Character Zero opened a show for the first time ever. McGrupp was played by request with Trey taking the sign from the crowd and holding it up before starting the song. Trey forgot the second verse to Sanity, asking "What the heck's the second verse here?" Trey teased Super Bad in Tweezer. In a possible foreshadowing of the song's Phish debut the next night, Hood's intro contained brief Killing in the Name teases from Fish.
Jam Chart Versions
Killing in the Name tease in Harry Hood, Super Bad tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1991)

This show was part of the "2010 Early Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by Frankster

Frankster Let me begin by saying this venue was amazing! Chill security, little traffic in the beer line or bathrooms and stellar acoustics!!! All of the AUD versions I've heard are prestine! 24 songs makes this one of the longest shows of the year. Although 7/4 gets all of the attention this show is much more solid top to bottom. Ok lets get to it shall we?

Character Zero- I love this as an opener! Lets be honest this song had worn out it's welcome. This version is lively and immediatly whips the crowd into a frenzy. Lets hope this happens again soon.

Destiny>- I might of crapped my pants! First time so it was special and sounded great taboot. The nice little jam sandwiched in the verses is pretty sweet.

Rift- Wow what year is it? Great version!

McGrupp- Just shit my pants again! There are no bad versions of this one so . . .

Gin- GReat jamming on this one. Solid, very solid.

Mountains- I'm really liking this one. Very mellow with a floaty rythm.

Gumbo> Short but sweet. I love when they stretch this one out but it gets cut off for MSO.

MSO- Best 2 minutes of bluegrass you'll ever hear. Just kidding it was fine though.

Stealing time- What a great song. Heavy, Deep and retrospective for most. This song will grow into a monster by next year.

Strange design- I haven't heard it since clifford ball I think or at least I can't remember. Lovely as always.

Sanity- Heard it in Albany last year have now lost my sanity once again.

Antelope- Nothing crazy here but everyone loves Antelope :)

How do top the first set you ask? . . . .

R&R>- . . . thats how. My favorite opener along with Drowned. This one smokes especially the last 4-5 minutes.

Caspian>- I heard a lot of moans at the opening chords but you know what? You cheated yourself out of a great rendition. Caspian can zap the momentum on occasion but this isn't one of them. Beautiful! the transition into Tweezer will give you the willies. Trust me.

Tweezer>- Tight, Funky, SICK!!! Not long but very creative and fresh. My favorite song of the night.

Slave- Best version in over 15 years! $$$

Bouncing- if you were hating Caspian then you problably slashed your wrists when Mike started this one. I liked the call though. Stuffed a phatty and was ready to go for the 4th quarter.

Possum- solid

Backwards>- My favorite song off of Joy. Tight jam man I couldn't d stop dancing. Great jam. Bravo!

Hood>- A sign of a great show. Thought it was the closer but I was wrong once again.

Loving Cup- Best choice for a closer!

E: Monkey>Tweezer Reprise- Sent us into the lot happy as clams. Baked Clams that is.
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by gnugrass

gnugrass Absolutely amazing show! Phish totally brought the rock, and the joy was all over their faces. Big night for my family...I took the 11 year old, and he, Mom, and I are headed back for night 2. :)
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by kipconner

kipconner If there's one show that I have listened and studied more than any other, it's this one. Yes, the music was played to near perfection- as best as it can be in this era... but there was more. There was a magic in the air that visitors to our city may not have noticed. This was the first show of a summer home game for us Georgians. While we typically get blasted by a afternoon rain shower and sweat out the rest of the evening, the clouds closed, the temp dropped and the humidity kept us cool. There were no other days like this on record for the summer.

I had pit tix for this night, but would have been just as happy on the lawn of one of America's finest outdoor venues. Anytime you can see a tree and live music- someone has thought it all through.
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by omnihead

omnihead WOW. Where do I begin? This was my 77th show since 95'. The energy from the band was up there with 95' Phish. I was only able to see this show; missed the next night. On paper, the setlists are almost a toss up, with a slight edge going to the 4th for the Col. Forbins > Mockingbird, Mike's Groove, and Harpua. However, upon listening to both shows on playback, I feel 7/3 was played better. And I'm NOT just saying that because I missed the 4th! The Destiny Unbound was nearly perfect; the Bathtub was probably the most energetic version I've ever heard. And McGrupp?! Are you kidding me? Throw in a Sanity and a raging Antelope closer, and you have one of the best first sets I've ever witnessed. Second set highlights were Tweezer, Slave, Possum, and Hood. I believe this is the first time Slave and Hood have appeared in the same set! Throughout the whole show Mike was turned WAY up. I don't think Tweezer has ever gotten so funky; even in fall of 97'. The crowd was SO amped for this show and I think it rubbed off on the band. Honestly...this show may be up there in my top five of the 77 shows I've attended. And Atlanta as a whole was definitely the highlight of the tour. Get this show!
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by MrMurph

MrMurph I think this is my favorite show I have been to this year.
2nd set is dance party

Anyone hear the Landlady teases by Page at 5:25 during McGrupp?
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads Looking back at the reviews from within a few days of this show amuses me quite a bit, as this show strikes me more as a solid 3-out-of-5 than "topped only by Big Cypress." The first set is pretty songy; light on the jams, although it is a really good selection of songs. I like that they opened the show with Character Zero for the first time ever. Sanity also feels like a bustout, even if it isn't strictly one. The opening quartet of songs from Set 2 looks perhaps a lot more interesting than it really is, but ironically, Prince Caspian is the standout, with a jam that sounds familiar but weirdly unplaceable in my knowledge of Phishtory (which is admittedly not encyclopedic.) The segue is nice from Tweezer -> Slave to the Traffic Light. My favorite segues are always ->'s rather than >'s, and most often involve Fishman continuing to stride through the segue on the drums rather than dissolving or fading into the next song as he does here (for an example of a segue where he doesn't dissolve or fade, check one of my all-time favorite jams: 10/30/98 Stash -> Manteca.) Harry Hood is the other standout from the remainder of the show, and you get a Sleeprise (Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise, as contrasted with Monkey Top, which is Sleeping Monkey > Rocky Top) encore for a nice send-off into the Alpharetta night.
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by JaHitch

JaHitch Fishman teases 'Killin in the Name' at 0:16 on Harry Hood
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by phishphan74

phishphan74 Topped only by Big Cypress! More fun than I've ever had. Never seen the guys happier. Amazing setlist!
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by Smith91

Smith91 This was my first show, and 12 years later it still holds up as a really solid show. Before the type 2 Zero that opened up night 3 of Orange Beach 2022, this was the only ever Zero show opener. Some more rare tunes like Destiny, McGrupp, and Sanity were a nice treat. Great song selections for first set. Second set Caspian through Slave is the highlight of this show. Don’t sleep on that Caspian! Really enjoyed this show. Crazy to think it’s been 12 years since my life was forever changed by this incredible band.
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by highhat

highhat 7-3 soundcheck:

All of These Dreams, Dr. Gabel, drum and bass (Manteca-like)
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by diddy

diddy Wow-This was truly the best Phish show i have seen in the past 13 or 14 years. From beginning to end it was like the old phish was back. They had an old familiar energy that felt good 2 the phans and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves more than i've seen in the last couple of years. Oh Yea they NAILED it too!
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by troll123

troll123 There is a Startin' Something preformed by Page starting at 9 minutes and 11 seconds into the song. check it out. amazing two nights
, attached to 2010-07-03

Review by Colonel_Forbin

Colonel_Forbin was anyone on here in the group of people that charged the fence during setbreak when the lights went down?
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