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Fish or Dog? The dot on the front, just above what appears to be a mouth, might very well be a nose, except that fish don't have noses. Could also be the actual mouth or an eye, hairlip, tumor, intake valve/jet, decoration, or missing dot from the 'i'. Also, is the top of the 'h' really a fin? And is there really something hidden/written in the tail?

Implied numbers: The logo includes 4 gills and 20 bubbles (4:20).

Alternate image: How about a turbaned guitar player, facing his left (your right)? Turn the logo clockwise ninety degrees (as shown to the right). The fish face is a turban (red here), the slit in the top of the H becomes a mouth, the space between the P's and H's tops is the nose, the hole in the P is the eye (all in blue), the dot on the I becomes a ghotee, the tail becomes feet (in pink), and the S becomes arms with a hand on each end (in green) holding an invisible guitar. (Note that he's playing left-handed, which neither Trey nor Mike do.)

Embedded images: There are four potential images of pipes/bowls (see one in green in image to left). Some claim to have seen a Lizard - the "S" looks snakelike, at least (see blue part of image to left). And, with the image still turned on its side, the "P" resembles a fish (see red part of image to left): The bottom of the P (Left when sideways) looks like the tail, the gills look like the fin and the top of the P (right when sideways) looks like the fish head.

acid in logoHidden words? if you flip the logo upside down, cover the bottom half (which is really the top), and read from the h to the h, you can make out the word "acid" (see blue part of image to right). And if you really want to stretch things (hey, why not), a number of fans report it upside-right: the H becomes the "A" the background space between the H and I becomes the "C" the I remains "I" and the I + S form a "D".

Logo no more? The logo, which had previously appeared on all things Phish, appears nowhere in or on Billy Breathes, Slip Stitch and Pass, or Ghost, and is on The Phish Book but only hidden (embossed on the hardback cover, underneath the jacket).

Intellectual property! The logo is owned by Phish, and they control its commercial use. "Amy Skelton, who handles merchandising when Phish is on the road, is now armed with a federal injunction that permits her to confiscate bootlegged and unlicensed Phish products." (Boston Globe, 5/7/95) Please respect the intellectual and artistic property of the band and do not support weasal thief rip-offs; please report such thievery to one of the wandering merchandise personnel or undercover policemen. Note also that use of the logo, including as a graphic file retrieved from Web sites via the net and then placed on other Web pages, may infringe upon certain rights and copyrights, and may be subject to criminal enforcement and/or civil claims and judgements. The logo is included on this page for clear and apparent informational purposes, in that the purpose of this page is to discuss and deconstruct the logo, and, notably, without profit. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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