If I Could included the variation with a preceding Trey guitar solo. The jam in It’s Ice featured Fish on vacuum. Stash was unfinished. Suzy included Sunshine of Your Love and Smoke on the Water teases. Funky Bitch was dedicated to the tour-heads as an always requested but never played song. Portions of this show were used in Mike Gordon’s 1997 short film Goodwood; the entire gig was simulcast live on Boston’s WBCN 104.1 FM.
Sunshine of Your Love and Smoke on the Water teases in Suzy Greenberg
Debut Years (Average: 1990)

This show was part of the "1995 Summer Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1995-07-01

Review by ColForbin

ColForbin My 4th show, and although I remember having a blast at the show, this review will be based on a relisten.

Set I:

Ya Mar and Llama are your typical super-tight 1995 versions. Great way to start a show, as always. If I Could is notable for containing a neat guitar solo intro, and a pretty type I jam in the outro definitely worth a listen if you like the tune. I love to hear them nail a complicated tune like ATR. It's Ice has a very cool breakdown/chillout section with Trey, Page and Mike all doing fun stuff and Fishman on vacuum. Good news about Fuckerpants - it's one of the shortest of all time. SOAM has an awesome dark jam, must must hear! Jam section is about 12 minutes of everything that is great about 95 Phish. Some great syncopated jamming about 9 minutes in. About 12 minutes in they hit on a melodic theme and take it out of the SOAM beat. Just a wall of sound coming from the band, with everyone feeling it. Head back into the coda of melt about 15 minutes in, with Trey doing some awesome anthemic fills.This is a truly amazing version of Melt, highly recommended. Bouncing is a welcome respite from the intensity of the SOAM. Unexceptional but fun Chalkdust ends the set.

Highlights: If I Could (for the intro), SOAM!!!

Set II:

It took about 10 seconds longer for the crowd to start chanting Wilson in 1995 than it does now. Maze is very fiery version. Theme was still very new at this point; I was aware of it but I'm not sure I even had my Lowell tapes yet. Funny that in the past it could take 6+ weeks to hear a new Phish song. Very cool jam segment, with Trey doing some interesting descending series of notes. Man, it would be great if they could play Theme like this now. But just to show that they weren't infallible in 95, they botch the beginning of Uncle Pen. Most 95 Stashes are spectacular, and this one is no exception. Trey switches to an awesome almost watery tone about 15 minutes in that is a joy to hear, some really delicate playing. Cool solo by Page to close it out and segue into Strange Design, another song that debuted in Lowell. Then Acoustic Army, kinda fun to see live, but really should be banned from the second set. Seriously, they should have just gone straight to the Hood. And this is like the platonic ideal of a Hood, amazing building jam, I definitely got IT at the show during it. Fun Suzy + teases to close out the set, then a Funky Bitch encore dedicated to people on tour who always request it (odd that Funky Bitch used to be comparatively rare).

Highlights: Theme, Stash, Hood!

4 out of 5 stars.
, attached to 1995-07-01

Review by bostonron

bostonron There have been pivotal, milestone moments over the years listening to Phish where everything clicks. I get "IT". Most of these happened during my formative years as a new fan. It's all new but you stumble across those special jams that really touch you. They leave an imprint within you for many years to come, and as you age, these jams become like a loved ones. In many ways, these jams can sum up your feelings for Phish more then any words ever could. Harry Hood from this night is just that for me.

The song begins in normal Hood fashion. Fun interplay but nothing out of the ordinary for a '95 Hood. It is a flawless Hood throughout the first few sections. The band is tight leading up to the jam.

As soon as the band slides into the Hood jam you know this will be special. Right from the start Page takes the lead and a gorgeous, mellow piano driven jam develops around Mike and Fishs classic Hood groove. Trey lays way back and provides delicate strumming behind Pages beautiful playing. The jam develops, slowly in intensity. Building mine crescents that roll over on themselves like waves breaking on the beach. We ride this singular wave for almost three minutes before Trey comes in building a wall of sound ever so delicately.

Trey comes in strong a little over half the jam, develops a building theme which falls into yet another delicate section of the jam. Does not last long as Trey continues to push the jam forward. Building on gained momentum, he builds the jam to a frenzy, and when you think a classic Hood explosion is coming, he continues to build until you just can't handle it anymore. The jam crashes through a momentary wall of sound eventually settling on a warp speed Hood ending coda. Trey shines here. Classic arena rock star Trey. Emotional note bends, machine gun Trey taking the band to the limits and back. There are two instances where the band capture pure energy and thrust it on the crowd. The final two Hood peaks here compliment a journey through all that feels good about Hood.

The perfect Hood, IMO.
, attached to 1995-07-01

Review by pikepredator

pikepredator In my early tape collecting days I had one with the 2nd set of this show plus the split open as filler. with maze, stash, and hood, the 4 "big tunes" from this show totally deliver.

but the hood stands above the other three as it is an awe-inspiring best ever kind of version. it's got one uplifting, passionate trey lick after another as they move to the chorus. that tune and the greatwoods divided sky from the gamehenge set were what got me hooked on phish way back when.
, attached to 1995-07-01

Review by JOEB7891

JOEB7891 This 2nd set is very intense. The Wilson>Maze is a great 1 2 punch to start the set off. Phish played Maze very well in 95.

One of my favorite combos is to follow Maze with Theme. They just flow so well together.

The Stash is a monster jam that goes all over the place.

I was not at this show, but I had this tape in my car and played it to death. Still one of my favorite Maze's of all time.
, attached to 1995-07-01

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, SATURDAY 07/01/1995
Mansfield, MA

SET 1:

Ya Mar: Nicely jammed.

Llama: Standard.

If I Could[1] Check out the first minute of Trey messing around with the original guitar intro. The jam in this one while not technically perfect, has a ton of heart. Would recommend. >

All Things Reconsidered:

It's Ice[2] The jam in this one is off the wall with Mike on the electric drill and Fish on vac >

Prince Caspian: Standard. >

Split Open and Melt: Great version! Even the experienced psychonauts in attendance could have been intimidated by this chaos infused beast. Would recommend.

Bouncing Around the Room: Standard. >

Chalk Dust Torture: Standard.

SET 2:

Wilson: Standard. >

Maze: Look out below, Trey really works this one over. It’s an easy all timer and highly recommended.

Theme From the Bottom: Standard.

Uncle Pen: Not a fan of the placement.

Stash[3] Right out of the gate this one is very intense and driven. Initial peak in the early 12’s is epic and face melting. Then, they drag you back into the pit of despair for another drubbing. Eventually, they get into a spot that sounds like Trey is playing that klezmer stuff the way he does in SOAMule. It goes on in this vein for a good stretch then fizzles into a gorgeous solo from Page on the baby grand setting up a beautiful segue into Strange Design. This Stash is super sick. But what holds it back from being an all timer is the fact that it doesn’t have a proper ending with a second peak. Still, would recommend. >

Strange Design: Standard.

Acoustic Army: Standard.

Harry Hood: The beginning of this jam is absolutely sublime, especially with Page’s leads on the baby grand – doesn’t get any better. This is what 3.0 Phish is sorely missing – be patient! Breathe! This is not a sprint to the peak! The slow burn through eventual cathartic release at the peak is quintessential Phish. Outstanding version, would recommend!

Suzy Greenberg: Standard.


Funky Bitch: Fun teases.

Summary: Great show, big fan. Highlights all over the place! 4.5/5

Replay Value: If I Could, Split Open and Melt, Maze, Stash, Harry Hood

[1] Included the variation with a preceding Trey guitar solo.
[2] Fish on vacuum.
[3] Unfinished.

If I Could included the variation with a preceding Trey guitar solo. The jam in It’s Ice featured Fish on vacuum. Stash was unfinished. Suzy included Sunshine of Your Love and Smoke on the Water teases. Funky Bitch was dedicated to the tour-heads as an always requested but never played song. Portions of this show were used in Mike Gordon’s 1997 short film Goodwood; the entire gig was simulcast live on Boston’s WBCN 104.1 FM.
Ya Mar, If I Could, It's Ice, Split Open and Melt, Maze, Stash, Harry Hood
Sunshine of Your Love and Smoke on the Water teases in Suzy Greenberg
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