Trey teased Super Bad in 2001. YEM contained a 2001 tease from Trey. Prior to Runaway Jim, Trey teased If I Only Had a Brain. Antelope included a Makisupa jam with Page on the theremin and Mike on a fretless bass.

Jam Chart Versions
Also Sprach Zarathustra tease in You Enjoy Myself, Makisupa Policeman jam in Run Like an Antelope, Super Bad tease in Also Sprach Zarathustra, If I Only Had a Brain tease
Debut Years (Average: 1992)

This show was part of the "1997 Summer U.S. Tour"

Show Reviews

, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by SkyTrainWand

SkyTrainWand Figured I'd do a review since I wasn't actually there, so less bias? maybe so, maybe not...

First thing I'd like to mention: First set is pretty stacked, and full of jamming. Excepting Beauty of My Dreams and NICU, each song is at least 10 minutes long. Twist > 2001 > Bag is downright awesome. Great version of Ya Mar, YEM set closer- just beautiful.

Then we have the Second set...even though they played two songs I don't enjoy as much (Caspian, My Soul) the Jim and Ghost more than make up for it in tasty jam sandwiches. That's right, jam sandwiches. CTB is always a good time, Sample was just a sample, then the ever-so-subtle improvisation in the ensuing Antelope seems to leave everyone pretty floored. You can tell people are just in awe. This is a good example of the true craftmanship inside a Phish jam, when they're in the zone they're IN the zone, man. Such is the case.

After Antelope is a dag-nasty Julius that rages pretty hard, bringing the show to an end...

In the midst of one of the best summers ever for Phish, I think this show really shines, listen to it now!! :)

, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by kipmat

kipmat I've been doing my best to keep up with @KernelForbin's Summer '97 remasters, but this is the first show of the tour that I have felt compelled to review. And really, I just want to talk about the first set - one of the jammiest you might hear Phish play. NICU and Beauty of my Dreams are standard length, but the other six songs are jammed or at least extended beyond their normal boundaries. Stash has several tension-release builds and a great peak, and IMO is worthy of mention on the song's jamming chart. The run of songs from Twist through YEM is inspired and really well-played, even if each of the songs had admittedly better individual performances at other shows on this tour. I didn't feel like there was any let-up or "bathroom break" song in that whole stretch. The highlights from the second set are obvious, and also great, but don't sleep on this first set.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by Anonymous

(Published in the second edition of The Phish Companion...)

The first set opened nicely with "NICU". This was only the second time they had ever opened with "NICU", the first being earlier this tour. The "Stash" was solid, but it was nothing outstanding. It doesn't hold a candle to 12/11/95 Portland, ME, for example.
"Beauty of My Dreams" was fun to hear for the first time; it's similar to "Uncle Pen". I really enjoyed "Twist Around". I thought that the jam had a very psychedelic feeling to it, much like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young tunes have. It segued into "2001", which was a monster of a version. As usual, Chris was dead-on with the lights, but the boys really jammed it out. "2001" is no longer an intro, it is now a full-fledged song. Trey teased a James Brown lick, è  la 11/30/96 Sacramento, but I prefer this "2001". "Bag" was all right, but very mellow -  good, but not great. "Ya Mar" was also good. Leo (Page) took a nice solo as usual. "YEM" at seventy minutes into the set, and it was great! Both of Trey's attempts at the Note were strong, with Trey sustaining very well on the second Note. The jam segment was different from any other "YEM" jam that I am familiar with. Trey raged for a while, but the bass and drums section stood out. Mike had some weird effect on his bass, because it sounded like we were in outer space. This jam was remarkable!
On to the second set"...I had gotten the "Runaway Jim" vibe the day before the show, and I had predicted that it would open the first set. Well, I was one set off. As soon as they started it, I was reminded of the "Jim" -> "My Soul" from earlier this tour, and I wondered if they would repeat the segue. They did, but I was certainly not prepared for the monstrosity of this jam. The jam developed into a blues jam, based on the chords to and in the key of "My Soul". This was such a serious "My Soul" jam that I didn't think they would even bother to sing the lyrics! They finally went full-on into "My Soul", and it was a rocker. Very energetic, and very enjoyable! I cannot get over how hot the "Jim" was" was outstanding, monstrous, fantastic!
I had been personally told that I would really like "Ghost", seeing as how I love the Funk. I've always known that Phish has it in them, but I am so glad to see that they are finally taking advantage of it! "Ghost" is an incredible song. It was probably about twenty minutes long. Mike was laying down a phat bass line the whole time, and I swear, if there had only been a disco ball in Riverport"....At the end of the jam, they did a stop-time that blew me away, kinda like in the "Weekapaug" from Vegas, 12/6/96. This song is essentially a vehicle for jamming, and I expect that we will be treated to many different and astounding versions of it.
The "Ghost" was so damn good that I even enjoyed the "Caspian"! I really don't like this song, but I enjoyed it on this night. I sat down and laughed most of the time. It just seemed kind of funny that Phish was following up the last thirty to forty minutes of incredible jamming with "Caspian". The "Cars Trucks and Buses" was fun, and at times reminded me of Jimmy Smith. "Sample" was probably the lowlight of the show for me. I didn't enjoy it at all. "Antelope" set closer -  oh boy! Remember 8/2/93 Tampa? Well forget it! This one blows it away. With the quality of jamming in the recent past, I think I am starting to forget that August `93 ever happened. This "Antelope" was out of control. Right before they segued into a "Makisupa"-esque jam. Anyway, this "Antelope" must be heard to be believed.
The "Julius" encore was the best I've heard. I swear that ever since 10/24/95 Madison, each successive "Julius" that I hear is better than the last one. This one was probably about ten to twelve minutes and was on fire, and put a finishing touch on a tremendous show.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This set might actually be one of those shows where the first set delivers more than the second set. Stash in the second slot is pretty solid, and the Twist through YEM stretch is really where set one hits the highest mark. I especially enjoy the Twist->2001>Bag segment. It all seems to flow together so smoothly. And how can anyone deny a set-closing YEM? They seemed to be taking YEM pretty deep and serving up long jams during this tour, and this 24 minute version is no exception.

The second set still has some noteworthy segments, particularly the Jim->My Soul segment. Although My Soul is not the most popular song in the repertoire, I enjoy it and thought this segue was unique and pretty flawless. Ghost brings a little bit more funk, but doesn't really deliver much in comparison with some of the other Summer 97 gems. The final stretch of songs in the second set and the encore are pretty average, and are probably what turn a lot of listeners away from this show. None of the jams really go too deep, although the Antelope shenanigans make it an interesting version.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by CentralScrutinizer

CentralScrutinizer Third mediocre phish show in a row after the gorge shows. Ghost is nice, not that great, but still fun for an early version. Another nice and spirited Julius, repeated from the previous show. Another right although not fantastic twist. And a fun antelope into Makisupa transition. jim
is ok and the stash gets interesting about 8 minutes in for a short while. But again, for the third show in a row; not much playing off each other or hooking up with each other. Like trey is playing over instead of with the other three who do their best to carry the show.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by kipmat


My previous review of this show touted this funk-tastic first set; it took me a while longer to come around on the second set. I didn't like how the Runaway Jim set 2 opener devolved into a My Soul jam, which segues right into an actual performance of My Soul. I think it's a fine blues cover, but the guitarist in me gets annoyed at Trey repeating the same licks throughout his solo (basically the same melody he plays at the beginning of Funky Bitch). It was @raidcehlalred who eventually persuaded me of the merits of the 6-7 minutes of prime '97 improv that proceeds the blues-iness. I'd be a fool not to mention that Fishman puts on his usual polyrhythm clinic during this Jim, and Page pounds the piano during My Soul and Cars Trucks Buses like Billy Joel after an 8-ball of straight fire.

Speaking of which, it strikes me as odd that Trey felt it was necessary to give a shout out to the "Bathroom Attendant we met at the Ritz", immediately after introducing his Grandmother at the start of the show. Hmmm, what was it that Trey might have been doing in the bathroom at the Ritz, that would necessitate inviting the Bathroom Attendant to this gig and acknowledging the guy from the stage? I suppose we're better off not knowing... ;)
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by spreaditround

spreaditround SET 1: NICU: Standard. >

Stash: Strong body of work but no real tension/release to speak of or a big climax.

Beauty of My Dreams: Standard.

Twist: Chugs along as you might expect but in the 12 minute range this gets very spacey and about a minute and a half later ->

Also Sprach Zarathustra: Funk fest. >

AC/DC Bag: Nicely jammed.

Ya Mar: Very good jam!

You Enjoy Myself: sick effects from Page and Mike in the 17's and through 19 and a half.

SET 2: Runaway Jim: The blues jam they find themselves in is absolutely fantastic, must hear stuff ->

My Soul: Standard.

Ghost: Good, solid funk. But never really leaves it’s mark the way the best from this summer would.

Prince Caspian: Standard. >

Cars Trucks Buses: Standard. >

Sample in a Jar: Standard.

Run Like an Antelope: Strong Antelope that gets crazy at the end with a Makisupa jam with Page on theremin and Mike on some sort of drum kit. Very, very cool – you need to hear this.

ENCORE: Julius – Standard.

Replay Value: Runaway Jim, Run Like an Antelope. This show is solid yet unspectacular. I prefer the first set over the second set.

Summary: has this as a 3.807/5 (109 ratings). That seems about right. Two great jams and lots of solid stuff peppered throughout make this a better than average show.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat The first set love might be justified, but not lots going on after that.

My Soul and Prince Caspian in quick succession (separated by a fine but unremarkable Ghost) is disappointing... and that was before Cars Trucks Buses and Sample in a Jar.

Julius encore is further meh.

This year and especially this tour are pure heads, but this show definitely leaves you wanting.
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