Trey teased Slipknot! in Tweezer. The Little Drummer Boy was teased in Ghost. DWD was unfinished.  Possum, Carini, David Bowie, and Harry Hood contained Shipwreck quotes.
The Little Drummer Boy tease in Ghost, Shipwreck quote in Carini, Shipwreck quote in David Bowie, Shipwreck quote in Possum, Shipwreck quote in Harry Hood, Slipknot! tease in Tweezer
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "Mexico 2017"

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, attached to 2017-01-15

Review by Slewfoot

Slewfoot This show is why we love this band. It is a shining example of what they can accomplish in this era when they are firing on all cylinders.

Trey was utterly possessed for the second set. I've never seen that kind of look in his eye before (at least when his eyes were open!).

At first you weren't sure how the show was going to go with Trey forgetting the first line of Boogie On plus some flubs during Simple. But it seemed as if right after the Uncle Ebaneezer part of Tweezer they roared forward and never looked back. The Tweezer jam was full of tension and power, much more than one would expect for the show's third song. This would have been a great version in any second set. Roggae soared, Ghost peaked, Ya Mar was full of smiles and the Fluffhead gave everyone a great big hug to end a pretty damn massive first set.

But the second set is really where it's at. The DWD picks up where the Tweezer left off in terms of tension. The band was so tight and the music was pulsating. They were a beast. The transition into No Man's is as good as it gets. Head shakingly good. Sneakin Sally roared through and came with a short blissful jam with Trey closing his eyes and his jaw on the floor (the theme for this set). Killer transition into Possum that had more twists and turns than usual. Carini was raucous, but the jam never totally materialized until they locked into the dissonance toward the end.

The rest of the show was peak after peak. Each song moved in so many directions while keeping it's footing until blasting thorough with its crescendos. I was so taken aback that I completely forget that Tweezer Reprise was coming.

While we all knew what was happening, it was so nice to see the band obviously feeling the same way. At the end they all came out on stage together with arms wrapped around each other to take a bow. You could basically see them saying "holy shit that was fucking great!" to one another.

A very special send off from Mexico. We were blessed to experience it either there or on couch tour like myself. Thank you, boys!!!
, attached to 2017-01-15

Review by fhqwhgads

fhqwhgads The second set is stacked, but the jams were either short or Type I (though we did get some tasty segues.) I think Tweezer and Ghost are the highlights of this show. The Tweezer went deeply funkdafied, in a manner not typical of Tweezer these days, *and* was finished, and the Ghost took a major-mode Went-Gin-style direction that paid off in spades. Nice to see Boogie On Reggae Woman open a show for what is apparently the first time ever. I'm over DWD set-2 openers, especially ones like this that are both unfinished and jam only sparingly, but the segue from Sally into Possum, the Shipwreck quotes, and the Bowie, Hood, Slave, Tweeprise ending make the second set entirely worth an attentive listen. This is the only show of the 3 thus far this year that I consider a 4-star show. $0.02
, attached to 2017-01-15

Review by MrFoot

MrFoot After enjoying our Tequila Tasting session at Dreams, we boarded the first shuttle to the venue accompanied by a massive downpour of rain...the sweatband on my Stetson needed a good wash anyway.

Thankfully we had our rain ponchos for the wait in line and once again we found ourselves back on the beach within 10 rows of the stage - dead center. More heavy rain ensued and people were soaked but happy to be in such a beautiful place. The rain made the sand hard but we've danced on worse. Of course the stage was soaked, equipment covered, uncovered, recovered, uncovered, water swept off stage, leaf blowers or something similar on stage to dry things out. But look the storms gone and the band came on shortly after things had dried out a bit.

One thing I noticed the first two nights was that there was quite a bit of discussion in between songs. It was all very loose, like no pressure on big red to call all the shots. It was good vibes all around. But there wasn't that much discussion on Sunday night, lots of segues and high quality playing instead.

Set I - despite lyrical flubs (and there were a few this weekend) Boogie on Reggae Woman got everyone shaking off the damp and dancing with Sunday show zeal. The rest of the set was ssssssolid with some stellar jamming and segues. 'Nothing' seemed out of place, but hey was this the bustout of the weekend or what? Only it's 7th outing and hadn't been played since 2015! Nothing to write home about but I'm not complaining. And the Drummer boy tease in Ghost made me feel like this was an extended New Year's run. Trey and Page were laughing - with us or at us I couldn't tell. Yamar, STFTFP and Rift brought some good vibes and Fluffhead...well come on, it's Fluffhead! It felt like coming home again. Deep joy to close a great set.

Set II - We moved back for the rest of the show dancing down by the shore and under the palm trees again. There really wasn't a bad place to be watching these shows, the sound was great, and I like to see things from a different perspective. I can't really say much about the second set, except, listen to it now! If you haven't already, what are you waiting for. Great playing throughout. Apart from NMINML, this set could have been lifted straight out of 1997. It felt like an old school set list with some new school jamming. Very Nice, because I feel old school and need some of the new school to keep me young.

A great Slave and Tweeprise to send us off from yet another Phish experience for the history books.

The moon, looking up at Orion and other stars just above stage, the clouds, the amazing phans, crazy lights by CK5, great sound and great playing from the I didn't make it last year but would consider selling a kidney to go again next year. It was a privilege to be there and I am so grateful for the experience. Thank you Phish, CID, Dreams, Mexico! Via Con Dios!
, attached to 2017-01-15

Review by JMart

JMart Funny that a selection for Phish’s “Dinner and a Movie” should only warrant four reviews on the .net website.
The first set features four fantastic jams out of boogie on, Tweezer, simple, and fluff. Trey unfortunately falls apart on the back end of Tweezer.
Second set disease>no men’s is standard peninsula fare, with a forced > into sneakin sally, which Page still manages to dominate.
It’s not that this show is “bad” by any stretch of the definition, but one wonders in retrospect why it was given the “Dinner and a Movie” treatment over literally scores of other more deserving 3.0 shows.
, attached to 2017-01-15

Review by aybesea

aybesea This is a much more balanced show than the first two.

Set 1 is reasonably strong, but has too many songs (10) and would have benefited from being pared down by 2 or 3 songs and breathing a little more. Even so, there are some very good moments (Tweezer, Roggae, Ghost, Fluff).

Set 2 is also a little on the packed side (7 songs), but they are good and there is a nice flow.

Much better third show than the first two.
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