San-Ho-Zay and Simple teases in Ghost
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Review by MrUglyPig

MrUglyPig Critiquing haiku:

I made a review
Of the show I thought I knew
I was never there


The first review wasn't even sure if wading was a second set low point. Dude, why even review? You are clearly unsure of your opinion so why try to act like you have something to critique. Maybe you should go listen to it again for a better review. These reviews blow my fucking mind. Funny how the dude sitting in his seat with his mind blown after the show doesn't log on to this site to make a review. He's too busy reconstructing his melted face in order to get to alpharetta!
, attached to 2014-08-02

Review by SAMKiND4

SAMKiND4 My Alabama adventure began when I rolled out of my bed in Indiana and grabbed my phone to check the set-list for the show the previous night at Orange Beach. I was immediately super excited to see that the set-list closely resembled the one from the show I had seen a couple weeks earlier in Clarkston, Michigan at the venue formerly known as Pine Knob. This was great because it meant that I would catch a completely different feeling concert in Alabama than I did in Michigan. It was also great because I needed the excitement as it was 4am and I had a 7 ½ hour drive ahead of me. I kissed my wife and daughter goodbye, then hit the road…I arrived in Birmingham at my friend Jason’s house around noon and we immediately got the chillin going. We threw on some tunes, cooked out and played Frisbee in the warm afternoon rain (which is when I nearly kicked his 5 year old son in the head trying to finesse a between the legs catch…Sorry Edward!). Soon after that we left and went to a hotel near the amphitheater to meet up with some of Jason’s friends. From there we headed to the show and went right in to find our seats.
The show stared off with a bang with a great AC/DC bag and moved quickly into Poor Heart which got off to a rough start as it has all summer but finished strong. Cities came next and had me cracking up when Trey got to the “lot of bridges in Birmingham” line. I had completely forgotten about the verse about the town’s dry ice factory. Interestingly there really aren’t a lot of bridges in Birmingham. The next tune was Kill Devil Falls. This was a shorter and more directly to the point version than I have heard, which is fine by me. That’s why I go to shows…to hear it played differently than normal. I love this song because the subject matter is something that I can relate to. Reba was played next and was done perfectly. I was immediately reminded of my daughter who can be heard walking around the house singing “bag it tag it….” Possum and Sample both jammed and the crowd lapped up very note. A funky Funky Bitch is a song that has eluded me for years now so I was pumped to hear it. Maze got off to a rocky start when Trey forgot a verse but to say this is a bad version would be doing you readers a grave injustice. Page laid down an absolutely stunning keyboard solo during this one. I was sure that afterward he was going to light the keys on fire as some sort of sacrificial tribute to the grounds keepers of the Maze. After that Ocelot rolled right into Sparkle and both songs sounded great. Fun to hear the band intertwine the old songs with the new. The last song of the first set brought us the only song off of the new album we would get. A completely rocking Wingsuit ensued and was finished off with Mike on the power drill. Jason and I both agreed that this first set was amazing and played extremely well. The band sounded so tight which made both of us super excited for what the second set might bring.
Carini brought everyone back to their feet with a quickness. The song sounded great and had me checking my head for lumps. Next came one of Jason’s favorite tunes! Ghost sounded great and had a beauty of a jam at the end. I look over to find my friend dancing with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. That’s what it’s all about right there. Mike then got his chance to sing his beloved song which the crowd definitely welcomed gratefully. After a well-played Mike’s , the band segued into Simple which surprised nobody in the building due to the Simple tease at the end of the ghost jam. This simple sounded awesome but the bands playing was soon overshadowed during the jam by a meteor that flew by right in front of the entire crowds eyes! Nasa described the meteor as being approximately 15 inches in circumference and flying at 46,000 mph. This looked like a shooting star at first until it entered the earth’s atmosphere and burst into a beautiful multicolored ball of light moving from stage right to left and fizzled out seemingly as it got above the stage(although it was actually much further away than that). The entire Amphitheatre went absolutely bonkers for literally a minute straight—just screaming at the sky, thanking the meteor for making its appearance. I’m sure the band was thinking “WTF? Did Mike just hit one of those notes that makes everyone in earshot shit their pants? No, they seem to be happy.” The band wrapped up the song and moved into Joy. I love this song and its lyrics and it seemed fitting for this show. Weekapaug had an extended intro and climaxed with a slick solo from Trey. Julius was played next…I love this song and am always ready to whip out my ticket stub and hold it high in the air. A groovy Sand followed and always reminds me of work (I work in a foundry) with its lyrics of sand and silicone. It’s such a kick ass song. That moved into Wading in The Velvet Sea which, for me, I love to hear no matter where in the show it’s played; just a beautifully written song that I wish I could say I wrote! Finally the song that has always been my favorite and I have wanted to see them play so badly for the entire 14 years I have been a fan but have never landed one in any of my sets (ZZYZX stats said I only had a 3.5% chance of doing this with as many shows as I have seen) -- You Enjoy Myself was played beautifully and I must have listened to this version 30 times since hearing it that night. Love love love it! The band finished us off with Quinn the Eskimo which I thought was a perfect way to end such an amazing show.
This show for me is a perfect example of why we all love this band. You just never know what’s going to happen. Between the great time I had with my friend, his family (still so glad I didn’t give Edward the big boot), the bands amazing playing and the meteor set as approval from the Gods, this is a trip I will never ever forget. Thank you to everyone involved… down right amazing!
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Review by tatrtalk

tatrtalk This show was awesome! The meteor made it even more special. This being my 7th show, I was excited to finally hear certain songs that I've not heard yet, such as Cities and Simple (two of my favorites), along with a few classics that I always love to hear (Weekapaug and YEM).

Really dug the energy that they were putting off and I think it's the most fun I've seen Trey have at a show, dancing around during YEM before the vocal jam.

Kuroda was SPOT. ON. when it came to the light show.

As for personal stats, 8 of 24 songs seen for the first time and 10 of 24 seen for the second time, leaving 6 of 24 seen for third time.
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Review by solargarlic78

solargarlic78 https://medium.com/the-phish-from-vermont/solid-south-review-8-2-14-oak-mountain-b6436ea30bfe

Solid South: Review 8/2/14

It is clear that Phish has a kind of reverence for the south. Trey (who rarely talks) brought it up both Friday (“teary eyed” playing in the state where they recorded at Muscle Shoals) and Saturday, he mentioned the band was “a little hyped up” about playing “down here.” The American South is, of course, legendary from a music (and rock) history perspective — the Delta Blues, the Grand Ole Opry, New Orleans, etc. etc. Sometimes I think when Phish wants to make a good impression (like at Jazz Fest of Bonnaroo), they play a “solid” show that highlights their diverse songs; they keep jams tight. That is what we got Saturday. Nothing spectacular, but good enjoyable solid Phish.

The first set opened with “AC/DC Bag”, which in my opinion has never really “lifted off” like it should this tour. This song is all about building crazy energy and all the versions this tour have just felt flat. What is going on with the opening lick of “Poor Heart”? It appears another case of Trey trying to play something “tasteful” and different, but it sounds awkward/wrong. The first (!) “Cities” of the tour followed. Speaking of keeping jams “tight”, this version not only did not go “type II” (an admittedly rare occurrence in 3.0), but it barely had a “jam” over the chords progression (only 4 rounds through — making this perhaps the shortest “Cities” ever?). A standard rocking “Kill Devil Falls” was followed by the aforementioned Trey banter and then Page apparently requested “Reba” — a highlight of any first set. This version didn’t quite get fiery enough during the peak for my liking, but who can complain. Next came the “blues” sandwich of “Possum” (with a Page solo!) “Sample” and “Funky Bitch.” All fine and standard fare. Hard to believe it was the first “Bitch” of tour. Another unsurprising run of songs followed with “Maze” (I feel that Trey’s solos this tour have been really short), “Ocelot” (another great jam on this one — expressive soloing from Trey), “Sparkle”, and “Cavern.” “Wingsuit” is a great closer. Starts slow, but builds to a serious peak. Trey really played around during the Lydian jam with repetitive phrasing that made this one of the more unique versions of tour.

The second set started as several have this tour with “Carini->Ghost.” Everyone makes their “MVPs” of tour, but I have to say the season’s biggest disappointment is probably “Carini.” After 10/18, 10/31, and MSG, “Carini” was one of the most consistently amazing jam vehicles of 2013. The versions have been fine this tour, but I would guess none make the top 10 jams of tour. This sub-9 minute version (like many) meandered along from funk to “bliss” territory and nothing really stuck. Trey kind of forced the “Ghost” transition (perhaps bored with where “Carini” was going). Everyone is debating whether or not “Chalk Dust” or “Hood” is the tour MVP. For me, it has to be “Ghost.” It has been so versatile — producing so many different kinds of jams (the top versions are Randalls and Chicagao). This one was not on the level of those two, but was the highlight of the night. It went with the balls to the wall rock-funk approach. Trey played power chords throughout much if it (something he’s been doing a lot of lately — its why we keep hearing classic rock teases!). The rocking jam built to a very nice peak around 10:20 with Trey finally soloing over the power chords he had laid down. (I’ve mentioned they have avoided — perhaps on purpose — peaks in type II jams lately — but this Ghost brought it). Then Trey stared teasing (foreshadowing) “Simple” and started up “Mike’s Song.” Another standard version (I guess Fish didn’t try to convince the band to play that second jam after all — or tried and failed). “Simple” was short but (as usual) created an absolutely gorgeous full textured goo (mostly anchored by Mike’s melodious playing) during the jam section that ventured a bit off the normal two chord progression. Most people were probably expecting “Paug” but we got “Joy.” Every set 2 needs its ballad. “Weekapaug” was short and maybe the least effective version of tour. It was a very awkward transition from the funk to Trey’s solo (which itself lacked the normal fireworks imo). “Julius” felt lock a rocking set closer, but not even close. A type I raucous Trey shredding version of “Sand” followed (again, it is strange to me how straight this song is played the majority of the time). The energy was full throttle, so they took it down a notch with ballad #2 “Wading”. I’m sure most people felt the set would close soon, but highlight #2 was throwing out a “YEM” this late in the game. This was a “YEM-classic” featuring the long lost, just Trey shreds it up guitar solo out of the “tramps” section (it was also the best played of tour). I think the bass duels and his dancing routines are cute and all, but it is heartening to see him just rage the ‘eff out of this song as was the custom back in the day. He didn’t peak it like he would in the 90s — and he still had to dance during Mike’s bass solo — but it was old school enough. A “bustout” (?) encore of “The Mighty Quinn” closed out the show (sorry all the covers feel like bustouts!).

Again, when a show is highlighted by the 3rd of 4th best “Ghost” of tour you know this was not a spectacular show. But it was a solid Phish show in the legendary setting of the American South — which is probably what they intended. Sadly though, for those who really made an effort to get all the way the “down” there, the “Alabama Getaway” on Friday-Saturday was probably the weakest Fri-Sat run of the summer. Good thing there is always Sunday.
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Review by Cheard

Cheard This is the first show I have been to where I disagree with most of the internet banter I've read. While set 2 did not have long form jams, I thought the only Saturday night special feel was Julius.

First set highlights: Cities, Reba, Maze!, Wingsuit
lowlights: Poor Heart and Cavern flubs

Second set: Ghost through Paug, Sand
lowlights: Velvet Sea placement maybe?

I also found this vocal jam to be one of the more musical (i.e. less weird) than most.

I give this show a 3.5.
, attached to 2014-08-02

Review by SAMKiND4

SAMKiND4 Julius was played next…I love this song and am always ready to whip out my ticket stub and hold it high in the air....

Suddenly realizing his brain was not hearing the same song his body was-SAMKiND slowly slides his ticket stub back in his pocket, hoping nobody noticed. He wonders if Milwaukee 2006 or Harrodsburg, KY 2003 had more of a long term affect than he once thought!
, attached to 2014-08-02

Review by Rutherford_theBrave

Rutherford_theBrave The band seemed to have a lot of energy for this show and enthusiasm beginning with a standard AC/DC Bag to get the party started. Next the Cities hit it home with the mention of Birmingham bringing the crowd more into action. KDF was roaring and was a solid rocker. Reba followed and was pretty standard with whistling at the end. Possum next with more energy then a Sample. Trey really nailed it in Funky Bitch w a nice Maze to follow. Ocelot slowed the train down a bit only to follow a short Sparkle, but then a great Cavern came next, a short pause, then an amazing Wingsuit(my highlight of set one).

Set two started with the predictable Carini opener which got interesting towards the end, then into Ghost which was very good with Trey starting to delve into deeper waters. Then the Mike's > Simple > Joy section and the band killed all of this. Weekapaug was short and sweet. Julius was good and then a nice Sand into Wading which gave the audience a nice breather. YEM was tightly played to end the set with a really good tribal chant happening towards the end.

The Quinn the Eskimo was a perfect ending to the show and they nailed it as well bringing the crowd to a huge southern roar as the band bowed then walked off the stage. Sick show in my opinion, solid rocking throughout. You can't ask for much better.
, attached to 2014-08-02

Review by Postingnutbag

Postingnutbag Bag Openers do it for me show got a nice start, Poor heart was very appropriate and fun as we were in the Deep South. Maze ripped a little harder then usual, The Reba was very well executed and although jam is a little short I will always love hearing this song no matter what. Highlight for me was a sick sick mikes song with trey doing a lot of echo/studder experimenting that came off with ought a hitch. Simple was great an I got to see a meteor fly over the stage. Pure Phish Magic. I mean it was magical an unbelievable. YEM was perfectly executed with some great jamming and a really interesting vocal jam. You could hear a pin drop while each of the boys jammed vocally and the lights were impeccably orchestrated. I mean I felt we were all silently being abducted by aliens but nobody could break the trance enough to speak. And the meteor magic made it a very memorable show for me. Sparkle was also wry nice and carini was one of the better I've heard. All in all a great show, in my honest opinion there's really not a bad Phish show as long as your in
, attached to 2014-08-02

Review by GratefulDates

GratefulDates Great show. Excellent song selections in my opinion, but I haven't seen em since 2009. I didn't hear 1 piss break song, even Carini blew me away.......one of my not so favorite songs. I'm sure the mushrooms helped! So many sweet tunes like joy and velvet sea mixed in with rockers. Mikes song, funky bitch, maze........all nasty. Quinn the eskimo......bust out. Can't wait for Miami New Years!
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