Page teased The Little Drummer Boy in the first Tweezer. Trey teased Super Bad in Weekapaug. The second setbreak music was comprised of songs referencing past Phish New Year's Eve gags. Before the third set began, a barbershop quartet appeared with a singing telegram for Phish. The telegram said that at the stroke of midnight it would be 40 years for Phish and to make a wish. Trey wished he had a time machine so they could do it all again. A cube descended from overhead and a time machine was revealed near Mike. The quartet activated the time machine and the cube played audio and video from past years of Phish. Dancers from various past new year's gags appeared on stage as well as a wombat (from October 31, 2013). The wombat broke the time machine and Ghost began with dancers and characters (like Father Time from December 31, 1999 and the Famous Mockingbird from December 31, 1992) continuing to appear from the band's past performances. Ghost featured Meatstick lyrics sung from the band as well as by dancers in different languages in a nod to December 31, 2010. The first Bohemian Rhapsody since December 31, 1996 (852 shows) featured the Late Show Gospel Choir singing on risers behind the band and Ghost quotes from Page and the choir with subsequent lyrics changed to reference Ghost. The first Jungle Boogie since December 31, 2003 (544 shows) featured the BD Entertainment Marching Band marching band along with the choir. The marching band and choir were also featured in Wilson where a platform above Trey that had appeared for the entire New Year's run descended and the clone that had been lying on the platform rose and was revealed to be a Tom Hanks actor from Cast Away. Inflated Wilson volleyballs were then tossed into the crowd. Only the final verse was sung in Wilson which contained Jungle Boogie quotes and was unfinished. During Auld Lang Syne, Phish briefly stopped playing and ate cake in front of the stage while the marching band and choir continued to perform. Carini featured several dancers in "naked dude" costumes emerging from a birthday cake in front of the stage and dancing and running around with security trying to catch them. The Theme from New York, New York was performed for the first time since December 31, 1997 (774 shows) and featured the naked dude dancers performing a kickline in front of the stage while adding vocals and Trey changing the lyrics to "if I could be naked there." Page teased Tweezer in Caspian. Piper contained Crosseyed quotes. During Tweezer Reprise, the wombat ran and danced across the stage. The post show music was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which was a nod to Phish playing their 72nd show at Madison Square Garden, tying Elton John.
Super Bad tease in Weekapaug Groove, Ghost quote in Bohemian Rhapsody, Crosseyed and Painless quote in Piper, Meatstick quote in Ghost, The Little Drummer Boy tease in Tweezer, Jungle Boogie quote in Wilson, Tweezer tease in Prince Caspian
Debut Years (Average: 1999)
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This show was part of the "2022 NYE Run"

Show Reviews

, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Attended this show and all 4 nights. This one takes the cake as my favorite. The gag was hilarious and the strong playing went all night. 3 sets of a true party in MSG tonight. I know I'll never forget this one. Truly one of my favorite shows ever. If you aren't giving this triumph of a show 5 stars, what the heck do u want?
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by Shafiq

Shafiq The New Year is a time for reflecting. I’m writing this as a fan of the band for 10 years now. The band and their music has given me so much in life and all I can express in this moment is an incredible amount of gratitude. I’m gonna break this review down into 3 sections: a quick review of the run, a summary about the show itself, and the NYE gag.

The run
As someone who’s seen 20 shows in 2022, I think we saw a very good year in the band’s history. It’s hard not to think after NYE that that was intentional of making 40 years of being a band have some extra meaning to it. You had awesome runs all over the place, good and rough memorable moments (rough = Pine Knob + Dick’s storms but… I’ll come back to Dick’s), and those historically special venues and evenings continuing to hold up in the pantheon. Blossom to me was the show of the year and I didn’t waver on that, until 12/29 or 12/30 threw their hats into the ring and said hold on there’s still time.

12/28 may be the overlooked one but definitely don’t skip the Wave of Hope giving us one more great version in a banner year for the song.

12/29? Just press play.

12/30? Set 2 is the finest set of the year.

You can choose 12/29 or 12/30 as your favorite show of the year, and you’re not gonna hear an argument from anyone. The MSG shows always hold a little more weight to them.

And 12/31…

The NYE Show
After the first three nights, and especially after the 5-song set of 12/30, we went into the show thinking that there were so many songs on the table. And that there were! The last time this happened for me was 12/8/19 or Charleston N3 at the end of that no repeats tour. For that show, you may recall the “Play whatever you want” sign. Tonight was exactly that but a lot better, maybe close to 1/2/16 in that there was a rush to fit in the big songs (that night it was Tweezer, Hood and YEM). The band came out ready to play with all of the energy that a NYE show deserves.

Yes, there was a lack of jams. We get a show opening Tweezer that hits a couple of nice peaks and gets us thinking that we’re in for yet another great first set of this run, but that was not to be. A mini Tweezerfest a la Charlotte 6/21/19 commences having us wondering if it’s gonna be one of those nights. What we get is a pretty straightforward greatest hits show with a late 3rd set Piper being the jam of the night.

Of course, you probably didn’t buy an NYE ticket expecting it to be dark and deep. You came to see a spectacle. And…

The 40 years gag
If you’re a new fan, this gag may not have made any sense to you but don’t worry. You’ll get there.

Part of being a Phish fan is the FOMO from a show you aren’t/weren’t at, or going back in history and wondering what it would’ve been like to be at that show. And on this evening, they jogged our memories and experiences to celebrate and give it all back to us one more time.

In the lead up to the NYE set, the setbreak music alluded to the past. Stuff like Umbrella by Rihanna connecting to the Petrichor ‘16 gag, Cannonball by The Breeders to multiple gags/shows… we weren’t sure how this would all go down.

Then the lights go down, and Trey says when the singing telegram asks the band to make a wish, “I wish I had a Time Machine so we could do it all again.”

And off we went into a journey down memory lane, reliving the happiest of moments of our lives. Literally every gag and ghosts of years past came out on that stage. For a band that always pushes forward with subtle winks and acknowledgements towards the nostalgia, this was a treat. It was fun to see the Meatstick gags from Big Cypress (Father Time) + NYE 2010 (Broadway), Bohemian Rhapsody (NYE ‘96), the marching band walking down the sides for Jungle Boogie (NYE ‘03) was like the cherry on top until… I am still shocked how the Trey clone on the platform got up there without anyone noticing. When he came down (“Tom Hanks”), it was like what the fuck how long has been up there!? And of course, we could only ring in 2023 with Carini thanks to the naked dude at Dick’s dancing on the empty floor during the storm. Except this time there were all the naked dudes lmao.

The rest of the set (in my opinion) continues down great moments in Phish’s history with New York, New York (NYE ‘97) and the third Tweezer of the show > Prince Caspian (Magnaball reference, yeah?). Show of Life was absolutely the correct call in the first encore slot, and then Tweeprise sends us home.

Plain and simple, you need to watch this gag and you probably will multiple times over your lifetime. And if you’re a new fan, you’ll come back to it years later, marveling at the self-awareness and gratitude of this band pulling THAT off. When you think about how much it takes to even pull off one of those gags each year (the choreography, the music/practicing, the tech and lights, the timing with the NYE countdown, etc. and nailing ALL of it), they did every fucking one of them at once!!! Oh right and Trey was doing all sorts of things like touring with TAB + Goose this year?? Where does this man find the fucking time in the day?!

The only thing it was possible to do as a witness in that moment was have the biggest smile on your face standing in awe and marveling at the spectacle.


What a special evening, run and year. There’s no other band or act on the planet that does this, and for them to share it with us in this way on NYE in NYC at the Garden… yeah, I love Phish. Thank you for all the happiness and making it all worth it Trey, Page, Mike and Fish.
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by wearevotingyes

wearevotingyes If you're looking for the top to bottom best show, 12/30 was it. But if you were in the room, 12/31 was an all-timer; it doesn't get any better. Singing along at the top of our lungs to Bohemian Rhapsody with a choir? What a joyous night, and an incredible capper to a stellar four night run. Happy New Year everyone, and happy 40th birthday Phish!
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by Guttermitts

Guttermitts Happy 40th birthday PHiSH. What a treat. Probably have to be my favorite of all the NYE gags I’ve personally attended. ALL three sets were GREAT!!! How could you not like that 3rd setlist. Tweezer!! Bust outs galore. Bohemian Rhapsody sing-along party? With a choir AND marching band? sign me up. What a show.THAT WAS FUN!! Happy New Year! This one is a five star all the way for me. THANK YOU PHiSH!
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by mighty_Q

mighty_Q Happy 40 Years Phish!!! What else could you ask for to top off an incredible New Year’s run? Highlights include the Tweezer (s), Mike’s groove, 2001, Crosseyed and Painless, and Piper. Not to mention the fun of the theatrics as well as the Bohemian Rhapsody, Jungle Boogie, and New York, New York bust outs!
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by 0h_Kee_Pah

0h_Kee_Pah First set was quite fun. For me the second set was a little slow and had odd song choices. However, seeing Father Time and his meatsticks again, hit me right in the feels. I was 19 years old at the Big Cypress and it was an amazing experience and I never thought in a billion years that I'd see that wonderful, weird man again. I almost cried. Thanks Phish!
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by Divided_Stash

Divided_Stash Tweezer: this 3 setter gets started with some type 2 jamming out of the gate. After some effects usage they build to a great peak with Trey sounding wonderful. Post peakiness Mike gets some action and Trey engages the drunk robot effect. A minute or two passes before they give up and start the next one, but the freezer is hiding in the shadows waiting for us to step back in…

Halley’s Comet: solid performance, once the jam starts up Trey leads a perfect transition into

Set Your Soul Free: stays high energy for a bit while playing around with different themes, before fully breaking out with some spacey synth and effects from Trey

Rift: good playing from all

Cavern: unusual placement

Tweezer: It’s back. This segment is awesome, first minute or so is straight outta 1997 with nice funkiness and Mike action before getting back to average 2022 bliss jamming for a few

Shade: gorgeous

Mike’s Song: big energy

I Am Hydrogen: standard

Weekapaug Groove: awesome type 1 jam to close the set

Say It To Me SANTOS: I prefer this as a closer but it works decently here too, high energy to start the 2nd set

2001: first jam contains some soloing from Page before Trey jumps in with a bunch of different effects. Second jam starts with great Mike action, along with Trey + Page interplay

Kill Devil Falls: gets the type 2 play started for this set. Mike gets on the drill and eventually the jam returns home for a proper Kill Devil ending

Mercury: I love this song. Don’t get the NYE 2021/2022 trend of not jamming it, happy they brought it back again in 2023

Light: here’s the type 2 stuff that should’ve been in Mercury. Builds to a sick peak before getting out there again in evil fashion

Waste: appropriate cooldown

Drift While You’re Sleeping: energy back up

Backwards Down The Number Line: fiery Trey peak to end the set. Gag is up next

Telegram For Phish: barbershop quartet without the usual guys

Ghost: the time machine breaks and the antics start. No jam as they go right into

Meatstick: NYE 2010 world languages Meatstick, brief rendition

Bohemian Rhapsody: NYE 1996, partial version with Ghost quotes

Ghost: short segment before

Jungle Boogie: NYE 2003

Wilson: NYE 2002, only the last half of the song

Auld Lang Syne: happy new year!

Carini: Dicks 2022 Frenchie
, attached to 2022-12-31

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround PHISH, SATURDAY 12/31/2022
New York, NY
SET 1: Tweezer: Love the sentiment but it doesn’t do much.

Halley's Comet: Standard. ->

Set Your Soul Free: Decent micro jam. >

Rift, Cavern > : Standard.

Tweezer: Why? Why go back into this? Decent little jam, but for pete’s sake – is there a creative bone in your body? >

Shade: LOL.

Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove: As standard as standard gets. Mailed in.

SET 2: Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S. Standard. >

Also Sprach Zarathustra: Really groovy jam. >

Kill Devil Falls: Solid yet unspectacular.

Mercury: Standard. >

Light: Quite good but Trey with rip cord… ->

Waste: Screeching halt, WTF.

Drift While You're Sleeping, Backwards Down the Number Line: Really? Really?

SET 3: Ghost[1] > Bohemian Rhapsody[2] > Ghost -> Jungle Boogie[3] > Wilson[4] > Auld Lang Syne[3] > Carini[5] > Theme from New York, New York[6] > This segment was very cool.

Tweezer > Prince Caspian > Crosseyed and Painless > Piper: Just boring. Very boring. No creativity whatsoever.

A Life Beyond The Dream: Standard.

First Tube: Standard.

ENCORE: Show of Life > Tweezer Reprise[7] – Completely standard.

Outside of a very fun 2001 and a decent KDF – there is nothing here. The gag is cool and I am sure it was awesome in person.

3.5 out of 5
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