Jam Chart for shows in the city of Eugene, OR (25 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1991-04-04 Bowie Eugene, OR 12:55 An upward spiraling, malevolent jam, as demented as they get, eventually gives way to insane shredding by Big Red.
1991-10-10 Brother Eugene, OR 5:36 You can hear Trey say "Hey Fish, let's really rock it" right before they start this one. This is a classic with insanely nimble guitar playing, loads of shrill dissonance, and some mind bending, shrieking guitar effects.
1992-04-22 Runaway Jim Eugene, OR 7:02 > "Harpua", a unique version loaded with tension and a particularly beautiful segment when Trey syncs with Mike (around 5:36) before spinning off into orbit.
1993-03-30 Stash Eugene, OR 14:21 Spectacularly improvisational and MUST-HEAR . Takes "Stash" WELL beyond anything performed up to this date. Starts exploring right off the bat with an un-"Stash"-like groove, a brief "CYHMK" jam, and a power finish.
1993-03-30 Loving Cup Eugene, OR 06:24 Excellent second-set-opening version.
1993-03-30 Tweezer Eugene, OR 14:25 Page leads the jam for awhile!
1993-03-30 Weekapaug Eugene, OR 8:36 Great jam with an unusual rhythmic and swinging vibe gradually diminishes, then -> to the debut of "Psycho Killer" before -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-03-30 Psycho Killer Eugene, OR 3:11 -> in from "Weekapaug." Debut of this Talking Heads classic is sandwiched in a strong "Weekapaug." -> back to "Weekapaug."
1993-03-30 Weekapaug Eugene, OR 3:30 -> in from the debut of "Psycho Killer" to conclude yet another strong '93 "Weekapaug."
1994-05-19 My Friend Eugene, OR 7:30 Nice electrified outro jam.
1994-05-19 Stash Eugene, OR 11:30 High power jam that at moments borders on heavy metal rocking. A very intense version with a screaming end.
2014-10-17 Reba Eugene, OR 12:17 Fish and Mike provide an incredibly mellow groove, atop which Trey and Page exchange ideas. Laid back, the music does morph, becoming dynamic as the band modulates intensity, with the jam becoming even fuller in sound and more melodious. Trey ignites a charge and the version builds to a nice peak.
2014-10-17 Plasma Eugene, OR 6:26 Debut.
2014-10-17 C&P Eugene, OR 16:29 Page takes the charge right out of the gate with some heavy clav work before dipping into a spacier jam. They build up into an eerie but up-tempo soundscape. Without reentering "Crosseyed" musically, Trey leads everyone back into a final vocal refrain while playing some absolutely crazy music underneath.
2021-10-19 DwD Eugene, OR 25:24 Kicks off a fiery Eugene run in the 1 slot. Fish and Mike clobber the type 1 portion of the jam, allowing Page to springboard with gorgeous parallel octaves and Trey to add swathes of emotion courtesy of effects. At 9:30 the jam enters its first of numerous vignettes; shifting from airy and blissy to dark and effects-laden, the jam pushes through each scene before finally coalescing into a final Fish-driven groove. Unfinished > "Runaway Jim."
2021-10-19 Stash Eugene, OR 15:29 Moves out of the typical tightly-wound "Stash" jam into an upbeat and almost tropical groove, then moves into a stomping classic rock mode with some standout play from Fish and Trey really throwing out some tasty licks, before heading back home.
2021-10-19 Twist Eugene, OR 14:32 Up front, the jam winds to cerebral and introspective space as Mike's bass drives an ambient wash, until Mike decisively locks in to F and the rest of the band starts constructing a thick groove. Intense patience ensues as the band refrains from peaking but instead opts to let the jam bloom. Around 12:15, the effects get angular and electronic - almost dissonant - for 90 seconds until Trey "Twist"s the band back to the outro riff.
2021-10-19 2001 Eugene, OR 13:32 One big groove that doesn't do a whole lot until about the 9 minute mark when Trey starts to get after it. BUT THEN for the first time in the middle of the second refrain, a 3RD JAM emerges for the first time ever! A slow "Crosseyed and Painless" feel at first before shifting to a minimalist computer space groove. True 2001 exploration.
2021-10-20 Energy Eugene, OR 12:49 Significantly more accomplished than its short 12:45 time stamp would suggest. The jam shifts at 6:00 to D in various modes, then to F bliss at 7:45. This yields a smooth and linear growth to a predictable but satisfying peak around 11 minutes in. The final minute wrangles down to quiet and introspective space.
2021-10-20 SOAMelt Eugene, OR 15:42 "Melt"'s late-career renaissance continues with this fantastic version from Eugene. The typical gnarled "Melt" jam gives way to an ethereal major-key jam about halfway through, with Page in particular doing some good work on both the electric piano and synths. Trey finds a new key and we get another superb jam segment, before the jam dies away into fuzzy nothingness. > into "End of Session".
2021-10-20 End of Session Eugene, OR 2:36 The second airing of "End of Session" is the meat of this "Split Open and Melt" sandwich.
2021-10-20 SOAMelt Eugene, OR 2:01 -> out of "End of Session" to complete the "Melt" sandwich. Maybe not the strongest ending to "Melt" ever played
2021-10-20 Ruby Waves Eugene, OR 29:57 Moves from a warm and hearty jamming zone into something darker and Mike-driven, then Trey hits on a really nice repeating riff as the playing gets sparser and more delicate. The band moves smoothly into "rock out, man" mode, then an absolutely wild disco groove emerges, eminently danceable and tinged with weirdness. A thirty minute jam that feels like fifteen, one of the many hallmarks of 2021.
2021-10-20 Golden Age Eugene, OR 16:19 > from "Lonely Trip". All four members of the band are locked in from the start; some really nifty and cool playing. At 12:00, the jam takes a serene, light turn which features some beautifully patient playing. Page and Trey enjoy some fun interplay.
2021-10-20 BDTNL Eugene, OR 9:38 The jam cultivates an initially understated yet ebullient space. Candy-coated, fleet-fingered play from Trey is supported by Page's nuanced comping and Fishman's passionately defined melodic drumming. This jam's defining "moment" then comes in the form of a cathartic, extended sustained note from Trey before breaking for an energized conclusion.
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