that Trey can still shred like the master guitar player he is.

The show ended on Good Times Bad Times, the second time I've gotten that song as an encore.

This was all around a terrific show. The first set highlights were Halfway to the Moon, Reba, and Moonage Daydream. The second set highlights were jammed out versions of Tweezer, Seven Below, and Everything's Right, and a joyful Slave > Suzy.

All I can say is that this is definitely the best Phish show I've ever been to. The emotional weight of getting a Reba and my long awaited Tweezer is what makes this show truly special for me, but overall the band played excellent from the beginning of the first set to the last notes of Good Times Band Times.

I can't wait to go back to MSG and do it all again tomorrow.
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish Just some comments to make as I come back and listen to these shows. I feel that at the time, listening to the tour very intently, it was just all so crazy to have a realistic view of what was going on. These shows were definitely a peak in Phish's career and if you listen to Trey talk about these shows on the Under the Scales podcast with Tom Marshall, you'll know that the band felt it too. I couch toured this show with a couple of friends and it was great to see the band feeling so hyped up on the energy in that room. A friend who went said he never heard a crowd so loud when they broke into Moonage Daydream.

There's been enough reviews and comments on the songs themselves but i just wanted to point out that the Seven Below really let us know that we were in for a different type of run. Great jam and drops into type 2 immediately, no hesitation or second guessing by the band. I would also like to point out that Everything's Right definitely -> into Slave rather than >, but to each their own. After hearing this song get jammed out quite a bit this most recent tour, it's cool to come back and hear an early version. Definitely a different structure. Rather than taking a straight dive for darker waters, Page brings a little funk to the mix.
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by MrPalmers1000DollarQ

MrPalmers1000DollarQ A nice show to kick off an absolutely historic run. Ultimately didn't think the performance was stellar (Reba was fairly rocky, some missed cues in Moonage Daydream, and Trey's voice definitely lost some oomph by the end of the night), but I'm taking this with a grain of salt given the two weeks to come. Really liked the song choices. Thought it was fun that they set up the Tweezer / Tweeprise bookends from the get go, as well.

Setlist Thoughts
- Shake Your Coconuts brought a super fun energy to kick off the night. With Martian Monster as a more traditional follow up full of flash from all four members, the night is off to a strong start.
- Timber slips into major territory, arguably due to a mistake on Trey's end. As they say in jazz, though, when you play a wrong note, you just gotta play it again to make everyone think it was on purpose. The jam builds nicely before landing smoothly back into minor territory to wrap up the tune.
- Reba was a bit rough. Even at the slower pace, the composed section gave the boys a little bit of trouble. This is unfortunately one of the more consistent downsides of 3.0, but I try to hold off until the end of the jam to solidify my thoughts. While not especially spectacular, Reba always itches what it needs to. No whistling, but Moonage Daydream filled the singalong space for me.
- Walls of the Cave isn't one of my favorite tunes...until the upbeat part comes in. the band rides this one into the sunset with a ton of energy.
- Tweezer N1? Wonder what the last song of the run will be.... Jam is pretty subdued until the last couple minutes, where they finish in grand 3.0 fashion with an almost Bathtub Gin chord change.
- Seven Below is jammed out pretty nicely. Not my absolute favorite, but another fun 3.0 exploration.
- Everything's Right felt like it had a little more left in the tank, but I supposed we are all slaves to the traffic light.
- Coconut was a nice touch, though the sweeter dessert here was the Mango Song > GTBT encore.
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by themayor

themayor Hello all, I am a new phan as of a year ago. The last few weeks I have really been getting HEAVILY into Phish. But for the past year I have on and off been enjoying their shows. But I keep a journey spreadsheet of all the shows I've listened to. So here I am starting my journey through the Baker's Dozen. Gotta start somewhere, so today is N1.
Shake Your Coconuts is unfamiliar, but it was fun as an opener

Martian Monster is a fun song as well. i also wasn't familiar with this one, but the crowd seemed to go crazy when it started. Looking forward to hearing more of this tune.

Timber I had heard before, and it is another upbeat and fun song. Starting off the run with some energy. I like it.

555 slowed the mood down a bit moving into the middle portion of the set. Performed well, and its a good song on its own. Does well here.

Pigtail kind of just went right by me, but that could just be me.

Halfway to the Moon was nice. Didn't know this tune either.

Reba. Classic. The jam was nice, but it didn't grab me very much. Luckily I know they have a lot more up their sleeve.

Moonage is also unfamiliar to me, but they did it really nicely. I liked this one.

Finally Walls of the Cave. They really rocked this one. It started off real nice and then shredded apart in the end.

Tweezer opener. What could be more classic than that? No surprise, its the longest track of the show. Goes into some really smooth jamming that departs from Tweezer's upbeat bounce. Insanely nice.

> into Seven Below after Tweezer's peak and mellowing out. A bit awkward but mostly seamless >. It went places, though. It got energetic quick, and without me even realizing it.

Billy Breathes is always beautiful and a great time. No divergence here.

Sparkle was proper frightening. All over the place in the most complimentary way. This one will throw you for a loop.

Everything's Right, which I had heard from the best of Baker's Dozen album on Spotify, was excellent. Picked for the album for good reason. I love this song, and only having heard it originally on Sigma Oasis, its amazing how together the song was all the way back then.

Slave was fun and awesome as usual. Nothing totally special, but completely great nonetheless.

Then we got a crazy upbeat Suzy. Another simply fun track. Nothing special, but special isn't needed.

Finished out with Coconut, a cover, to top off the theme for the night.

E: Started with a pleasant Mango Song, and then went into GTBT, a classic cover. They rock this one, which isn't surprising. A great end to N1.

Overall N1 wasn't anything too special, although that Tweezer is to die for, in my opinion. I don't see how anyone could be mad at this show/set list knowing that they were getting 12 more nights of jams over the coming weeks. This was a good show that warmed the palate for what was to come.

I can't wait to hear N2
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by nickulus

nickulus This was my first show in a year - so I went in hoping for a great experience and nothing more. From the get go, I got what I had hoped for. Tunes were energetic, fun and several were new for me - including Reba (I've been to enough shows that I was beginning to think I was cursed).

MSG on the floor was fantastic - won't do it another way. Lights were fantastic, vibe was great. I love the people I run into and sharing in the groove with a group of strangers cut from the same cloth.

Highlights: Timber, Tweezer 2nd set opener, Mango in the encore.

Show: 4/5, Experience: 5/5
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads I found this opening show of the Baker's Dozen to be average-great (a steady 3 out of 5 stars.) Reason being, there are two exceptional jams (in Seven Below and Everything's Right), but otherwise, there are somewhat typical renditions of many songs, including a particularly slow Reba--a song which lends its talents best to a faster tempo, in my opinion--and a Tweezer which, although 15 minutes long or so, didn't ever really shift into It territory. The Phish debut of Shake Your Coconuts was phun, and I hope they employ similar disco-type rhythms in the future in some of their jams. That and Moonage Daydream were probably the highlights of Set I, unless you were jonesing so much for a Reba that you could deal with the knowledge that this one isn't legendary. The a cappella turn at Harry Nilsson's Coconut didn't really cohere, for me, and I'm a big fan of that song, so I'd hoped they'd've played it straight (i.e., with instrumentation) but their vocals aren't really up to scratch for a song like that at this point. As always with average Phish, it's the premier alternative to mainstream pabulum and so forth, but I just thought they'd come out quite a bit more revved-up after the previous 5 shows. I'll be glad to see the return of big jams, tighter playing, and more polished vocals, through the remainder of the B. D. There'll be water if God wills it.
, attached to 2017-07-21

Review by s1177375

s1177375 These 13 shows are better than entire years . . .not 1997 8 or 99 or 2012 those years are in a league of their own. . .but any other year . . .falls below 2017 . . .The Nutter and Peterson were awesome preludes and even shaking off the dust w new songs at Chicago was not a bad 3 night. . .It was no Alpharetta 2018 (btw the Curveball shows of that tour . . .so sad that we never saw Set 4 or a alien spaceship Bowie Moon or a bliss . . .still waiting to hear Dont u Wanna Go, bliss, Gone (played only 2 x ) and If I Could . . .into Boogie On>Tweezer Reprise>Squirming Coil. . .my all time encore dream.
So since these were THAT good. . .conceptually sure fun like Chess Match or Big Ball Jam (which I always hated the dissonance but loved as an Idea. . .the simpsons DOOOOOOIOOO!!! Secret Language . . .The Dicks night 1 or 3 spelled out shows . . The Letter S . . .The Bluegrass Sessions 94 tours . . .The birth of Phish 1995 * In the Summer of 89* . . .97 and 8 Europe getting FUNKY and back to the beauty of their roots as they said in Bittersweet Film following them. . .Ending in The Great Went . . .and Lemonwheel. . .the festivals are always best . . .with one exception . . .2018 is that exception. GA won 2018 so far! I pray for a 4 set DICKS in lue of God angered and pouring out all us phans. Maybe they will make up for it somehow w an ALL NIGHT Cypress PART 2 in Colorado and they cant move the fun events and festival atmosphere but they can play all the same songs they were gonna and that be the Curveball and make it sound planned . . .by playing Some Events Arent Planned
Ok so these 13. . .for now i dont feel like a review for all 13. . .many many highlights. My favorite was not the Clapton (Cream) Boston medley. . .it was great. . .the Radiohead bustout. . equally great . . .(although we all know Fishman cant sing so it makes most any song into a funny trainwreck of sorts . . .which is great w Walfredo or a HYHU Bike Memories Touch Me or I Didnt Know same idea with a Neil Diamond or Love U Have Mercy Fooled Around Fell in Love Ass Handed Only Had a Brain Terrapin Purple Rain (btw 1999 is the song of the Donuts tour to me ) Whipping Post or the elusive Jennifer Dances and even or snake like Sexual Healing . The 13 nights was best with 1999 so much fun! The night of the tour is JAM filled obvious I know but Lawn Boy MFMF even Sample had a long Jam wow is all that i could say to that
So many fun things happened. They were relaxed and loose but tight and focused. . .they were in the element I guess in part because they didnt have to move . . .so the crew was relaxed no anxiety from flights to a new city. . .they could just enjoy New York City and chill like all the phans too. . .musta been great to be in NYC for those 2-3 weeks. . .so jealous. . .to give potheads with constant munchies donuts. . .ingenious lol

So basically the whole 13 are worth downloading and i dont say that lightly. I really mean that.

Play by Play
Shake got us dancing quick. . even has the silly line about dancing in the song
MM is my favorite of the 2014 Halloween songs . . .The Dogs>Runaway Jim>Harpua>500Miles>Harpua 2nd. . .so that song is hard to mess up and always has that fun hard edge to it . . .for all those on Acid hoping for a longer TRIP
Timber (Jerry) so cool to get Jerry instead of Ho! and it is just a great song. . .one of the best early songs . . .cant be overplayed and it was played very well. . .JAM worthy indeed . . got it right
555 on the other hand is very overplayed IMHO and I am sick of it already. . yes I got my money and my water Fishman on to the next song please. . .luckily its only 5 to 8 min long
Pigtail. . .nice bustout for Phish. . .since its underplayed I still like this one and never go see TAB so it remains thus while I maintain Conscious again ness
Halfway - I love Page but this song is overplayed . . WAY overplayed. It is a good song but bust out Middle of the Road, Marissa (that was a fun Mike's Song) Beauty of a Broken Dream, there are better songs that are played less. This is played well though and has that nice dank bluesy soul essence which I still like. Fewer circulations would be nice is all.
Reba - one of my top 10 songs and rarely disappoints. . tonight is no exception. . very well played. . .idc if no whistling
Moonage - I love Bowie love 2016 Stardust album Halloween cover...waiting forever for that one since 1994 12 years
Very Well played and Into Bowie woulda been cool but WOTC is ok. . .nothing special here version-wise. No 2-28-03 but it was a energetic way to end a set always is always will be.

Tweezer - nice mellow mid section 6-10 minute part building slowly to crescendo just in time for the bridge into the song of the night and btw they never lossed flow tonight like many 2nd sets they kept playing no stopping between songs >>>>>>>>>>>>and it doesnt always work but it did for Shakeage of COCONUTS and tits and other nuts
7 Below - song of the night - all Page the psychedelic keyboard was akin to Always Wanted It This Way very Pink Floyd near the beginning of the jam then Trey took over with battled Page for position and the playful fight was energetic. . .madness at its best. . .bouncing off each other i love those kind of jams. . .then slow down vibe time
Billy Breathes - bathroom break song of the night like a Joy Mountains in the Mist 2 Versions of Me Anything But Me Dirt Wading Circus Comes TMWSIY countless others. . .this is one of my favorite slow songs. . .and my favorite studio album so Billy has a special place in most phan hearts . . that Ghost or Farmhouse . . .Billy is King to me.
The latter part guitar solo is played perfectly and very clean . . very nice. . good job Trey!
Sparkle- This was the skip song of the night for me when i go back and listen to it a 2nd time. . .played well but i get tired of laughing and laughing and falling apart. . .great to hear live like Poor Heart. . .but a skip song on the Road or at home for me . . just saying. . .so nothing special
Everything's Right - I love this song. . .the lyrics are fun. . .(definitely Donald Trump jabs when he wrote this one) Nice Jam and the guitar solo is SMOOTH just as it needs to be to make the vibe of this song work. This song has to be played well to work live. . and tonight the COCONUTS were bouncing JUST RIGHT!!!! Trey got on digital delay loops and it was fun. . .played over himself and more Page psychedelics sprinkled in
Very nice transition into Slave I just never like a mid set Slave it feels wrong unless in a Curveball tour then i accept it lol - otherwise so not cool. . .they did it MPP 8-16-2015 almost ruined the show for me. . YEM couldnt even make up for that playing ORDER. Again they do it here and it makes the show go down energy wise significantly. . .Suzy>Coconut>Slave woulda been better . . .Slave is well played but short . . .very well played though Trey was on fire out of the gate this night!
Suzy - "you know how it goes" AHHHH AHHH A Neroooolllllllll Fishman talk part - nothing special but a great song and works even better as encore . . .so again placement screwed up vibes just a tad - Page had a nice march style breakdown section into what almost became a Mike bass solo but Mike passed and it went nowhere . . .just Trey melody licks . . just ok version at best
Coconut - THAT was FUN . . .Mike's deep voice works well for ACapella tune's . It reminded me of Grind or even more 1998 Hello My Baby . . .Got the Donuts tour off to a great NIGHT 1! And what better w Coconuts than other Tropical fruit and milk
So . . .Of course
Mango Song - I ADORE this song. . .never get tired of it! I like it better than Wedge and Gumbo Combined. . .just a cool song. . .not anything special about the version. . but like Fee. . .I like it just standard. . no need for a jam!
There was a minor lyrical flub . . quick recovery. . no big deal didnt mess up the instrumental playing
GTBT - This was unnecessary to me . . .I woulda preferred just Mango Song. Well played but OVER played . . .maybe just I think so but ive heard it 4 x and only been to 19 shows i think. Too much Zepplin more Phish originals please. . .Marley or Beatles dont count . . u can play them any day of the week . . .ALL 8

Overall a 4 . . .with many 4.2 to 4.6 to come the next 3 weeks . . .these were special shows. The phans got this one right. . .about a 3.8 to 4.1 range. . I have to say i agree. The Slave placement the 555 and Pigtail Halfway to the Moon were just ok All Set 2 as usual.
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