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JMart @ALCVT said:
Hey there, Marty, ol’ buddy ol’ pal!!! Nice review, ambitious as hell considering all the ground you cover, but very cohesive and thoughtful.
I have to say I was very honored to see you singled ME out (of the other 40 or so people) for a public shaming after the pushback comment I wrote on the Camden 3 review! As thanks, I’d like to answer the 4 very pointed questions you posed to me:

1) Please use “shade” in a sentence for me I can’t find my Urban Dick-tionary.
2) Again, the reviewer took pains to point out minor flaws (I’m still trying to find the awful gaff in Pebbles & Marbles intro) while failing to mention the master musicianship that goes into executing technical songs like Mangos, Pebbles, Bowie, and Curtain one after the next. The review was incomplete, at best, but certainly subjective, so it’s got that going for it!
3) I didn’t say anything about Kasvot or GOTF so don’t get hypothetical. Also, I’d appreciate you not referring to me (or anyone?) sucking anything off. Like ever. I hoped you were more mature than that considering your 1.0 heady vet status.
4) Reductive comment? I made a very valid counterpoint argument, didn’t use any nasty words or negativity. I offered my alternative OPINION of the show, why does that hurt YOU so much. Valiant how you reviewers have each other’s back, but you should realize the’s unbreakable, you don’t have to worry about failing. Criticism is part of writing, so toughen up or get into another business.
Vis a vis the “greatest show EVARRR” line, are you quoting your own Charlotte review?? Great for you, you caught a sick show! The bit about Phish delivering “one of the finest top to bottom shows of their career” is maybe a tad overstated? You’re out of your element, Marty! I honestly don’t think you have the authority or knowledge to make that bold of a statement. Start with the present, 2019, and slowly work backwards. Of their 2500 or so shows, perhaps it’s in the top, what, 200?? There are shades (there’s that word again - still don’t know what it means!) of grey in Phishland; nothing is the best or worst ever, but seen in a larger context certain shows/songs take on larger-than-life proportions. That was Camden 3 and you made my point for me by pointing out how historic some of those jams were.
I’m glad you care so much about this band that you’ve appointed yourself de facto sheriff of Phish Town, but you’re actually only one of the thousand barefoot children on Trey’s lawn, so don't get too high on yourself. See ya on tour boss!
You know, I wrote out a huge response to this and then let it go. I’m not debating camden3 or Charlotte under a thread about Fenway.
Commenting on a thread is far from public shaming and I can guarantee you I don’t take, nor expect anyone else to take, the opinions here as personally as you seem to have. Flame the hell on for all I care, which, again, I can promise you is very little.

Nor will I debate whatever legitimacy as a Phish fan you presume to think I claim. I love this band and while I’m far from the most knowledgeable fan, I know my shit and if you think you can write it better, be my guest.

This is America. You Phish however you want, bud, and so will I. I hope you have a fantastic travel/show experience the rest of tour. Alpine should smoke.
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